1 Year Anniversary- Cabo Trip!

Hi friends! I hope everyones week is off to a wonderful start. We are back to rocking our regular routine which is perfectly fine with me. Quickly, I want to give a WOOHOO! to everyone doing my 31 day challenge during the month of August. It’s so neat to see so many of you working so hard and feeling great about yourselves from my program, so awesome! Okay… I could brag about all of you and your hard work all day, lets jump into today’s topic. WARNING: PICTURE OVERLOAD 😉

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Nick and I celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary this last Sunday. We spent our day with our puppies, spent some time with family, but most importantly, spent lots of time with each other, reflecting on our 7 years together and our 1st year of marriage. YOU GUYS… I never thought I would be so excited about a….ready for it…..a TREE?!? WHAT 😉 This is too cute and sweet, I have to share with you all.

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The traditional theme for the first anniversary gift is paper. Although we agreed to no gifts because we went to Cabo (Cabo details are coming) Nick still surprised me. He disappeared for a bit on Sunday, and I thought he was at Verizon getting his phone looked at. When he returned he asked if I wanted to open my card. Long story short, my card had a leaf in it which confused me and Nick acted like he had no clue. At the end of his sweet card he said “I know your gift is silly, but I thought we could go to the original source of paper and watch it grow along with our marriage” It took me a minute to realize, he bought a tree! We have planned to add 3-4 trees to our backyard this Fall, so this was perfect. He was pretty clever and it was very sentimental to me. Now we have this cute new tree, where paper originally comes from, and we get to watch it grow just like our marriage will throughout the years. Annnnnd I bought the man a BOOK for his bar. A book is paper, I thought I was so creative 😉 He wins this year! Our real anniversary celebration was our Cabo trip.


We had such a great and relaxing time. We stayed at the Riu Santa Fe in Cabo San Lucas and it was wonderful. Instead of giving you a novel about our trip, I will just post some of my favorite photos. Thank you to everyone who wished us a happy anniversary <3 You all are the best and I always feel so much love. We were spoiled from our families with some very sweet cards and gifts that made our anniversary even more special. I won’t get too mushy on you here but let’s just say I feel very fortunate to have the kind of love that we do. Enjoy some Cabo pictures! If you have specific questions about our resort, or trip in general, feel free to email me, I would love to give you more specifics if you plan to visit! It was beautiful, relaxing, service was wonderful, and my company wasn’t too bad either 😉 Happy Tuesday all!!

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11 thoughts on “1 Year Anniversary- Cabo Trip!

  1. Jordyn- I have been following along with your blog for a few months now and I have to say, I absolutely love it! I really think you should consider taking it to the next level and I will email you information on that if you would like. You are already doing big things and could go even bigger with little to no more effort. Keep up the authentic writing and inspiration.

  2. Jordyn it looks like you two had a blast! He had a great idea with that tree too. I need help thinking of a 10 year gift next month lol if he has any ideas.

    I’ll bet you two had a lot of fun celebrating in Cabo!

  3. Dress details… paaalease!!! You are gorgeous girl and your body is such motivation for me. Happy belated anniversary! It sounds like you have a real man on your hands. Keeper 😉

    1. Hi Veronica!! Thank you so much 🙂 You’re so nice!! I do think I have a keeper on my hands!!
      The blue off the shoulders dress is from Forever21 and was purchased a couple months ago

    1. Thank you Kim!! I LOVE your link up Tuesday’s 🙂 Such a great idea!
      Thank you for the bridal gown compliments!! I loved and still do love my dress so much… if only it wasn’t weird to wear it once a week 😉
      You will be such a stunning bride, you better share some pictures!!!

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