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photo 54Cheers to approaching the weekend! Thank GOODNESS!

To dig into the title of this blog… I’m not by any means a big runner. I was dedicated to running “long” distances for about 2 years and I unfortunately developed major IT band issues that do not go away.  I only run up to 4 miles tops nowadays BUT seriously… the thoughts that this mind of mine thinks during my runs are both ridiculous and hilarious.

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Last night while running Guinness (excuse my bundled up self!), out of NO where came two dogs ready to throw down with my cute loving puppy! Excuse me?! Due to my stocking hat making it a struggle to get my headphones off, I was trying to pull Guinness away from these beasts while “You shook me all night long” by AC/DC jamming out in my ears. I caught myself just yelling “hey! hey! hey!” to the dogs probably extremely loud considering I still couldn’t get these darn headphones off. My killer instinct was to stick my arm right in the middle of this scuffle and pick up my 55+ pound dog (he’s only 8 months, I forget how big he actually is) but surprisingly Guinness was holding his own. Thankfully before I got my arm torn off, the owner of these two fighters came running. For the love!

While telling my Husband this story I started to wonder why did I not see the two dogs sprinting towards us? Because I was in complete running mind world. Things I remember thinking in my head before I was so rudely interrupted.

*I should be wearing more clothes… I’m freezing and its raining

*Should we go the extra loop tonight or cut it short? SHORT!

*I wonder how much red wine I have left. Hmm might be a wine night

*Guinness seems so big. We should get another puppy. Not yet!

*We have Halloween cookies left at home I’m pretty sure. I should stay clear of those. One won’t hurt.

After our run it was time to cuddle up with Guinness after this dramatic experience 😉 and let him chew away at his bone while I caught up on my shows before Nick got home from a late night of working.

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Sometimes I think we are always so busy our mind never gets to wonder randomly like this, working out is a perfect time to let it wonder! I always feel SO much better after a workout and I don’t think its strictly because I got my workout in… I think its because my mind did some releasing of its own.

Speaking of working out!! Today is Day 2 of the Squat Challenge! I continue to love this challenge and encourage everyone to try it! How is everyone doing who started with me yesterday? Even if you don’t have time to make it to the gym, you can’t tell me you do not have 5 minutes in your home at night to drop it like its hot and SQUAT?! I fit mine in today over my lunch hour and it felt great!

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9 thoughts on “Wondering Runners Mind

  1. Um, I think I love that you were thinking about red wine while on your run. I can relate and always splurge and have a mimosa on Sundays when I get done with my long runs.

    I completely understand the dog situation. You just never know how another person’s dog is going to react. When I was running last week, I was in a leash-only area and someone’s dog started chasing me and nipping at my feet – TWICE. I was so aggravated and a little scared. The owners just laughed at first, but then realized I was not happy about it.

    I wish there was a device to record every thought while running. It would be really interesting!

    1. Yes! I’m not a huge sweets fan so wine is my treat sometimes 😉
      Nipping at your feet? I would be so frustrated ugh!

      A device like that could be scary haha but probably pretty hilarious!

      Thanks for reading 🙂 Love your blog!

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