6 Months!

WARNING: Heartfelt, love post ahead!

Today marks 6 months of being married to my main squeeze! Six amazing months full of nothing but blissful perfection, continuous love, smiles every minute and nothing but hand in hand memories. <— COMPLTELY KIDDING! I’m not that delusional or unrealistic and I would expect to lose some of my awesome followers if I was 😉


Real Talk: Saturday will be our 7th Valentine’s Day spent together, and 1st Valentine’s as husband and wife. Being we were together for many years before marriage, lived together for over three years before marriage, and started dating when I was 18, I would be fibbing to say the Honeymoon stage is still going strong. We both joke that the honeymoon stage lasted mayyybe 3 weeks for us and then I was back to rolling my eyes when he leaves the closet light on and Nick was back to picking my clothes up off of the bathroom floor, not so politely.



Even though we have been together for a long time, it’s a constant learning process to find out what works for OUR marriage. This six months has been full of learning and excitement! Something changed in both of us after our wedding and I can’t exactly explain it, but it’s real, its consistent, and it’s forever. The amount of love and respect I have for this guy is out of this world! Bottom line is, despite the eye rolls every now and then, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have my husband by my side every day. He’s my number 1 genuine supporter in all that I do and knows me better than I know myself. Looking back at our special day is so much fun to do, and brings back butterfly’s every time. Having all of our loved ones with us in one place?! How did I get so lucky?!


Seemed appropriate to share my full heart with you all as this week is Valentine’s Day! love it or hate it, it’s approaching 🙂 It doesn’t have to be a romantic relationship, just in any important relationship to you, don’t forget to tell those people how much you love them!!

Okay okay!! I promise my blog will be back to workouts and health with my next post 🙂 Until next time….

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16 thoughts on “6 Months!

  1. I ALMOST passed by the sappy love stuff(the trials of the single girl and all that), but I’m glad I didn’t 🙂 It was beautiful! And your dress was amazing. And you were (are) gorgeous. And congrats on 6 months! And many wishes for another 6 months of newlywed bliss, and then lots and lots of years of wedded awesomeness and partner-in-crimeness 🙂

  2. WOW, wow, and wow! This looks like it was the perfect day. You were stunning and I’m obsessed with your dress! Your hubby is one lucky guy to have a wife as determined, loving life, and real as you. Thanks for sharing your special day with us.

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