31 Day Challenge- Week 3

Top of the morning to ya! How is your weekend starting off? I have ONE goal and ONE goal only for this beautiful Saturday… get my 15 page paper written for my current class I’m taking for my masters program. AND here I sit just blogging away ;) the day is young!


I cannot believe my August ladies are on week 3 of the 31 day challenge already! Thank you again for all who jumped on board this month and are rocking my workouts. Between July and August 28 of you took on this challenge and it couldn’t make me more happy! I had many different emails about week 2 so let me address some of those before we jump into week 3.

Week 2 is tough! I know I’m a crazy person with asking you to do 50 power jacks to start out a workout ;) just remember modification is completely necessary sometimes AND if these workouts are kicking your butt and you’re feeling like laying on the floor for a couple hours after you complete a workout.. I’m doing my job! HIIT workouts are intense and leave me literally drenched in sweat every single time, so do not wait for them to get easier because they won’t. Your body will just get stronger. Some of you also “fell off the wagon” a bit this week and let’s have real talk for a second LIFE HAPPENS! Missing a workout or core challenges is okay, I promise! This challenge is designed to be flexible and forgiving. These workouts are also great to just do on their own if you aren’t doing the challenge as well. You will get out what you put in so jump back on that wagon this week and work that much harder. YOU deserve to feel great about yourself. No matter how busy and crazy our schedules can get, remember these HIIT workouts take between 15-25 minutes and I bet you will feel much better if you wake up 15-25 minutes earlier or go to bed later to get your workouts checked off that never ending list. BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF! Something that helps me push through those challenge workouts is knowing that because of my hard work, my body will be burning calories HOURS after this workout…cool!

Week 3

Alright week 2 is in the rearview mirror and we are never looking back at those 50 power jacks again (until I make you do them again) ;) Helloooo week 3, it’s time to dominate you! Above are your week three workouts. Results are all about variety, you need to keep your body guessing. I have designed week three to change it up a bit. Right away, you see that you have four challenge workouts instead of three….you’re welcome! There are some exercises this week where if you would like to, you can use weights. BUT these will still be effective if you do not use them. Feel free to add in weights as you would like. This week you could add them in with your Sumo Squats and Dead Lifts. <– click these links for examples.

One more I want to talk about is the famous “jump lunge to jump squat” I’m just going to tell you right now, these are intense. It’s all one motion and you count every time you squat.  Here is a great example of what this should look like. Your legs will be on fire but your booty and quads will love you :) Remember if you need to do 10 and take a quick breather before finishing your other 10, thats perfectly okay!

30 Day Core Challenge

Don’t forget to stay on top of the 31 day core challenge this week. Working your way to that 3 minute plank!! As always, be sure to let me know if you have any questions, I’m always here to help :)

I think I have made this post as long as possible putting off this paper. Off to schoolwork I go. Have a great weekend everyone! Watch for next week’s 2nd Giveaway on My Goodness and DIY spare bedroom remodel. Thank you as always for the support!




2 thoughts on “31 Day Challenge- Week 3

  1. You are so cute girl! You are clearly doing what makes you happy and bringing us along for the ride. Thanks for sharing your awesome workouts!


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