Two New Quick & At Home HIIT Workouts!

It’s SUNDAY!! Although I love this day, I can’t say I love that I’m currently sitting in front of my sliding glass door watching the snow fall. YES, I said snow! I went to wearing flats on Friday to now it’s looking like I will be shoveling the driveway tomorrow morning. FOR THE LOVE! Even Guinness is confused with what the heck is going on outside!


This weekend was full of friends, family, workouts, devotions, and prepping for the week ahead. Enjoy two new HIIT workouts that I did this weekend. Anything that you can do quickly at home, and feel the burn, is worth it to me!



I quick ran to the store today for the quick must have’s for the week. YES, I did make energy bites again for this week… I’m just not sick of them yet 🙂


What are your health goals for the week ahead and how will you stay on track with them? 

My goals: Drink 80 oz of water each day, incorporate yoga at least once this week, and take the time to stretch after my workouts!

How I will stay on track: I’m making myself drink 20 oz of water before any coffee in the morning, I will chug right through that 20 oz!! I also have my workouts planned out for the week, and as of now, yoga is on that plan. When I workout over my lunch hour, I’m going to be sure I save at least 5 minutes at the end of each workout, to stretch.

Until next time! Wake up tomorrow and kick Mondays bootayyy!!

9 thoughts on “Two New Quick & At Home HIIT Workouts!

  1. Great workout and great goals! My goal is to stick to this new preschool thing I’ve got going with my little guy. I have everything planned out! I will succeed haha!
    Good luck girl!

  2. Your dog is so darn cute! You look amazing girl and are an inspiration. I’m going to try these workouts this week. Thank you for sharing.
    Goals: also drink more water and PR two of my lifts!

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