Health Benefits Of Oats In Your Daily Diet

Good Morning lovelies!! As I was once again packing my oats in my lunch bag last night to have for breakfast at work today, I thought why not share with you all why I’m so obsessed with oats.  Well the #1 reason is of course because they taste amazing and are a perfect quick, warm breakfast.  But they also have a lot of health benefits too! So take a seat and let’s have a little lesson about the benefits of oats in our diet shall we….


Many of us, including myself are often searching for the new super food or health fad. Something to make us look and feel better. Maybe provide us with a much-needed energy boost on a flat morning. Or perhaps we just want more energy period, without having to fill our bodies with coffee and pop. Our diets can have a lot to do with how we look and feel. It’s proven that a healthy and balanced diet can make a lot of difference to our daily lives. Some of you may think that oatmeal isn’t the most fascinating of breakfast choices. Well there are a number of different ways to incorporate oats into your diet and SO many different recipes for oats, HERE is the one I made Sunday night and have had for breakfast the last four days! There are really so many incredible health benefits to these little flakes that before you know it, you will be reaching for a bag of oats in your next food shop for sure 😉


Helps with weight management.

Yes, you read that right. Increasing the amount of oats in your daily diet can help with your weight management. Eating oatmeal, for example, as part of a balanced breakfast releases a hunger-fighting hormone. Leaving you fuller for longer. We all know that we can all feel that mid-morning slump when we reach for the snacks, but having oats for breakfast can take you right up to lunch. Add some berries for additional antioxidants and you are good to go.

Reduce your cholesterol.

So maybe this isn’t something you suffer with. Or perhaps you do. But being aware of your cholesterol is a good health practice. Increasing the amount of oats in your diet can help reduce your cholesterol, keeping your heart healthy. Oats have a high portion of something called soluble fibre. Which is proven to help your intestinal tract trap things in your body most associated with blood cholesterol.

It’s a low-calorie food substance.

If you are a calorie counter (I am not but I know many people are, and that’s totally fine), then you will thank me for making you aware of this low-calorie food. Oats and oatmeal are naturally low in sugars, meaning it’s a great option when you are on a calorie counting diet.

It’s easily obtained.

Unlike a lot of superfoods and health fads, oats are easily available and accessible for the masses. You can shop for fresh oats online which can make it even more convenient for you. Some superfoods aren’t suitable for the whole family. But this could be something that your husbands and even children could include in their daily diet.

Oats can help you sleep better.

Say what?!? True story! You may not believe me. But there are proven studies to show that a good intake of oats as part of a balanced diet can have a great effect on the amount of sleep you get. The oats include melatonin and complex carbohydrates that can aid your brain into a nice and healthy sleep. Let’s face it; more sleep is always going to be a good thing.

I hope these health benefits encourage you to get more oats and oatmeal in your daily diet! Have a great Thursday all and we will see you back tomorrow for this week’s GOODNESS!

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