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Hi everyone! Woohoo for getting the Monday after a long weekend over with!

I’m a bit sleepy today after this bundle of joy couldn’t get close enough to me last night in bed. 60 pound Guinness who thinks he is 6 pounds. For the love! Coffee it is!

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Day 2 of the 21 of the no junk food challenge! Yesterday went well. Oatmeal for breakfast, protein shake after my 12:00 workout, wheat & turkey wrap for lunch, and leftovers to clean our fridge out for dinner. Day 1 is always the easiest!!


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I have received a few requests asking me to go into detail on my four days on, one day off lifting routine. I will do a post today, and for the next three days targeting what I lifted the previous day. As I have mentioned before, variation is key for me with my workouts. I get bored easily and so does my body 🙂

I stick pretty strictly to this lifting routine to keep everything toned evenly.  I also add challenges in often for target areas. Yesterday I had 1 hour (my lunch break) to get my butt to the gym, which is thankfully all of 3 minutes from my workplace, get changed, get a quick cardio in to warm up, get my lift in, and get back to the office! GO! This, to this, to this!

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Day 1: Chest & Triceps   

I lift a total of 90 reps per body part each day. I do all 90 reps of chest before moving onto tri. There are so many different variations of machines, free weights, or no weight exercises you can do for each body part, and I constantly change it up. Sometimes I will only do one triceps machine and just to be sure to get in 90 reps. This is just an example of what I did yesterday for chest & tri. You can Google each exercise if you are not sure what it is, or ask me! Lets get started, shall we….


Deltoid Fly– 3 sets of 10 reps. You can use free weights or the machine for this.

Incline Chest Press- 3 sets of 10 reps. Again, can be done with free weights or machine.

Sitting Chest Press– 3 sets of 10 reps.


Triceps Extension– 3 sets of 15 reps

Standing Triceps Pull Down– 3 sets of 15 reps

Nick and I have been doing this lifting routine for almost a year now and it continues to challenge us, build muscle, and tone muscle. I am always sore and can feel and see the progress 🙂

Along with my lunch break workout yesterday, Nick and I did this HIIT workout I came up with at home last night. We didn’t get around to it until 9:00, but I am so happy we pushed through. It maybe took us all of 12 minutes with a 1-2 minute break between the sets and no breaks between the reps. I will admit it is taking us a second to get used to these HIIT workouts. Your heart races the entire workout with really no break and we feel DEAD at the end. So maybe they are perfect to squeeze in before bed?! The Jump Squats get you on this one.

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Until next time 🙂

14 thoughts on “Chest & Tri

  1. I’m addicted to that oatmeal. AMAZING I tell you. Question on your lifting- Do you increase your weight at all or just stay with the same to maintain a toned figure? Thank you for sharing your process and what seems to be working wonderfully for yourself.

    1. Isn’t it the best?! Especially during the warm months.
      Good question, I increase my weights every now and then by like 5 lbs but I pretty much stay the same with the weight. I do like to gain muscle for sure, but staying toned it my main focus.
      Thanks for following 🙂

  2. Wow good for you for doing that on junk food challenge! Day to day I don’t really eat that stuff but if I got out or have any sort of special occasion I can’t turn down a good piece of bread or chocolate!
    I have really let my weight training slide over the past few months, and I should really get back into it! But i don’t have the discipline to spend time in the weight room on my own, so I usually go to a class that I know will force we to work out all my muscles!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Lisa! I’m in the same boat as you… I don’t eat that sort of stuff often BUT this time of year comes with any temptations 🙂 Bread is my weakness!
      I hear you on not having the discipline to spend time in the weight room alone, it is hard sometimes!! Once I started looking forward to my lifts, it became much easier. Classes are great as well 🙂 I need to do more of them!

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