Low Impact At Home Workouts

Well hello hello! We made it through Monday… it wasn’t all that bad :) Within the next month, you will see some changes on My Goodness Blog. Nothing too extreme but I will have an entire post explaining the changes when that time gets closer! Nevertheless, I have been spending some time looking at all of my content throughout the last 10 months and I realized a few things.

Number 1, I am such a scatter brain :) so thank you for sticking with me on this blogging journey! When I say you will get a little bit of everything on this blog, that couldn’t be any more true. From the cute babies and puppies in my life, to a new recipe or workout, followed by a random DIY project or other random goodness in my life. I’m all OVER the place here, but that won’t be changing!!

Number 2, I have had some questions on where you can find all of my workouts instead of scrolling through every single post. The answer to this is: under the “workouts” tab at the top of this page and click on “My Goodness HIIT/Challenge Workouts” there you will find every workout I have created in the last 10 months.


Next is what brought me to today’s topic.  A lot of my workouts are pretty high impact and super intense.  Well not all workouts need to be this way.  It’s important to give those knees and joints some care, and still workout while doing so.  I promise you, a squat IS still in fact working your legs and booty even if you are not jumping along with it ;) I have came up with two different low impact at home workouts, along with finding one I like on Pinterest.


A quick google search can clarify any questions you have on any of the workouts (how to do it, correct form) or feel free to ask me any questions as always! Part of the variety that I preach in our workouts is slowing down the pace and giving our muscles and joints some lower impact workouts. Take these workouts nice and slow, really focusing on correct form.

For example: on the below workout squat down and come up very slow, squeezing your bottom tight when you reach the top of your squat. When you squat down, be sure your knees are not reaching over your ankles- if you do find your knees are in front of your ankles when you squat down, remember to push your butt out as if you’re reaching back to sit in a chair that’s just a liiiiiitle to far away :) On the leg raises, stand facing a wall and lightly put your hands on the wall for balance. Slowly raise your leg to the side, squeezing your bottom while doing so, and slowly bring it back down. Like I said, take these workouts nice and slow.



 Enjoy!!! Have a great Tuesday everyone!

2 thoughts on “Low Impact At Home Workouts

  1. You know what, I could go for some workouts like this. I think you and I are alike in the fact that we go pretty intense in all of our workouts but sometimes you need to change the pace up for body and will still get an awesome workout in. Great workouts you put together here, thank you. I’m sharing this with my girlfriends!!


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