Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Well hello!! A little healthy lifestyle post for you today 🙂 Living out a healthy lifestyle is so much more than working out! It’s a LIFESTYLE, so it’s being as healthy as you can throughout all aspects of your life. Staying physically fit, eating foods that our bodies love, keeping ourselves mentally healthy, glorifying our relationships, feeding ourselves spiritually. Being home these lat 6 weeks, I have realized how keeping my house in SOME WHAT of an order is really important for me. I do get anxiety when things get too messy. Don’t get me wrong, I am fully aware that sometimes the dishes will wait and clothes will sit in the dryer for a couple of days 😉 but keeping my house clean helps me mentally!

Living a fit and healthy life is becoming more important to everyone. We all try to eat healthy meals, do the right amount of exercise and keep ourselves hydrated. Being fit and healthy is not only good for your body, it’s good for your mind, and your soul. Many of us have attempted various fitness regimes, and have tried several diets ranging from the bizarre to the extreme to the normal. Yes, being fit and healthy is now a massive part of many of our lives and we see the benefits – physically, mentally, or both.

However, sometimes, we can’t allocate time to our fitness regime or diet. Time is not always an excuse, sometimes it is just our reality and I am learning that now more than ever! Our lives are busy, and keep getting busier, so it can be hard to manage our working hours with our lives and fitness or diet schedules. Whether you have just had a baby, are recovering from illness, have got a new job or are a stay at home parent, it is hard to juggle everything at once and we are, of course, allowed an off day. The struggle is REAL you guys 😉 I mean, it took me three different sessions on my blog to put this little post together, because life kept needing me and that isn’t going to stop, so trying to fit in prepping healthy meals for my family and working out can be a challenge and I know you can all relate. It can be hard to find that balance, but it is so worth it! Take advantage of those “off days” they are 100% necessary for your health and you deserver it! 

If, or when, you do have an off day it is still important to maintain a hold on your liquid intake and the state of your home. I have found quickly that keeping your home somewhat clean (as much as possible) can help so much with your mental wellness! A clean home is theorized to provide a good, working mind so even if you can’t face a trip to the gym, why not do a bit of tidying up or ensure you are keeping yourself hydrated well enough.

While cleaning your home, it is important to some of us that we keep the laundry going, OH MY WORD, I have never done so much laundry. It is never ending with a newborn…. spit ups, drool, blow outs, projectile vomiting…. you name it, it’s going down over here 😉 Let’s say (hypothetically OF COURSE) you were to wear the same T-shirt for a few days (hey, we’ve all done it), truth is, that T-shirt will be home to many types of bacteria, stray hairs and could even have a few unpleasant stains on it (enter the spit up stains). These stray hairs (thanks puppies!) and stains (thanks JoMarie!) can develop germs very, very quickly and can infiltrate your body – possibly leaving you feeling ill and definitely not able to keep up with your fitness and diet regime, more importantly, these germs could pass on to your family members or little ones! 

It may seem a bit over the top, but if you’re positive about a healthy body and mind, then the things you wear should be as clean as your insides, too. From trying out essential oils, a free & gentle laundry soap, to an air filtration system or water softener, (for instance the Fleck 5600SXT) there are so many ways you can ensure a healthy environment within your own home.  Being healthy isn’t just about working out, it’s about being in healthy environments! 
What is a step you could take this week to make your home a little more healthy for your family? I recently was gifted a, no chemicals added spray cleaner. I spray this on my countertops each evening and wipe down my kitchen. I feel better waking up the next day knowing where I will be preparing our food, handling my babies milk, and eating is clean, smelling fresh, and isn’t covered in chemical cleaner. Just a little step 🙂 

Have a great rest of your Wednesday!!

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