Easy Ways To Ensure You Get Enough Nutrients Every Day!

Well hello! How is your Sunday going so far? I was a little MIA last week as we are fighting some colds in our house and I had the excitement of having our first baby shower (more to come on that). With all the sickness I see going around this time of year, here are some quick and easy tips to be sure you are staying on top of your nutrients game each day 🙂 Enjoy!!

It’s so important to make sure you are getting enough nutrients every day. It can help you to maintain a healthy weight and keep bugs away. Also, they ensure you have enough brainpower every day and keep your body functioning normally through the busy schedules many of us have. But studies have found the average American is not getting the right amount every day. Here are some easy ways to ensure you get enough nutrients in your diet every day!

Make your own food

It shouldn’t come as a huge surprise to hear that processed food does not have enough nutrients and vitamins to keep us healthy. A lot of them are full of bad food groups such as fat and sugar. Therefore, it’s so important to ensure you are making your own food as much as possible. That way, you can control how much of each nutrient is going to be in the food you are cooking. You can add extra to ensure you are meeting your recommended daily requirement of each nutrient. It can also ensure you are making healthier choices when it comes to ingredients. Therefore, cook your own food to make a big difference to your health.  This also is a huge help on the wallet! As we are preparing for the lifestyle change of bringing our first child into this world, we have cut our eating out in half and we have both noticed a huge difference in how good we feel! Being in complete control of what exactly you are putting into your body is a huge help in staying healthy.


Invest in a juicer

A lot of us struggle to find time to ensure we are getting all our required nutrients in our lunch or dinner. After all, we have limited time to make dinner when we are busy with our personal and work life. However, one easy way to get enough every day is by investing in a juicer. That way, you can prepare juice which you can drink during the day to ensure you are drinking higher levels of nutrients. You can easily drink it on the way to work or alongside your dinner at night. You can find other ways how it helps by reading up online about juicers.We personally use our Magic Bullet and it helps me a lot.  To start majority of my days with a green smoothy made from home is really easy and nice knowing I’m pumping my body with all kinds of goodness. Lately I have been blending a handful of spinach, banana, PB2, chia seeds, and unsweetened almost milk on my way to work in the mornings.


Take some supplements

If you are finding it hard to add enough nutrients to your daily diet, the way forward could be supplements. They are easy to take during the day to ensure we stay healthy every day. With this suggestion, I want to be clear that I do not promote all kinds of supplements and it is important to research and find healthy and safe supplements for you.  For example, you may struggle to get enough vitamin B6 which keeps your immune system functioning properly. However, you can easily find supplements to be sure you get enough B6 to function at your best. Just make sure you get them from a nutritionist; don’t ever buy them from an untrusted website!

Be careful how you are cooking

It’s also vital to consider how you are cooking if you want to make sure you are getting enough nutrients. You might not know that when food is exposed to heat and light, it suffers from nutrient loss. Therefore, if you put some vegetables or beans in the microwave for a few minutes, you are going to be stripping them of a lot of their nutritional value. So you need to be extra careful with how you prepare the food to help you stay healthy. Reduce your use of appliances like microwaves and fat fryers which can make food unhealthy.

You should always make sure you take fruit along with you to enjoy during the day. For example, a banana can help towards our potassium intake during the day. Therefore, always take it with you, so you are eating a healthy diet every day.

Just some helpful hints to think about that will help you live out a healthy lifestyle. I hope your all enjoy the rest of your Sunday and get all prepped for another week ahead!

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