Banana bread anyone?

Hi! How are you today?! A week ago I decided a change was needed. Chop chop chop went about 8 inches of my locks. As much as I love long hair, spending 25 minutes a day just blow drying that lions mane was just too much. It feels much healthier now and my time getting ready is cut in half almost. I now have time to play fetch with Guinness every morning before leaving for work… so it’s well worth it :)

photo 6

I have a tendency to overload our house with bananas. I had no idea how many bundles we had in our deep freezer until Nick declared last Sunday… Banana Bread Baking Day! Holy B-A-N-A-N-A-S! <— Does anyone else sing the Gwen Stefani “Bananas” song in their head every time they spell the word like I do? Thanks Gwen ;)

photo 18

By the time we were done, I bundled bags of goodies up for the ladies at work, overloaded my sister-in-law and her family with banana bread and muffins, and we were still able to freeze 8 mini loafs to have for easy breakfasts when my family comes to visit us for Thanksgiving. We even decided to treat Guinness to a muffin… if he could lay down and stay like a good boy!

photo 17

Needless to say, we have been having banana bread as breakfast or snacks everyday this week. So good! Can you guess who’s glass of milk is who’s?

photo 19


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