Weekly Goodness: Take 50

Happy Friday!!! WOW am I happy Friday is here!! This is going to be a quick weekly goodness post πŸ™‚ Since last weeks Friday post, it seems like time has been flying right by me. We had some of my family up last weekend for the Gopher vs. Iowa football game and had so much fun tailgating and cheering on our teams with both of our families. We know how rare it is to have our families get along so perfectly and have them enjoy each others company so much…. we take full advantage of anytime we can get them all together! It’s not the easiest task being we live in different states but we make it work!





The rest of this week has been filled with school work, blog work, actual work ;), and relaxing in the evenings. I want to thank everyone who has taken advantage of the discount I am offering right now on my health and fitness guides! Under my services tab, you can use code WHYWAIT until 10/21 to receive 15% off your order. I am blown away at all of the orders coming through and it has me seriously SO excited to work with many new and familiar faces to help people reach their goals. THANK YOUUUUU!!!!! I recently put a 12 week plan together and donated it to a Wellness Basket my aunt was putting together for a fundraiser, so much fun!! Throw some other goodness in from our week, such as our Daisy girl and her heightened stalking abilities…FOR THE LOVE! This girl won’t give up, if she can’t be laying literally on top of me, she will just sit and stare at me, literally for as long as she has to, until there is a spot open to come lay on me. Don’t get me wrong, she’s adorable, but she took it to a new level this week you guys. OH HAHA okay I couldn’t decide it I wanted to post this text from Nick but I can’t stop laughing at it, so you can all laugh along with me. He will probably kill me for putting this up BUT I will take that chance. Β He was randomly texting me things we need to get before baby gets here and his wording on needing to get a breast pump had me giggling. SUCH a dork!







Lastly, I want to give a huge shout out to my best friend!! Jenny was signed up to run the Chicago Marathon last weekend and due to some circumstances, was not able to make it. Β So what does she do… just decide to run her own 26.2 miles on Sunday! WHAT?!?! I really can’t imagine the physical and mental toughness this would take and she rocked it! I was able to track her down around mile 18 to pump her up for the final leg and off she went! I am so proud and admire her for this, how awesome!!!


Have a great weekend all!!! We will be enjoying a 7 hour birthing class on Saturday… more to come on that πŸ™‚

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