Going Natural With Your Health & Beauty Regimen

Good Morning beauties!!! Wanting to chat with you about something I have been experimenting with a little more lately. I am one of those people who cannot walk out of Target without a new beauty product of some kind, I love to try new products. I use Rodan & Fields for my daily face-care and I absolutely love it <– more on that later 😉 But as for other products I have in our home, I have been paying attention to the ingredient list and it is CRAZY how many chemicals are in some of the products we use every single day.  My recent experiment if you will, is getting rid of non natural products from my beauty routine.


If your shelves and cupboards are stacked with chemical-based health and beauty products like mine used to be, it’s time to make a change. Many chemical based items may actually be doing more harm than good for us…. scary! Do you swear by a cheap shampoo that adds instant shine to your hair? Well, it could be that it is just adding a layer to your hair to give the impression of improved health. With prolonged use, this will build up and could actually cause the hair long-term damage.

I have been repairing my hair for quite sometime now from the shampoo I used all throughout my college years.  This is just one example of how seeming innocent buys can seem to be doing a good job, but are actually highly detrimental.

Thankfully, the industry is developing at a relatively fast pace these days. Ten years ago if you went searching for an organic body wash or shampoo, you would maybe have one option.  Now, the industry is becoming so health focused because being natural and health focused is now the “cool thing”  There are now more options than even for when it comes to choosing a more natural, organic route. Here are a few options to consider adding to your health and beauty regime…

Coconut oil


Coconut oil is having a real moment currently, and for good reason. Those of us already using it can’t remember how we lived without it! The uses are so many and so varied, to mention just a few of its uses and benefits…you can use it remove eye-makeup, to whiten teeth, you can turn it into homemade soap or use it topically to get rid of cellulite. This list could go on. In fact, look here for a whopping 101 uses. It really is amazing to me how much one product can be used for! 

Dietary supplements

As well as what you put on the outside of your body, healthy and well-being shines from within. Taking 30-40 drops of charlottes web oil per day, for example. It is said to improve the wellness of both your body and your mind, and the counteract even the most severe of stresses.

How many of you take a daily Vitamin and minerals?  I was so bad about that for YEARS, knowing it should be a part of my daily routine, I finally made this a priority a year ago and feel so great knowing my body is getting everything it needs. Women’s Health list the six most important vitamins we need as women! Vitamin A, C, and D, B Vitamins, Iron, Calcium. Iron, for example, keeps anemia at bay, while calcium is all about the strong bones!  As for those that help with beauty, Vitamin C helps fight wrinkles. Vitamin A slows the aging process of the skin. I always knew I needed those vitamins, but actually knowing what each of them do for me is really nice. 

Homemade face masks

I have tried a couple homemade face masks and really enjoyed it! It’s neat making it yourself and feeling the difference on your skin!  Chances are, you already have most of the ingredients you’ll need in your kitchen. Natural, homemade face masks are great because they’re just as effective, but you know exactly what has and hasn’t gone into them. Here is how to make a simple banana one that I tried. Mix half a banana and a tablespoon of both honey and orange juice. If you want to give your mask some exfoliation, add some oatmeal. This recipe is suitable for all skin types. Once you’ve made one, you can start experimenting with other ingredients. Marie Claire has four suggestions here. I still need to try her lightening mask, but I have really loved the other three so far! 

Hope you enjoyed today’s GOODNESS on some natural tips!! Add it to your list: experiement with coconut oil, start using a multivitamin, and do a homemade face mask :) You won’t regret any of these choices. be the best you.

Happy almost Friday. xoxo

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