Week4 Challenge Workouts

Happy Monday Morning <3 I hope everyone had such a great weekend!! I will give you a quick recap of my weekend goodness after we go over this weeks challenge workouts.

week 4

Okay!! I have been getting such great feedback about this challenge, it makes me so happy! One consistent review I am getting, is these workouts are kicking your butts.  You are not alone my friends 🙂 They are completely kicking my butt and I’m a sweaty mess after every single one, that is why it’s a “challenge” Nick jumped on the treadmill next to me yesterday and did the sprint workout with me and oh man, those work you! Keep kicking through and working hard. You are all doing so amazing and your results are inspiring. Above are your challenge workouts for this week.

As a reminder, you can do these in any order you would like, on any day you would like throughout the next week.  I will post the final 31 week challenge workouts for next week, next Monday. So close to being done with this 31 days, make yourself proud, or start your 31 days today! You can find all of the full 31 Day Challenge workouts, under the Workouts tab (31 Day Challenge) Today is a rest day for those of you who started the 31 day core challenge on the 1st woohoo! Those 50 Mountain Climbers left my shoulders burning and core feeling strong yesterday.

30 Day Core Challenge

Yikes! That was a lot of intense fitness talk for Monday morning, my apologies! Hopefully you all had your coffee before that read 😉 How about some more lighthearted material to finish today’s post?!


This weekend was great! Nick and I enjoyed a happy hour and hanging with our puppies Friday evening. Saturday was go go go for this gal with class and then I had the pleasure of going to the Jason Aldean and Kenney Chesney concert with my mother-in-law and two of her girlfriends. It was such a great concert and a beautiful night!! Sunday consisted of a partner workout with Nick, lots of playing fetch with the two crazies, and prep for this week. My little sister is coming to stay with us for the week and we couldn’t be more excited!! Enjoy your Monday all. Don’t forget to stop by tomorrow for a really fun post!

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6 thoughts on “Week4 Challenge Workouts

  1. Looks like an awesome weekend! These challenge workouts may possibly be the death of me!! I have been really impressed with this challenge so far, thanks again Jordyn. The flowers in your picture are so beautiful!!
    The best part of my weekend was church with my family on Sunday followed by a relaxing day and nap friendly babies…. this is rare lately!
    Happy Monday to you too girl 🙂

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