Weekly Goodness: Take 29

Well look what came to join us again, FRIDAY! You know what that means around this place, time to share some goodness that took place in my little corner this week, in hopes to spread even more goodness to your life!

First up is our Easter trip to Iowa to spend the Holiday with my family.  Even though the trip was short, it was still very sweet and we were able to fit in a bunch of time with my family <3 For the first time EVER, I was able to be in the car with our dogs and not have a dog on my lap the entire ride. THAT was reason enough to celebrate 😉 We ordered our doggy car gate too late, so we used a baby gate we had from when Daisy had her surgery. Some zip ties and the gate fully extended, gave those 8 furry legs plenty of room to stand up, lay down, and have their own space for our entire 8 hours of travel.  Nick made the comment and I couldn’t agree more, traveling just got WAY  less stressful for us. I know that sounds dramatic but YOU try traveling with two 50 pound+ dogs when one has to sleep on someone’s lap and the other tries to be in the front windshield the entire ride… ridiculous!



This weeks workouts have been exciting! Pushing myself a little harder the last couple weeks and I’m feeling a big difference. I’ve had a few of you reach out recently regarding my specific routine and healthy lifestyle journey, so I will try to dedicate a post to that sooner than later!


Around the web finds! Loving this timeless kitchen inspiration look. Also, check out Parabo photo prints. They are pretty awesome and you can get 25 prints for free right now! Pinterest has been my go-to lately when I can’t decide on quick pre and post workout eats.




Closing out with some random goodness.  Quotes I enjoyed this week, coffee from a girlfriend on my super long 15 hour day (it’s the little things), and rocking a sexy rain coat all week 😉 Happy Friday all! Have such a great weekend.  Whatever is weighing heavy on your heart or keeping you down, just remind yourself how very blessed you are! I have heard 3 horrific and life changing stories throughout the last two weeks. You know, the kind that makes you feel silly for complaining about the rain or a broken hair dryer? Appreciate the little things and love hard!






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