Friday is one sleep away…. YAY YAY!!


It’s confession time… ready?… Here we go!

I was just dragging the last two days! My fitness can become SUCH a mind game with myself in this crazy brain of mine. I can’t even begin to list all of the excuses I was coming up with to skip my workouts yesterday and today. PATHETIC, because non of them were legitimate.

“I THINK my stomach might hurt”

“I should just work through my lunch hour because I’m so busy

“I actually am pretty sore, I should let my muscles rest”

“I should put a list together of what we need at Target and do that instead”

“I should take this time to read

“I don’t feel like changing… I’m cold

“I could clean instead”

I mean seriously?! It’s comical to think of now. When my fitness routine became less of a routine and more of lifestyle, these excuses don’t happen often, but when they do… watch out!! Long story short, I didn’t skip my workouts. I pushed through and did not regret a single second of it. Not one single time have I walked away from a workout and thought “Wow, I regret that!”


Friday’s are my “off” days for a reason. We bust our butts and our bodies deserve that off day! I would SO be regretting it if I decided that Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were off days. I will say, there have been times when my body has not so kindly told me “THATS ENOUGH!” and I have taken a week off at a time. But this week I was simply making excuses. Do you catch yourself doing this?

I did bust out Shoulders & Core on Wednesday and did the below Core HIIT that I came up with. Today was leg/booty day and I think I will be a little sore tomorrow.


I have had some requests to make all of the HIIT workouts from My Goodness in one central location to access easier. HERE you go 🙂

Don’t let your excuses get the best of you this weekend!!

Until next time…..

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  1. I have these thoughts a lot, lately though i have been able to push through the negativity as I realise now why I am doing it, well done you for doing the workouts when you did not feel like it though

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