Easy Ways To Keep Your Health On Track While You Are At Work!

Goooood Morning!! Today I’m talking to you all about ways we can stay on track with our health and fitness goals when we are at work!! Here we go 🙂 It’s so important to keep on top of your health. After all, some of us might be young and fit now, but if we want to stay healthy as we age, we need to make an effort to look after our bodies now. Many of us make errors when we are in the workplace. We are there for hours (more than we are at home!), and often are sat in the same place, meaning we are getting limited exercise. Also, the baked goods people bring in can make it hard to maintain a healthy weight. Especially when you are pregnant and everyone delivers TWO of everything to you because “you are eating for two”. Additionally, bugs are passed around so easily between colleagues, the cold bug is just flying around my office right now. Here are some easy ways to keep your health on track while you are at work.


Make sure you take healthy snacks with you

As we said above, a lot of people love to bring baked goods into the workplace. It’s often a regular thing to lift people’s spirits. But as much as the occasional treat is fine to help you pass the long work day, if you snack bad every day, you will struggle to maintain a healthy weight. A brownie or a cake can cause you to go over your recommended daily calorie count. And of course, once you become overweight, you can start to have many health issues. Therefore, take some healthy snacks with you to work so that you don’t head for the baked goods. You should take some fruit and nuts to enjoy while you are at your desk. A yogurt will also fill you up for an hour or two! Do not get me wrong, indulge in the naughty treats… just in moderation!! 

Take hand sanitizer with you

It’s so easy for germs to be passed between colleagues. Door handles are one of the most common places for germs and bacteria. Someone may have sneezed on their hand and then opened the door and passed through, I know… lovely thought isn’t it 😉  Make sure that you have a handy bottle of hand sanitizer with you. So if you have been to the kitchen or the bathroom and have passed through several doors, you need to use the hand sanitizer once you get back to your desk and you are good to go! I think of times like now, when I’m fighting a nasty cold but cannot just stay home from work all week because of a cold, I’m constantly washing my hands to try my best not to spread any germs to my coworkers or just in my own space as well. 

Drink a smoothie rather than coffee

Easy for me to say 😉 as I’m not a coffee drinker right now, but smoothies do have SO many benefits. You might not be surprised when I tell you that 83% of Americans love a daily coffee. After all, it boosts your mood and gives you much-needed energy. Even though it’s okay to have one or two cups a day, don’t have too many cups! Too much coffee can cause headaches and restlessness once the buzz has gone. Instead of heading for a cup, you could drink a smoothie instead. They are a delicious and healthy drink which will ensure you have plenty of nutrients during the day. Also, they can fill you up so you won’t be hungry while you are working. Therefore, make a couple of smoothies and then drink them throughout the day. It will ensure you are getting your essential fruit and vegetables. And it may be obvious, but drink plenty of water every day. It will help your body stay working efficiently during the long day at work.

Have regular breaks away from the screen

We are constantly looking at screens in our everyday life. After all, we are a generation of iPad, iPhone, and laptop users! And a lot of work is now done in workplaces on computers. However, looking at screens for too long can bring on headaches and can worsen your eyesight. Therefore, you need to make sure you have regular breaks from the screen. Go to the restroom or the kitchen, or just turn away from the screen at least once every hour. Even if it’s just for a couple of minutes, it can ensure you don’t end up causing issues with your eye health!

Plan your lunchtime meal

You might be surprised to know that the average American spends an average of $2700 a year on work outing lunches….WHAT?!? That seems like so much mula!  But as well as being bad for your wallet, it can also be bad for your health. A lot of food that you buy when out for lunch are full of unhealthy ingredients which could impact both your weight and overall health pretty quickly. Therefore, try to plan your lunchtime meals for the week during the weekend, at home. Prepare food ahead of time so that it is easy to pack your lunch each night. That way, you will have plenty of healthy lunches to eat during the week.

Take time off as necessary

Even though people do get ill at the workplace, they limit their time off as they worry about the lack of flexibility, heavy work loads, or what their employer may say. However, if you do keep going in when you are ill, you are likely to end up getting worse. I fully understand if you have a three week cold, many of us cannot just take three weeks off of work, but if you need to give yourself a day of rest, do not feel guilty about it!! We have to take care of ourselves. On a more serious side of it, being stubborn when sick could cause long-term conditions because you didn’t get help when you needed it. Therefore, take time off as necessary to recuperate. If you are really sick and not getting better, I of course suggest seeing a professional. Occupational health service providers, Health Assured and other similar organizations can give you advice.


Go for a walk at lunch time

Many of you know I use my 1 hour lunch to get my workouts in. I HAVE to get out of the building over lunch and have a pretty nice routine down in order to fit in my workouts over that hour. A lot of people end up sitting in the same place while they are at work for hours on end. It means your body is not getting any movement during the day. Of course, we need to have at least 30 minutes of exercise a day to stay healthy. If we’re not moving around a lot, it could lead to health issues… get up and MOVE! Therefore, go for a walk at lunchtime to ensure you get some exercise into your day. Head around the block with a colleague. You might even feel more motivated by the time you get back to your desk. If you can’t go for a walk, make sure you do some stretches while you are at work. It will ensure you avoid issues such as tension neck syndrome or crabby lady afternoon syndrome 😉 

Just some helpful tips for you as cold season is clearly with us and as the cooler weather sets in, many of us get out of our health and wellness routines and go into hibernation mode. Not this year!! 🙂 Have a great Thursday everyone and thanks for stopping by My GOODNESS! 

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