Mud Room Updates

Well Good Evening!! I hope you are doing well 🙂 I have been a little MIA on the blog lately and I think that is just my new reality and I’m perfectly okay with that 🙂 I’m making the most out of my last days at home with JoMarie so my posts are few and far between but thank you for still stopping by for the Goodness I do share!!

When Jo was 2 weeks old, my Mom came to stay with us for a week to help out and spend some time with us and it was SO GREAT!! Nick and I loved having her.  During that time, Nick did a couple projects around the house as it would have been a bit much to have three of us constantly staring at the new baby 😉

Off of our garage entrance to our house, is a little mud room/laundry room. There was much more potential for the room than what we had been using it for which was strictly laundry and a closet. Nick spiced up this space and I LOVE it. It was extremely budget friendly and just by adding some new paint and a few other things, the room serves much more of a purpose now. Wasted space…. our biggest enemy and something neither of us can stand!

We came to realize very quickly that something very important for us as a couple, is staying organized and having good communication. We both get very busy with our commitments and now adding a little one to that mix, we decided to add a space in our home where we can turn to in order to help us navigate through our busy weeks.

We added a space to plan out our meals, always keep a running “store list”, and keep our families monthly planner pinned up and filled out. In the short time we have had this space, it’s helped a lot!! Planning out our meals is huge for us and I think helps a lot of families. We are way less likely to eat out or grab something not so healthy from the freezer. Also having a monthly calendar filled out is so nice! Between work, school, baseball, friends, family, and having a baby, knowing each others schedules for the month helps us not double book and helps us be on the same page.

Here is what we did specifically to our space. Right away we pained the walls a lighter color to brighten the space up and painted the wood panels white (they were brown before).  Nick then added that awesome built in table above the washer and dryer. This has been so nice to have and I think adds a lot to this little room. The table also serves the purpose of storing JoMarie’s carseat 😉

Next we put the little wall together. We found the frames on sale for the “MENU” and “LIST” idea. I just printed off a sheet of paper for each and put them in the frames. We already had the little key holder, letter E, and proverbs 3:5 sign. We bought a $7 desk calendar and added some burlap string to it to hang, and bought a $4 cork board where we pin any coupons, cards, or pictures up. Very simple and rather budget friendly! I have really enjoyed this tiny little transformation and thought it was worth sharing in case you have a space you want to spice up a little!!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great rest of your week!

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