Weekend Goodness

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Wait a second here?! You’re telling me it’s Sunday already? I feel your pain Guinness.

How was everyone’s weekend? We had a pretty great one…although it COULD have been better. Let me explain.

My Husband and I are pretty big sports fans, although my love for the games does not compare to Nick’s. I swear he knows every single stat to do with football and baseball.. EVER! It amazes me. You can’t remember to put your plate in the dishwasher but you can remember the exact player who scored the touchdown, that won a football game 10 years ago?! HA!

Well anyways… We both really enjoy college football and agree all year long UNTIL my Iowa Hawkeyes come to town to play his beloved Gophers. Let’s just say he is a VERY happy man after the game on Saturday and I’m one unhappy fan. Don’t let the below picture fool you… this was at the beginning of the game that I was smiling 🙂

photo 3-22Besides the football game on Saturday, our weekend consisted of a date night Friday at one of our favorite places, vegging out Saturday after the game, some Christmas shopping on Sunday and LOTS of cuddling around with Mr. Guinness.

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These are the muscles we had Friday night. SO good!!

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Lots of this during our weekend!

Today is day 5 of the squat challenge!  Yesterday was the first “rest” day. How is everyone doing? Feel free to start whenever. It’s only an extra 5 minutes or so added onto your workout. I workout my booty and legs every week but still noticed a difference with this challenge. My blog friend Jessica featured the challenge on her blog today! Check out her blog… it’s great!

I will admit it, I slacked on my workouts this weekend, but instead of being upset with myself for that I am looking forward to a fresh start tomorrow and ready to kick it into gear this week! I always indulge a little more on the weekends and watch myself a little more during the week. Starting tomorrow morning off with a healthy breakfast is a must. I posted some of my quick, easy, and healthy favorite breakfasts HERE! Lets start this week off right!! Tomorrow is another chance to get it right!


It’s time to painfully continue to watch the Chicago Bears get dominated and wait for one of my favorite shows “Revenge” to be on.  Happy Sunday everyone

p.s. we will be waking up to snow on the ground tomorrow! Not sure how I feel about that!!

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  1. Love how honest and realistic you are about your health and fitness! You are dedicated but still so realistic and look amazing!

  2. I love the at home rivalry with your husband and your sports team! My wife and I are the same. It makes for some fun. Your pup is pretty awesome! how old is he?

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