Staying Healthy When We Are Busy At Work

Good Morning loves!! Here is a little health post for those of you who are juggling a lot and trying to stay on pace with your health and fitness goals! Enjoy and Happy Monday 🙂

Are you approaching a deadline or have you started to extend your hours because the work is just never ending? If so, you may feel like work is taking over. Even when you’ve got less time and energy, it’s essential to look after yourself. It’s perhaps even more important to follow those healthy living rules if you’re running on empty or you’re under pressure. If work is taking over, here are some health-boosting tips to keep you on track.

Keeping your body fueled. I’ve preached this time and time again. Fuel yourself with what your body is craving! 

If you’re working long hours, you need to make sure that your body has enough fuel to get you through the day. If you don’t eat enough or you’re filling up on the wrong foods, your energy levels will decline quickly, and you may find that you lose motivation and focus. Try and ensure that you make time for main meals. If you find that the afternoons drag, and you’re clock-watching by 3pm, change what you eat for lunch. It’s beneficial to go for complex carbohydrates and proteins, which will keep you feeling full until your next meal. I have also found that doing some kind of activity over your lunch can help your energy level for the rest of your day. GO run those stairs or take a walk over lunch. If you feel your eyes dropping, and your concentration wavering, eat a banana or a handful of nuts. Avoid foods that are packed with artificial sugars, such as cakes and biscuits. This can be SO tough, especially when your co-workers are bringing in yummy treats and sweets, so keeping some healthy options on hand at work will help you. If you’re eating on the go, and this is affecting your food choices, make time to prepare lunch in advance the night before. Sunday meal prep, you will not regret it!! It’ll take five minutes to put a wrap, sandwich or salad together, and you’ll have a nutritious, delicious meal to enjoy on your lunch break.

Fitting in workouts

When our schedules are packed full, the last thing many people want  to do is a workout. But if you can get your booty to the gym, you WILL NOT regret it. Tell me the last time you said “ugh I hate that I just worked out”. Exercise is such an effective stress-reliever, and it can help you sleep better as well. You can take your mind off the office and get fit at the same time. If you don’t have time to do lengthy sessions, opt for short bursts of intense activity. If you’ve gained a few pounds you want to say goodbye to, replace an hour on the elliptical with HIIT classes for losing weight. If you’re stressed out, swap a jog for a 30-minute boxing session. If you usually spend an hour on the exercise bike, opt for a spin class instead. You’ll be burning the same amount of calories, if not more, in a much shorter period.

Managing your time

When we are stressed with the weight of work, family, friends, school, and whatever else your world may consist of, it’s more important than ever to manage your time. You may have a lot of things to do, but you need to put your health first. Put YOUR health first?! I know, for some people that just seems impossible but just try it, for a month. Put your health first and see how well everything else falls into place. This means taking time out to relax, and ensuring you get enough sleep every night. If you’re trying to work 10-hour days on 4 hours of sleep, you’ll be running on empty before you know it and when we are attempting to run on empty, our loved ones struggle as much as we do! 

From time to time, we go through patches when it seems like our career is taking over our lives. If you’re juggling work with childcare or you’re working around the clock, don’t take your eye off the ball when it comes to your health. Follow these simple steps to stay on track.

Happy Monday! Make this week great!!

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