Home version of Chipotle!

Happy Valentine’s Day I mean Happy Saturday!! <3

I won’t bore you just YET with our Valentine’s Day details. Nothing too exciting 😉 instead… let’s talk about bringing your favorite eating out meals, into the house!


Nick and I have made a major effort to not eat out as much this year and boy oh boy!! It isn’t only helping our wallet, it’s helping our stomach’s as well. I’m the first to admit I crack under food presure and do not always make the best decisions when we eat out.  But let’s stay realistic… we have those eating out meals that we just NEED sometimes. One of ours is Chipotle! We are suckers for a huge burrito bowl. We attempted our own “healthier” version at home and Chipotle has nothing on us 😉

A ridiculously full bowl including a huge pile brown rice, grilled chicken, fresh peppers and onions, homemade salsa, and avocado.  I couldn’t add cheese or sour cream to mine, but Nick didn’t either as being home the temptation isn’t screaming at you! It was SO good and fresh tasting.


We all have our favorite eating out hot spots and don’t get me wrong, I’m a full supporter in getting out there… in moderation! But when you are eating at home much more, you don’t have to settle for deli sandwiches or a pasta dish. Try healthier versions of your favorite eating out foods 🙂 Your stomach will thank you!

With all of that making healthy choices talk… go get a kick butt workout in and go eat some chocolate or dessert and cheers with a glass of wine! You deserve it!! Off for some more cuddles with these two Valentine’s then off to the gym.


Until next time…. xoxo

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