Weekly Goodness: Take 1

Thank the heavens above Friday is finally here! I knew this week would be crazy with it being the week following our Cabo vacation but MY WORD, comfy clothes and a glass of wine are just calling my name for this evening.


You guys, I have so many fun things planned for My Goodness Blog and I am so thrilled! Many of you loyal readers have had so many great suggestions and I’m soaking up every word. Starting first, let me introduce “Weekly Goodness” Each Friday I will recap some of my favorite things from the week. This may consist of some recipes I tried, new workouts, cute Pinterest finds or what have you. In each Weekly Goodness post I will touch on one of my favorite “blog finds” of the week as well. Sorry this one is coming at you late in the day!! I had this typed up and I THOUGHT scheduled to post this morning but I was clearly wrong. Going forward, Weekly Goodness will be posted Friday mornings 🙂

Let’s jump right into this week! I hope you all enjoy some of these things as much as I have.

  • One of my very best friends had her first BABY! You may remember my post on Caitlin’s baby shower. Well her little man has arrived, here is little Hank and his beautiful parents <3 Could this picture be any more perfect?!


  • Next is this fun graphic I found on Pinterest. I do not hesitate to throw fruit into our puppies dog dishes when I’m cutting it up. But some fruits can be very bad for them! Here is a good reference to help you remember what our furry friends can and cannot have


  • Meditation! I was just talking with my girlfriend this morning about the importance of taking time for yourself and the busier I get, the more important that time becomes. I have been trying to take at least 15-20 minutes each morning to dive into my daily devotion, do some yoga, and start my day off fresh with a cup of tea or coffee. It’s amazing the difference I notice in my day when I take the time to do this.


  • My featured blogger this Friday is my friend Jessica over at Gluten Free Jess. She post such awesome recipes and I will be trying her Zucchini Chip Pancakes and can’t wait! image
  • Thursday I was hit hard with either extreme allergies or a head cold. Thanks to a friend who knows essential oils like the back of her hand… I acted quickly with my oils and went to bed early! I’m not sure if it was the oils or puppy cuddles, but I am feeling much better today.

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  • Ending this Weekly Goodness is just some positive mindsets and lunch break workouts. Without these two things, my week would have been a rough one. These things keep me sane.



Well there we have it! Take 1 is complete 🙂 Stop by next Friday for some more Weekly Goodness. I hope you all have such a great weekend. 31 Day Challenge lovers, I will be posting week 3’s workouts tomorrow!! Keep up the awesome work!


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