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Happy Thursday morning all! How has your week been so far? I have officially finished my second class in my Graduate program (celebrating the small victories ;), we got to hangout with our little niece and nephew this week (you can’t NOT be filled with smiles after being with these two), my 31 Day Challenge group for August continues to kick some major you know what (I couldn’t be more pleased with the results they are seeing and feeling), a couple of my great girlfriends received great news in their lives this week, AND to top if all off my office is getting a remodel with new carpet, desks, and the whole shebang, so THIS has been a great week! <— longest sentence ever!!  It’s EARLY, cut me some slack 😉


I am so excited for today’s giveaway! Let me introduce you to Kylie. I have known this girl, literally for as long as I can remember. Our families have been friends forever and we were born best friends 🙂 Although we don’t live in the same state anymore, it works for us! It’s one of those, no matter what, consistent, no matter how much time, nothing changes, kind of friendships and I’m so grateful for that. WELL I’m so proud of this girl! She has been miss crafty since I can remember and she’s finally taking her talent to the next level.



Kylie has opened “What The Craft“, her own craft business! This lady has a bright future ahead of her and I was so excited when she wanted to sponsor a post on My Goodness.  Kylie is currently doing a personalized 7 week Core Challenge that I have made for her.  IF she finds it was successful at the end of those 7 weeks, I will be sharing it with you all, but we have to try it first of course!!



Nick and I currently have three pieces of What The Craft’s work in our home.  Kylie is working on three more pieces for us right now as well 🙂 Not only are these special to me because they are made by such a great friend, they are unique, personalized, and made with such love… not to mention, completely affordable! WIN WIN!




Today What The Craft is sponsoring this post, along with offering a giveaway! What The Craft will be sending the winner of this giveaway, one of their handmade, personalized letters. You of course get to pick your letter and the color of it!!  In order to enter this giveaway all you have to do is….


  1. go and “like” What The Craft’s facebook page by clicking THIS link (you can also search What The Craft on FB and like it that way)
  2. comment on this post, telling me where in your home you might put one of these adorable little letters
  3. THIS isn’t required, but also feel free to check out What The Craft’s ETSY page 🙂 HERE, to see some of her other fun work!


Disclaimer: Thank you to What The Craft for sponsoring this post and a huge thank you to all of you for your support surrounding sponsored posts. I really appreciate it!

8 thoughts on “Sponsored Post- What The Craft GIVEAWAY

  1. Your friend is very talented! Just checked out her Facebook page! I am not sure where I would put it yet, but I would love to have a monogram with my new last name somewhere in our home!

  2. What a great idea your friend has and I think her business will do well. I would get the letter for my daughter because she would absolutely love it in her bathroom!!! I will check out her etsy page as well and add to my Pinterest board.

  3. I absolutely love reading your blog and this post really spoke to me. First of all, you need to celebrate the little victories. It’s so often that we get stuck in the mundane plans of everyday life and fail to notice the greatness that surrounds us. I’m a very crafty person and love learning new techniques and seeing other people’s talents shine through their pieces of “art”.

    Now I’ll give you a little background on me. In the last year, my then-boyfriend and I both switched jobs, we got engaged, and we bought a house. So currently, I am planning a wedding and building a “home” out of the house we just bought. It’s our first house together, which has so much meaning to begin with, but seeing everything come together with our signature touches has been an amazing journey so far. It’s also been a lot more work than we had anticipated and a lot of long hours spent working at night and on weekends. We’ve also been together for 8 years so this is a very special time for the both of us. As we start this new journey of our life, I will take his last name (as a lot of married women do) … ok even if I’m a soon-to-be “married woman” the words next to a description of me is crazy!! I would love to feature one of these letters in our home. We were also looking to find something like this for our engagement photos this fall, so really the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

    Congratulations on your friend creating her own business – it’s something I always look to do, but the courage and the strength are really remarkable. It’s a huge undertaking. I wish her the best of luck!

  4. Her work is so cute! This is a great giveaway. My last name starts with an “M” and I absolutely love the M you featured above. I would put this on our entry way table.

  5. Such a great idea!! I was just thinking last night I needed to decorate the front entryway and was thinking a letter A would be so cute there! Then I came across this post and looky here! Such a cute blog you have going lady. And what a great way to incorporate friends too! Thanks!

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