Weekly Goodness: Take 28

It’s Friday, the sun is attempting to join us today, and It’s GOOD FRIDAY! It’s going to be a great weekend! I hope you all have such a great weekend with your loved ones.  Jumping right into this week’s GOODNESS…

I recently came across mintandbirch on Instagram and I have been keeping an eye on their product ever since! They have SUCH cute and personalized pieces, check them out!!


EASTER! I mentioned earlier this week, Easter is one of my favorite Holiday’s, for a number of different reasons but one is being able to spoil our niece and nephew a little extra with fun Easter baskets.  So much fun!!


This week’s workouts I have really been working on adding in exercises I do not normally do and WOW, talk about a difference! I can think I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in but randomly throw in some smith machine sumo squats or cable swing chest press and I am quickly reminded there is always room for more variation!


IdealFit’s weekend sale! This weekend IdealFit is offering 20% off all of their products! I have gotten back to majority of you regarding your questions on IdealFit’s products BUT tomorrow you will see a post completely dedicated to what I am really loving about the products, what I could do without, and my honest review of them all.  So if you are considering trying out some of their products, stop on by tomorrow for a full review!


Throw in some baby cuteness from my family visiting last weekend, puppy love, and more random goodness and that’s a wrap!! Have a great weekend all. God bless!






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