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Happy Sunday! The weekend has flown by once again, but it was a great one! Nick and I had fun handing out candy for the first time in our house to the trick-or-treaters. Guinness enjoyed it even more. My job was to hand out the candy to the kiddos and Nick’s job was to hold back Guinness due to him having open paws and smothering kisses for every guest who walks in our door 😉 Teamwork!

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Speaking of teamwork… Nick and I did a pretty neat pallet project this weekend. We have had our eye on it for awhile and decided it was time to execute this weekend! It took us two days to complete it from start to finish, but it easily could be completed in one day. I will try my best to explain how we did it for those of you who have asked me from my picture on Instagram. First things first… you obviously need a pallet. Most pallets are made the same, but I learned there are many difference sizes of them. We went rather large for the wall we put our pallet on would look silly with a small pallet.

photo 1-21Here is what we started with. If you can just picture this pallet turned so the three boards are vertical, that is exactly how its hung on our wall… you don’t have to do much to the pallet at all! AMAZING! See the loose board on top? Nick used this and attached to the center board underneath to make a flat and even shelf. You can see this in the below finish product picture. He did the same thing to the bottom so we would have even shelves to place things on.

After Nick had the pallet boards put together, he sanded down any really rough spots. Next… staining! Nick picked out a darker brown color which goes great for the room we put this in. I put the stain on with a paint brush and went over each stained spot with a rag to take away extra stain (I wanted the natural grain to show through) There are definitely imperfections with my staining job, but it works with this project… thank goodness!

photo 3-19

Now its time to hang! Nick used anchors to be sure this baby isn’t going anywhere!


Now to pick what we wanted to display on our new $15 masterpiece ($10 stain, $2 anchors to hang, $3 paint brush)! This was probably the hardest thing about this whole project! We didn’t want it too cluttered but we didn’t want it to look unfinished either. We decided on adorable black and white pictures of our three favorite babies… our niece and nephew and Guinness of course! We received the cool big green E from my Aunt at my bridal shower and also had the mason jar from a bridal shower of mine. We picked up the diffuser and two little silver votive holders from Michaels. The “THANKSGIVING” canvas I found at the dollar store… steal (this will get changed out after Thanksgiving with something for Christmas)


Besides handing out candy and doing this pallet project, we also met another couple for a double date night last night! It’s always fun to do something different and with our friends! We had many laughs and was thankful this morning for the extra hour of sleep from setting our clocks back! photo 2-20Today has been full of errands, coffee, subway, laundry, football, and taking Guinness boy on a run! It has been longer than usual since I ran him and he clearly knew it! He took OFF! We only ran 2 miles but we flew, thanks to a very energized puppy. It felt good to get something in today. It’s time to invest in some cold weather workout clothing. Usually, this time of year I start working out strictly at the gym. Now with having Guinness, I will run him outside as long as I can. Bundle up!!

photo 3-20

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  1. How cool is this? You make it seem so easy! I love your style and can only imagine how cute your home is. Love your jacket in the picture of you and your husband. I’m looking forward to more posts!

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