30 Day Leg/Booty Tighten & Tone Challenge

Sunday!! How was the weekend? We spent a large portion of our weekend adding some more landscaping to our backyard and finally catching all the way up on House Of Cards. We have a big week in front of us so I’m loving some relaxation on this beautiful Sunday.

Many of you are finishing up my 31 day fitness challenge, woohoo to you!! Although I won’t be posting about that specific challenge this next month, just remember you can always find it under the “workouts” tab at the top of my blog if you are taking the challenge on in September.

Although summer is showing us it will be sticking around for a bit longer, this girl is pumped for Fall! Pumpkin errrrverything is a given, but also Fall clothing… it’s my favorite! I live in leggings and tunic sweaters. Well it’s the perfect time to take on a booty & leg challenge to get ready for leggings season 🙂 I have put together the below Leg & Booty Tighten & Tone 30 day challenge. Let’s jump into some detail on this fun challenge….

tighten and tone


When designing this challenge, I focused on making it quick, able to do at home, and putting moves together that will really target those hard to reach stubborn areas. I will be doing this every morning before jumping into the shower. You will burn calories, increase flexibility, and tighten and tone those leg and butt muscles. It is important to target those “trouble areas” which challenges like this, but be sure to fit in your cardio as well! This “do anywhere” challenge is made up of six different moves. The days are mapped out as you can see in the above picture. Just follow along 🙂 I will touch on each move specifically for anyone not familiar with these. As always, feel free to ask me any questions! Enjoy!!

Squat: Be sure to have good form. When you squat down, your knees should not come over your toes. When you come up from your squat, squeeze your butt tight.


Lunges: Again, form is everything! When day 1 for example says 5 lunges, that means 5 lunges on each leg, so 10 total. Keep your back straight and be sure your from knee doesn’t come over your toes when you lunge.


Deadlift: HERE you can find a video that will help with this one. Take it nice and slow and squeeze your booty tight when you reach the top. You can absolutely do these with no weights… whatever is comfortable for you.


Donkey Kick: HERE is a video for these suckers. Explode your leg up and come back down slowly. When day 3 for example says 10 donkey kicks, that means 10 for each leg, 20 total.


Fire Hydrant: HERE is a video for these. Squeeze your butt muscles during this one. Again, when day 3 says 10 of these, that means 10 for each leg, for a total of 20.


Plie Squats: These babies will work your inner thighs. Take them nice and slow. HERE is a video 🙂


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