6 Ways To LOVE Your Body More

Good Morning! One consistent observation I have made since taking my health and fitness passion to the next step and helping others in their journey is that we are all SO hard on ourselves! This can make living out a healthy life not enjoyable and always feel like work. But guess what, it doesn’t have to be like this…

Everybody is different, and we all have different ideas about what we like and don’t like about our own bodies. Lots of us are generally happy with our body shapes, appearance, and physical health. But most of us would agree there are a few party parts that we feel a little sensitive about from time to time and are way too hard on ourselves, I am guilty of that at times! Loving your body is a big part of confidence and acceptance of who you are. Here are 6 ways to love your body even more.  These seem so very simple but we slip away from these habits so quickly.  I have personally found that keeping these in mind and centered to my daily routine, results in a happier ME.



Put your body to the test from time to time. Be proud of what it can do, our bodies are amazing with what they can do, if we let it! You might enter a charity fun run, or even begin to train for a whole marathon. A close girlfriend and her husband just started training for a marathon together and what dedication this takes, resulting in fulfillment! Why not book a boot camp session to see where your physical strengths and weaknesses are? That way, you’ll know what you can improve on for next time, and what you can be proud of right now! I’ve had many requests to bring back my monthly workout challenges so as mentioned, they are BACK with the first challenge starting July 1st! This could be a good way to jump into improving your performance. 


Staying the distance is never easy when you’re tired all the time. If you’re struggling with stamina, you may just be out of practice. It’s easy to get it back, though. Start small, then push yourself on a little more each day. You can also find completely natural supplements like Garcinia XT that help with stamina (not recommended if pregnant). They are often associated with weight loss benefits too. After all, the lighter and leaner you are, the easier it is to keep going.

Trim and Toned

Most of us believe a good looking body is one that is trim and toned. That’s not necessarily true, though. A good body is one that works efficiently, is eating healthy, and staying active. Whatever that looks like on YOU, is a good looking body! However, staying trim and toned can help your body do more. You will feel stronger as well as faster when you work out. Working toward a more toned physique could be a great summer goal or something you aim for on an ongoing basis.



Most of us would love to have more energy. My energy throughout this pregnancy has been so great, until about 7:00 at night and I hit a wall… HARD! We’re all always so busy! It is difficult not to feel completely exhausted by Friday afternoon and then spend a big portion of  the weekend being lazy and not productive. However, if you do something energetically healthy on a Friday night, you may actually feel more energetic on Saturday as well. Pushing yourself on can boost your metabolism and increase your stamina. Why not dance the night away and out with your girlfriends or have a dance party with your kiddos Friday evening to start your weekend right!


Eating right can make you feel pretty good about yourself from the inside out. It can reduce bloating and digestive discomfort. It can also help reduce the impact of those oh so lovely hormones that bless many of us! Best of all, fueling our bodies with healthy foods that it craves can enhance the performance and appearance of your body by ensuring every cell is well nourished


Believe it or not, the mind has a big part to play in how you think your body looks. So give it plenty of rest with good quality sleep. Wake up refreshed, focused, and positive that your body is absolutely gorgeous, just as it is. focus on loving your body, loving yourself, and life will feel a little more enjoyable! 

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