Healthier Pasta

Well good morning! HOW in the world is it Thursday already?! This week has been busy with stuff every single night other than last night, for me anyways, Nick was still home late last night :( baseball season has begun…goodbye husband hellooo alone time 😉 I’m totally cool with alone time and extra time with girlfriends and more time to blog and whatnot and I actually love catching a few of Nick’s game so I can spy on the hot coach in those baseball pants (please heavenly Father have this be a blog post Nick doesn’t read!!!)

Let’s jump into the real reason for today’s post. PASTA! I have been a pasta lover since I was a little girl. I used to say I could live off of pasta and cereal.  Unfortunately my favorite pasta was chicken alfredo which sadly just isn’t the best for us.  When I became mainly dairy free (not my choice but completely used to it now) literally my first thought was how I couldn’t have alfredo anymore.  Pasta has a bad rep of being fattening, carb filled, and unhealthy.  With many pasta’s that is the case, but it doesn’t have to be! I have experimented with a few healthier pasta recipes and I randomly put this one together this week and we LOVED it.


Any dish that has left overs for us to easily make during busy weeks like this is a win for us.  You CAN have pasta and have it be a healthier meal. Don’t get me wrong, regardless of what noodles you decide on, pasta is going to have carbs, but remember, we NEED carbs… just in moderation. We never make pasta without using whole wheat noodles, but for this one I used vegetable noodles and we really liked them.  My two pieces of advice when you want to have pasta but stick to your goals is 1) portion control 2) skip the cheese add in’s and creamy sauces.

I’m going to annoy many of you as this isn’t a recipe where things are measured out, I literally just put it all together without measurements but I promise you, you can’t mess this one up! I mean, lets be honest, I am NOT the cook in our household and even I made this dish taste amazing 😉 so here we go! Here are the ingredients I used


Throw your noodles in water, and cut up 3 turkey sausages with kitchen scissors into a pan with a little bit of olive oil.


 On the side mix an entire avocado, 1/2 spoonful of red pesto, and a dash of olive oil.


When noodles are close to being done, add spinach and a little red pesto to your sausage and let that mix all together until you spinach is cooked down.


Drain your noodles and add them back to the pan.  Add in your sausage mixture, and avocado sauce.


Mix together and serve a “healthy” portion with cherry tomatoes on top! Nick added some crushed red peppers to his to add some spice. You can serve this with a salad and a piece of garlic bread.



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