The Top My Goodness Workouts

Hello! I hope this week is treating you all well. I want to touch on just TWO things before I jump into today’s post. The first thing being, please bare with me as you may start to see some changes on My Goodness. I am making some exciting changes, but I am trying to do so without my format that you are all used to, changing too much. Thank you for your support!! Secondly, ya’ll I continue to be in awe with the group taking on my 31 Day Challenge right now. Only 5 days left for those of you who started on August 1st. The motivation and results have been so much fun to see and you are kicking butt!! Remember, if you fell off the wagon, that’s okay!!! It’s all about staying realistic, it shouldn’t be stressful to try to fit in your workouts, if it is, adjust your expectations of yourself. Heck! Others can be hard enough on you, be nice to yourself 🙂


One of the fun newer features in my new blog behind the scenes format is being able to see what posts you enjoyed the most. I love this! Before I could only view my number of subscribers and site views. NOW I can see how many times each specific post was viewed, how many clicks a specific workout got, how many shares it received… so much fun and really helps me see what everyone is enjoying and what I can back away from as well

Today am featuring my top workouts from the last 10 months. These seem to have be a HIIT <— 😉 Enjoy!! You can always find all of my workouts and challenges under the Workouts tab at the top of my blog as well. Majority of my workouts are inspired by busy busy schedules! Most of these are at home, no/little equipment, and quick workouts. As I preach probably more than necessary, variety is key to seeing results, which is why I have SO many new workouts coming your way, I can’t wait!!




Sunday Core Blast

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30 Day Core Challenge



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