Week 5 workout challenges **weekend recap**

Well hello! I hope everyone had a great weekend. My little sister was here visiting so we spent lots of time with family, at the baseball park, out in the sun, and jumping into one of our current DIY projects 🙂

Congrats to Amber for winning my first GIVEAWAY on My Goodness!! Amber was emailed and will be receiving her fun package soon 🙂 Thank you for all that entered, it was a blast reading all of your comments!


For those of you who started my 31 Day Fitness Challenge this month, can you believe we are in week 5?!? I have intensified the workouts a bit this week with full confidence you will all do great. End this with a BANG! Thank you so much for those who have been keeping me updated with what you like or want added in to this challenge. I have tried to add in all of your requests!

30 Day Core Challenge

Working our way to that 3 minute plank this week. For the LOVE, the sound of that is still intimidating but if you have followed the core challenge so far, you CAN do that 3 minute plank! Good luck!

We have a super busy week ahead with work, class, and finishing up some projects. I can’t wait to share with you all, some of the DIY projects currently taking place! Here is a glimpse of some of my weekend Goodness 🙂 Have a great Monday all!!







7 thoughts on “Week 5 workout challenges **weekend recap**

  1. You look fabulous girl! Such an inspiration&motivation!!
    I am going to do these workouts this week. Pinky Promise! This 31 day challenge has been wonderful and I am sharing it with my girlfriends. Thanks again!!!!!!

  2. A friend recommended this challenge, so August here I come! I may have a few questions on some of the moves in the workouts, should I email you? Thanks for putting this together, I’m so excited to give it a try. Your blog is so cute BTW!!

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