How to target that Stubborn Stomach!


Find me that perfect women who doesn’t struggle with her stomach area in some shape or form! I would love to give her a high five 🙂 I have seen this issue in all different forms of body types. From extremely fit athletes, new mothers jumping back into the fitness world, “perfect eaters,” or the average women who workouts 3 times a week… our stomach area seems to be the first section to tattle on us when we haven’t been faithful to our health and fitness. Here is a real life example with me 🙂 The first picture was taken a few weeks ago when I was probably on the best consistent clean eating routine I have ever been on. Lately I have been indulging more than I usually do. Major difference. Much more leaned out in the first picture, and a few weeks of caving into the evil voices in my head, and things change! Please don’t think I’m a skinny girl claiming to be over weight or anything!! I’m just making the point of how quickly our midsections respond to our choices.

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One major problem I have noticed and been guilty of before is women focusing SO much time and effort into their midsection. and ONLY their midsection. Working your core every single day to tackle that trouble area just simply will not work! Getting and keeping that tight core is hard but with the combination of the below four focuses, it IS doable.


Do me a favor and the next time you are doing your cardio, put your hand flat on your stomach for a few seconds (while you are continuing to do your cardio.) You can feel your abdominal muscles working when you do cardio.  Crunches over and over and over again will only do so much for your upper core. As I constantly preach, it’s all about variety! Find yourself a fitness routine where you add in variety, and I would be willing to bet you will notice your core tighten up quicker than doing 50 crunches on your living room floor each morning and nothing else.

How sick are we all of the saying “Abs are made in the kitchen?!” Wellll…. it’s true. I have learned first hand that I can work my booty off in that gym and add in core challenges to really pick my results pace up, but if I follow those amazing workouts with putting junk into my body, results will be nonexistent. Try to look at the big picture. It will take some time, but celebrate the small changes you start to see! Jump start your new and improved core today with these steps!

1. Cut pop out of your regular diet. Just DO it! That stuff is horrible for you
2. Start lifting
3. Don’t skip cardio! Remember… HIIT workouts can be considered cardio!
4. Find a core challenge that you like on Pinterest and… here is the crazy part… stick with it for the entire challenge!
5. Dedicate a solid week to fueling your body with healthy eating choices and see how much better you feel
6. Stop being so gosh darn critical of yourself! We get judged enough as it is, be nice to yourself and make yourself proud. One step at a time.

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  1. Awesome post Jordyn! I need to focus more on religiously sticking to these tips, thanks for the inspiration!

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