BBG updated review- HIIT workout- Other Goodness

WHAT a week this has been! It always amazes me that I can be so very busy, but the weeks seem to drag?! What is that?? Regardless, I’m excited tomorrow is Friday and the weekend is approaching 🙂

Let’s jump into today’s topics! 1. A quick updated review on the Kayla Itsines 12 week BBG, you can find my weeks 1-4 review HERE.  2. I also have a new HIIT workout that I put together for a good friend, and of course 3. other random goodness going on in my little world as of late.

1. I’m over half way done with Kayla Itsines 12 Week Beach Body Guide. I’m currently in week 7 so my apologies for this review being a little late for the half way mark 🙂 I will do a full picture and in depth review after week 8 but I wanted to touch base on this program after being half way through. LEANER•STRONGER•TONED

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  • I’m most definitely SEEING and FEELING a positive difference in my body after this 6 weeks. Kind of silly but the other day I was at Target and I was squatted down looking at frames that were on the bottom shelf, I put my hand on my quad when I was standing up and thought “WOW, I can feel my muscle is bigger” Although I am still lifting along with this program, I fully give Kayla’s BBG credit for the recent changes I am seeing and feeling stronger, leaner, and more toned.
  • Kayla’s workouts continue to challenge you as she switches it up and throws you a curveball and you’re forced to increase your intensity.
  • I’m not bored!! I will admit, other “challenges” I have done that are this long, at this point I’m ready to switch it up and move on. NOPE! Not this time. I look forward to these workouts. In short…. it’s 3 workouts a week that are 28 minutes each and she throws some cardio in your week as well. It’s as easy as that.
  • As you may guess, yes, I would still recommend this program!! Stop by next weekend for the 8 week review 🙂

2. I’ve realized that all of the HIIT workouts I have created and POSTED HERE are pretty high impact.  That doesn’t always need to be the case. Low impact does NOT mean low results!! I have unfortunately had sports injuries that have required low impact training for awhile and I enjoyed them and still throw them in my workouts sometimes.  I was queen of thinking, if I’m not dripping sweat after a workout or sore the next day, it wasn’t successful… that is so wrong! Here is a low impact HIIT workout that you can do anywhere.

photo 44

3.  Lastly is some random goodness from this last weekend when my family was here to visit and some stuff from this week. Some of my all time favorite little people all together, our quick and easy dinner go to during busy nights, Guinness at the vet and not happy about it, my home workout groupies, and I have now entered the essential oils world….. oh my!! I will post about those once I get a little more experience with them, but so far… I’m impressed!

Have a great Thursday everyone!!

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