Quick & Anywhere Core Workout that will leave you SORE

Happy Humpity Hump Hump Day! This week has been one for the books so far and it’s only Wednesday. With so much going on, taking time out of each day to center myself and have some time in scripture & worship has kept this girl going strong!! Take some time each day to slow down and do something that makes you happy <3



OKAY!! Believe it or not we will be making the transition into Fall here shortly. Where in the world has this summer gone? This seems to be a time where we are no longer concerned about looking our best for those summer festivities and can often fall off of the wagon. Well… let’s not! Keep your hard work going.


I put together a super quick core workout that you can do at home. If you do this baby three times though, without cheating 😉 Your core will feel it the next day. The GOOD kind of sore… the “hurts so good” kind of sore. YES, there is such a thing. Throughout this workout you are targeting every section of your core. Be sure to do this 3 times, with a little break between each time. For those of you doing my 31 day core challenge, feel free to add this one in 😉

Here are some helpful hints for this workout:

**Keep your back straight and core squeezed tight during your quick High Knees
**Do your straight leg sit ups nice and slow. Kind of rolllling your body up while keeping that core tight
**Quick quick quick through those mountain climbers. Keep your back straight and don’t shoot your booty in the air
**During those Russian Twist, twist around as much as possible to each side, while keeping your core tight. Your feet shouldn’t move much
**Breath through your plank

Until next time!

6 thoughts on “Quick & Anywhere Core Workout that will leave you SORE

  1. I’m not as sore as I expected. This obviously means your 31 day core challenge is making me stronger!!!! Keep them coming! p.s. Could you get ANY more fit??

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