Are You Being Help Back? How You Can Change Your Lifestyle For The Better

Helloooo! I hope you are all having a great week! It is crazy to think that January is coming to an end, how is everyone doing on those 2017 goals? Here is a little post to help you carry on with those goals.

January seems to be the month where we all like to make some changes. Those changes might have to do with losing weight, getting our finances in order or finally going for that promotion at work. But what some of us would really like is to change our lifestyle in general. This tends to cover the food we eat, the way we feel both physically and mentally, and habits that we want to pick up like random acts of kindness or reading more, and habits we would like to take out of our lives completely. But, too often we can feel held back, something stops us from achieving that lifestyle we so desperately want. So I thought I would highlight some areas that could be the cause of you feeling you can’t achieve your goals, and hopefully this might help you get back on track for the year ahead and to be the bets version of yourself. 


Is your body stopping you?

Sometimes we can have the very best intentions of getting fit, eating healthier and just feeling good about ourselves, but our bodies can have different ideas. You may find that you feel pain or struggle when you exercise, and that might be because you have an underlying problem like joint issues, arthritis. Which is actually more common than you would think, way more common than I realized before doing research! When exercise is painful, it doesn’t always just mean you’re out of shape, it could be another issue so just be sure not to ignore your aches and pains.  Checking out websites like offers us a lot of information. It’s worth tackling whatever is causing you pain or discomfort head on to help move on and get to that lifestyle change you are wishing for 🙂 

Is it your mindset?

Our minds are powerful tools, like WOAH powerful and they can ultimately play tricks on us. We may start with good intentions, but if you have a negative mindset and thought process then the chances are you won’t carry on or just quite when trying to pursue a healthier YOU. Negative thoughts can impact us more than we realize, so it’s important to work on that thought process and try and have a positive outlook and approach to daily life. Doing this could have a huge impact in more ways than one.

Are you setting unrealistic goals?

We all have that big goal and motivation, it will possibly be the reason you started this journey, but those goals are often the big end result, and sometimes if we focus too much on that we can get disheartened when we don’t get results. While those big dreams are good, it’s worth setting yourself small, realistic goals to help you get on track. This can be a big motivator to help you stick to the path. For instance, right now I have a small goal for myself to get up every morning BEFORE JoMarie wakes up. This way I can get downstairs, make my breakfast, let the dogs outside, and get our morning ready before mommy duty calls. It mentally helps me and is a little goal I have for myself each day. I fail majority of the time, I will be honest 😉 but I’m trying! 

Do you really want this change?

If you find yourself struggling the question you need to be asking yourself is if this is something you really want to do. Is it for you or to make someone else happy. Subconsciously you may be happy with the way things are, and someone else is encouraging you to make the changes. It might be time to address those issues. You have to do this and want this for YOU! 

Do you want to know how to stop being held back?
Finally, figuring out what the root cause is can only be a positive thing. It will help you move forward and tackle the issues before it stops you achieving your full potential. Keep positive and stay on course and you will start to look and feel exactly as you want to.

Thanks for stoping by today! I want to be sure to say with posts like this, I personally by NO means have the perfect lifestyle and these posts help me just as much as I hope to help others 🙂

Weekly Goodness:: Take 51

Happy Friday everyone!! It has been a long time since I’ve done a Weekly Goodness post. Not for a lack of goodness, more of a lack of time 😉 JoMarie is deciding to nap today after a tough night of sleep, and I for some reason am WIDE awake, so I thought I would pop in to say hello to MyGoodness readers!

I’m sure you can guess what my main goodness going on around here is 🙂 you guyssssss, she’s just too stinking cute and we can’t get enough of her. I have a full post coming up about being a first time mommy so far and how she’s doing but I will say now, Jo is growing like crazy, is starting to smile at us more, she is eating great (hints her every growing cheeks that we love so much ;), she hates tummy time and isn’t a fan of the evenings. Here is some cuteness of her to help brighten anyones day!

Below is a little camera roll version of what I’m loving this week! I have been loving this oatmeal for breakfast. It’s quick and easy which is what I need. I just add water, warm it up in the microwave, add slivered almonds and fruit and breakfast is a go! As excited as I was to have fully caffeinated coffee back in my life, we have learned it takes a toll on Little Miss, so I have to time my coffee intake very strategically and do not have more than 1 cup a day, so believe me when I say, I SAVOR that one cup and get excited for it. HEY, it’s the little things. Wine has been nice to enjoy once in awhile as well 😉 Add in my favorite KIND bars and bath time and this has been a good week! My little monkey is starting to wake up from her 20 minute nap, so off I go. Have a great Friday all and enjoy your weekend!!


Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Well hello!! A little healthy lifestyle post for you today 🙂 Living out a healthy lifestyle is so much more than working out! It’s a LIFESTYLE, so it’s being as healthy as you can throughout all aspects of your life. Staying physically fit, eating foods that our bodies love, keeping ourselves mentally healthy, glorifying our relationships, feeding ourselves spiritually. Being home these lat 6 weeks, I have realized how keeping my house in SOME WHAT of an order is really important for me. I do get anxiety when things get too messy. Don’t get me wrong, I am fully aware that sometimes the dishes will wait and clothes will sit in the dryer for a couple of days 😉 but keeping my house clean helps me mentally!

Living a fit and healthy life is becoming more important to everyone. We all try to eat healthy meals, do the right amount of exercise and keep ourselves hydrated. Being fit and healthy is not only good for your body, it’s good for your mind, and your soul. Many of us have attempted various fitness regimes, and have tried several diets ranging from the bizarre to the extreme to the normal. Yes, being fit and healthy is now a massive part of many of our lives and we see the benefits – physically, mentally, or both.

However, sometimes, we can’t allocate time to our fitness regime or diet. Time is not always an excuse, sometimes it is just our reality and I am learning that now more than ever! Our lives are busy, and keep getting busier, so it can be hard to manage our working hours with our lives and fitness or diet schedules. Whether you have just had a baby, are recovering from illness, have got a new job or are a stay at home parent, it is hard to juggle everything at once and we are, of course, allowed an off day. The struggle is REAL you guys 😉 I mean, it took me three different sessions on my blog to put this little post together, because life kept needing me and that isn’t going to stop, so trying to fit in prepping healthy meals for my family and working out can be a challenge and I know you can all relate. It can be hard to find that balance, but it is so worth it! Take advantage of those “off days” they are 100% necessary for your health and you deserver it! 

If, or when, you do have an off day it is still important to maintain a hold on your liquid intake and the state of your home. I have found quickly that keeping your home somewhat clean (as much as possible) can help so much with your mental wellness! A clean home is theorized to provide a good, working mind so even if you can’t face a trip to the gym, why not do a bit of tidying up or ensure you are keeping yourself hydrated well enough.

While cleaning your home, it is important to some of us that we keep the laundry going, OH MY WORD, I have never done so much laundry. It is never ending with a newborn…. spit ups, drool, blow outs, projectile vomiting…. you name it, it’s going down over here 😉 Let’s say (hypothetically OF COURSE) you were to wear the same T-shirt for a few days (hey, we’ve all done it), truth is, that T-shirt will be home to many types of bacteria, stray hairs and could even have a few unpleasant stains on it (enter the spit up stains). These stray hairs (thanks puppies!) and stains (thanks JoMarie!) can develop germs very, very quickly and can infiltrate your body – possibly leaving you feeling ill and definitely not able to keep up with your fitness and diet regime, more importantly, these germs could pass on to your family members or little ones! 

It may seem a bit over the top, but if you’re positive about a healthy body and mind, then the things you wear should be as clean as your insides, too. From trying out essential oils, a free & gentle laundry soap, to an air filtration system or water softener, (for instance the Fleck 5600SXT) there are so many ways you can ensure a healthy environment within your own home.  Being healthy isn’t just about working out, it’s about being in healthy environments! 
What is a step you could take this week to make your home a little more healthy for your family? I recently was gifted a, no chemicals added spray cleaner. I spray this on my countertops each evening and wipe down my kitchen. I feel better waking up the next day knowing where I will be preparing our food, handling my babies milk, and eating is clean, smelling fresh, and isn’t covered in chemical cleaner. Just a little step 🙂 

Have a great rest of your Wednesday!!

The Healthiest Year Yet!

Happy Sunday to YOU! I know I have been in my own little world over here just loving on my newborn BUT that isn’t going to change anytime soon, so I thought I should probably check in on My Goodness Blog and talk about this NEW YEAR with you all! I have missed my regular health focused posts and although my blog is turning into more of a lifestyle blog, I will still keep it health and fitness focused 🙂

So who has some sort of fitness goal for 2017?! Workout more, stop eating like crap, stop drinking pop…. any of those sound familiar to anyone? A new year is a great time to set some goals for yourself and have a fresh start, so good for you for any goals that you have for yourself! But isn’t it so true that trying to be our healthiest self sometimes has nothing to do with our physical appearance or how often we fit in a workout? To TRUELY be your healthiest self, you need to be mentally healthy too! Just as January 1st each year is a perfect opportunity to start workout out and eating better, it’s also a great time to do some self reflecting and find out what it looks like for YOU to be healthy mentally and spiritually. What are some things you could do this year to really have the healthiest year of your life so far?

This will look different for every single person. Some of you may begin to start your day with a daily devotion, or take 5 minutes each day for yourself, some of you might spend more time with your loved ones or connect with an old friend. Get your mind and body right this year, whatever that looks like for you!! And just because today is January 8th, doesn’t mean it’s too late to set those goals! Here is a little look into how I will make 2017 my healthiest year yet.

Physically: Physically, this will be a different year for me 🙂 My body went through the changes that a lot of women experience when they are pregnant and have babies. I am happy with how my body is healing and my #1 physical goal for this year is to love my postpartum body and be patient with it. As much as working out is a big part of who I am, I realize now more than ever that I workout because I LOVE to do it, not because I hate it or hate what I see in the mirror. I’m so excited to start up my workouts again, but as for my body changes, my priority isn’t focused on looking a certain way. My priority is being physically fit so that I can be healthy and being content with whatever healthy looks like on my body. Tomorrow I am slowly beginning to workout again with some Kayla Itsines workouts and will ease my way back into lifting. Naturally, I will be sharing my continued healthy lifestyle journey with you all on my blog. I also am excited to see some of you ready to take on new workout programs and I can’t wait to get started on your workouts!!

Mentally: Mentally I’ve already learned a lot about myself this year and HECK, it’s only the 8th! 😉 I have a sense of freedom with casting all of my new mommy anxieties and fears on The Lord and letting Him take care of it all. Handing it over! If you know me personally at all, you know I just miiiiight be a big of a control freak. Only slightly 😉 This year I am really focusing on letting go and just being ME and trusting that whatever is supposed to happen will happen. I do not want to have stress or anxiety with always trying to figure out why things are the way they are, or trying to understand every single thing that happens. I have much more important things to focus my energy on and I feel refreshed knowing that. JUST LIVE YOUR LIFE (hey! ay ay ay) Yes, I just sang that song out loud as I was typing this! When your mind is right and you are comfortable and confident in who you are and what you stand for, life is just good!!

Let’s make 2017 our healthiest year yet…. in all aspects of your life!! Have a great Sunday all 🙂 until next time!

JoMarie’s Birth Story

One month. It has been one month since we brought the most beautiful little human into this world and I still can’t believe it! This last month has been incredibly exciting, emotional, exhausting, and beyond anything we could have ever imagined. Life has an entire new meaning for us and this little girl has fulfilled us with overwhelming happiness. JoMarie is sitting in her rock n play next to me right now and I could just look at her for hours, and I have 🙂 I appreciate your patience and understanding with MyGoodness blog as I have most definitely been taking this time, to enjoy this special time that I will never get back. Today I am sharing Jo’s birth story. I can’t tell you how many birth stories I read and loved when I was pregnant so here is one more to put out in the blogging world, not to mention I am documenting this for my own memories too, so please brace yourself, this will be a long one! Our little lady arrived in a timely manner, on her due date, December 4th, 2016 with deep blue eyes, a head full of dark beautiful hair, and weighing 8 lbs exactly, and 21.5 inches long. Healthy baby girl!

Four days before my due date, I went to my weekly appointment to leave a little discouraged when I was told I still was not dilated, my cervix was still posterior, and progress wasn’t happening. The following days were filled with emails and text from my husband throughout the day asking how I was doing (his way of asking, IS THIS BABY COMING YET?!) we would chat each night before bed telling each other that MAYBE tonight would be the night she would come. I will never forget that feeling of anticipation waiting for this little girl to come join our world.

On Sunday, December 4th, Nick and I woke up and decided we would have a low key morning and go to our late church service at 10:45. Around 9:30 I started having some different sensations but I wasn’t convinced they were contractions as I was not having the tightening in my belly that I had read and been told all about. I figured it was late pregnancy uncomfortableness so we went on with our morning. By the time we got to church, I realized the pains were increasing a little and seemed to be happening often. Nick suggested maybe using the app we downloaded to time these, JUST in case they were contractions. Whatever it was, they were 2-3 minutes apart but were only lasting between 15 & 40 seconds. It wasn’t until we stood up to take communion and I started walking that I thought “oh boy!” as we walked back to our seats I told Nick we should probably go. We did our Sunday Aldi trip for groceries for the week after church and the pains were starting to intensify. We got home around 12:15 and we were on the way to the hospital an hour later after calling the nurse line and being told to come on in just to get checked.

We got to the hospital a little after 1:30 and after explaining to the nurse what I was feeling, she didn’t give me much hope this was IT. To our surprise, she checked me and I was dilated to a 4! This was IT!! We got admitted to our room and the contractions were uncomfortable but tolerable. My family was on their way from Iowa and only family and a few close friends knew I was in labor.  Things were progressing on their own and rather quickly. Contractions were around 1 minute apart and lasting 2-3 minutes at a time. Nick was so great, coaching me through each contraction. My goal was to hold off as long as I could before getting an epidural, if I did end up getting one. I didn’t love the idea of being restricted to my bed so I knew I wanted to hold off as long as I could. Each contraction was coming on more intense than the last and it was getting hard to focus during them. I remember telling Nick “okay after this one I’m done!” “after this one lets order the epidural” “I don’t want to do this to myself anymore” and I just remember Nick telling me “okay, after this one babe!” THEN we would get through that contraction and he would tell me “you got one more!” He knew my goal and kept me going as long as I could. The last time they checked me, I was  dilated to a 6 and I got to the point where I just couldn’t imagine physically having the energy for these contractions that much longer and not to mention, possible hours of pushing. Bring on that epidural!

The amazing grace 😉 of the epidural was given to me and I was checked immediately after, to be told I was dilated to a 9! A NINE! In the movies and everything I read, you push when you’re at a ten and I was at a nine, holy cow! Wellll that is not exactly how it worked for me. Have you ever heard of the term “labor down” Well, we hadn’t either, but let me tell you, I’m so glad we were being made aware of it now. Long story short, since you have an epidural, you can see what your body does naturally to get the baby lower once you are dilated to a 10. We decided to do that. I “rested” for an hour after I was dilated to a 10 and when I was checked after that hour, my nurse decided we should labor down for 1 more hour to see how low my body will naturally take the baby and then it was time to push, so that is what we did. I couldn’t take my eyes off that clock. Five minutes before we knew our nurse, Doctor, and my Mom would be coming in the room to be with us as I started to push our baby into this world, Nick and I held hands and prayed and this brought so much peace to my heart. Let’s do this!! I was ready!!

I was very blessed with a quick labor. I started pushing, and I pushed through 4 contractions, 11 minutes, and JoMarie Evelyn Elioff was placed on my chest at 9:36pm and I locked eyes with my daughter and fell so deeply in love. She is a healthy little girl which is all we hoped and prayed for. I am doing well too! I think I cry at least once a day BUT happy tears 🙂 I just look at her or Nick holding her and it literally is too much for my heart to handle. I’m in a constant state of awe and shock that I get to be this little girl’s Mommy.  I get to show her the world and raise her, and love her forever! Now I get it. Now I get what that motherly love is and I have never been more in love with Nick. JoMarie has put so much grace on our hearts and so many things just do not matter anymore, while other things now matter more than ever! God is so very good to our little family and I’m so thankful!

There you have it! Please excuse the typo’s and ramble that I’m sure go on in this post 🙂 I wrote it over two days, during Jo’s mini nap sessions and I am not taking the time to go read it and edit my mistakes. Thanks for stopping by today and bless you if you made it this far in this post! Happy FRIDAY!!! Now I’m off to go cuddle this little sweet girl.

Weekly Goodness:: Take 50

Happy Friday to YOU!!! It has been a little bit since I have done a Weekly Goodness post, Friday posts have been dedicated to other stuff lately, but Weekly Goodness is back 🙂 at least for this week! Who else is so happy it’s FRIDAY?!? Let’s have a good Friday and let the weekend begin.  We do not have much planned and that is exactly what I am excited about. Those low key weekends are so nice sometimes! Let’s start with some of this week’s Goodness.

I want to share some IdealFit goodness with you all today! They are coming out with new flavors like it’s their job 😉 Caramel Mocha Protein?!? Hello coffee lovers, I can’t wait to try this!! Why wait until January 1st to start working towards your health and fitness goals? If you want some great product that is clean and lean to help you reach your goals, check out these sales over the Holiday’s! Be sure to enter code jelioff10 at checkout for an extra 10% off your entire order. Just a quick reminder why I love this protein so much….

80 Calories
20g Protein
0 Fat / Sugar / Carbs
100% Whey Protein Isolate
Deliciously Smooth Taste

With my due date being this Sunday 🙂 here is a quick baby update! Little Miss is nice and comfy in her little home for now. I’m still not dilated at all and the only progress we made in the last week is she has dropped a little lower. We are trying our best to enjoy this time with knowing she will be here before we know it! But real talk, we are like “okay girl lets go!!” 🙂 p.s. how stinking cute is this picture of our niece and nephew with their little cousin baby bump? They melt my heart!!





Speaking of these two cuties, Nick and I were able to go watch them Monday evening at gymnastics. Auntie was bummed when I found out their gymnastics was on Monday nights because I have class every Monday night, BUT this week we had a conference call for class so I was able to go 🙂 They were seriously so cute to watch and we were smiling watching them the whole time. Such a fun age!!



A new purchase that Nick made that I have to share!! We haver never had great luck brushing our dogs. They have very short hair and regular dog brushes do nothing. Although they do not shed a lot, they still do shed hair. Nick found this brush for dogs with short hair and THANK THE LORD!! This thing is amazing you guys!!! If you have a furry friend who has short hair, check this out!! Super affordable too!


Finishing up this week’s Goodness with some random shots off the camera roll lately. Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you all have a great weekend!!





Live Well, Eat Well Even When You’re Busy

Well hello!! Is your week off to a good start? I hope so 🙂 Today on My Goodness I have put together a little health post for you on ways we can live well and healthy throughout our busy life. Enjoy 🙂

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the lifestyle where you could get up and have healthy meals prepared for you each day, meet with a personal trainer, and have ample and uninterrupted time to workout each day? Well for those of you who may be blessed with that lifestyle, I’m jealous and you rock 🙂 But for those of us who are running from place to place, working full time, and trying to find that healthy life balance, how do you live well and eat well, even when you’re busy? Because being busy cannot be an excuse to not be healthy! Here are a few things to think about when trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. As I try to remind myself and my readers often, living out a healthy lifestyle is SO far from just eating healthy and staying active. It is also about having healthy relationships and a healthy mindset. 


Dedicate Time

The first step to changing or improving your lifestyle is to dedicate some time to it. But, as already mentioned, this can be difficult when you’re busy. You can’t make a significant change without a plan. So it’s important to schedule some time to think this through thoroughly. Arrange a babysitter for the kids or wait until they’re in bed. Then sit down and go through the following steps.

Assess where you are right now. What is good about your life and what do you want to change? Look at all aspects of your diet and physical and mental exercise. The majority of people will find areas for improvement. So don’t feel disheartened. Just be really honest in your assessment of yourself. Use the tips below to create your plan of action.

Quick Wins

Even the tiniest changes mount up and could have a significant impact on your life. So find areas that you can change with only a small amount of effort. This will vary for everyone, but the following are a few common examples.

  1. When was the last time you visited your doctor? I am that annoying family member always wanting to be sure my loved ones are getting their doctor visits in! If it’s been a while for you, take the step to just schedule an appointment and get it on your calendar. Keeping on top of your health is vital and underpins everything else. If you need to order medication, for something less serious like a sinus infection or other common infection, with many providers you do not even have to go to the doctor anymore.  In fact, you can even order the contraceptive pill online. This makes it much more convenient than standing in line at a busy pharmacy and helps eliminate your excuses to not take care of yourself 😉 
  1. Are there any unhealthy habits you could break? For example, do you grab a coffee each day on your way into work? This is a fairly simple habit to break. You could experiment with reducing this to one or two a week. Or, you could replace it with a healthy drink such as water or a smoothie. Are there any other habits you could break that would help you feel better about yourself and help you be a little healthier? 
  1. We all know that processed food is bad for us. However, like many people, we fall prey to the easy takeout meal. We know they’re not always healthy but after a long, busy day you don’t always feel like cooking. A quick tip is to make your own ready meals and put them in the freezer. You don’t have to spend extra time in doing this. The next time you cook, prepare twice as much and freeze half of it for another day. Or spend some time with your partner meal prepping and preparing lots of freezer meals together! Nick and I recently spent a good part of a Sunday making four different recipes that we froze for easy meals once the baby arrives. 
  1. How much sleep do you get each night? If it’s not enough, you’re likely you have a sleep deficit. This could be affecting many aspects of your life. I know many of us laugh it off that we do not get enough sleep but seriously, getting a good nights sleep is SO important for our health and attitude. When we are lacking on sleep, you’re likely to feel tired and grumpy. You will be less productive. And perhaps most worrying, you could be at greater risk of disease. Take steps to make sure you get a good night’s sleep each night. Don’t just focus on the quantity of sleep, focus on sleep quality.
  2. Exercise

    Each morning you dash out of the house to take the kids to school. Before that, you’re engaged in the hell that is getting everyone out of bed on time. You then work a full day at the office. If you’re lucky you leave at 5:30 and your partner picks up the kids. You then wait for the bus and fight through traffic to get home and prepare a family meal. After that, you have the kids’ homework and bedtime to supervise. By the time they’re in bed, all you’re capable of is lying on the sofa and watching easy TV. And then you go to bed, and the whole cycle begins again. Making time to exercise seems impossible.

    Exercise doesn’t have to be a full session in the gym. It can be simple things like increasing your activity or going for a walk with your family. Start small. Perhaps try getting off the bus one stop earlier and walking the rest of the way. When spending time with family on the weekends, plan some physical activities. Build up slowly. Once you make small improvements to your health, you’ll find you have more energy and motivation. Reducing time elsewhere may free up time to engage in exercise that you enjoy. See info above on freezing meals.

    Change doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time. Before you can begin to live a better life, you need to plan. Take it slowly, finding quick wins first and then building up to greater change. The time will pass anyway, so start right now. 

  3. Thanks for stopping by today for a little health post 🙂 Enjoy your Wednesday!!!

Nervous Energy: Lifestyle Choices That Keep Your Nerves Healthy

Good evening everyone!!! Coming to you with another My Goodness health post, surprise surprise 🙂 I have been working hard to bring content to my blog that will benefit us all in our health and fitness, but more specifically, focusing on health aspects that we may not think of otherwise. Knowledge is power people!! My nerves lately… oh boy!! This girl needs to pipe it down a notch 😉 I put this post together to jump into our nervous energy a bit and provided some tips for us all! ENJOY!!!

Be sure to stop by the blog later this week for a fun pregnancy update 🙂

Your nervous systems is an incredible thing. It maintains control of all parts of your body. It’s responsible for regulating movement and breathing, maintaining temperature and digesting food.

But if we don’t look after our nervous systems, it can be hard to be our healthiest self. We can develop nervous ticks, have problems swallowing and struggle to digest food, and I think you would be surprise how many people struggle with this. The subject of looking after our nervous system doesn’t come up often enough when we think about being healthy, being healthy is SO much more than eating healthy and working out you guys! We don’t think about how our nervous system might be affected by our lifestyle and environment. 

There are plenty of things that can adversely affect the nervous system and destroy our quality of life. The main cause of a faulty nervous system is poor circulation. But you can also suffer nerve dysfunction because of disease or even after being exposed to a toxic substance. People on special diets need to be careful too. A lack of B12, for instance, has been linked to nerve problems in people who eat a vegan diet. And a lack of magnesium is also a problem for those who eat a very bland diet with little variety. This is why I am careful with advice to on what diets are good and bad because almost every diet lacks something that can effect your body in ways you would never think. 

If you want to reduce the symptoms from a weak nervous system, you have to take control of your health. Here are some things I have put together that you can do to help boost that nervous energy. Take a look at these tips.

Take An Epsom Salt Bath


Can I get a heck yes?!? For the last part of my pregnancy, I have been taking MANY epsom salt bath’s 🙂 They are my best friend right now and have many benefits.

Epsom salt is something of a cure-all. It’s used in pretty much every remedy out there. Epsom salt helps to elevate your mood and get your nerves and muscles functioning properly. Epsom salt contains lots of magnesium, and this allegedly helps to increase serotonin release in the brain. The more serotonin, the more relaxed and stress-free you will feel. 

Drink Green Tea For Brain Boost

Quick note: Green tea is one to avoid when you are pregnant 🙂

When most people think of the nervous system, they think of the finger-like structures that travel around our bodies. But the vast bulk of the nervous system is in our brains. It’s also where the majority of problems can develop. Green tea has been listed as a solution for all sorts of problems, from slowing aging to preventing heart disease. Now it’s being hailed for its positive effect on the nervous system. Green tea contains an amino acid called L-theanine. This chemical helps to get the brain to release dopamine and serotonin. Dopamine is essential for neurons in the brain to make connections. Without it, we can feel depressed and anxious.

Some have argued that the caffeine in green tea is beneficial too. It helps with alertness and concentration. The jury is still out on whether caffeine itself is beneficial, or whether other compounds in the tea are responsible for its benefits. But so far green tea has been linked to a reduction in brain-related conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Drink two to three cups throughout the day. Add lemon too, it tastes so good! 

Drink Chamomile Tea For Better Functioning Nervous System


Chamomile has been used for decades to treat nerves and calm people who are anxious. Some of you ladies may recognize chamomile, it is in the bedtime tea a lot of us have tried and loved!

Not only does chamomile help us relax before bedtime and calm us at night, I found a  study on chamomile in Phytotherapy Research. It found that chamomile essential oil improved the function of the nervous system. There are two ways you can use chamomile. You can either drink the stuff in tea. Or you can put essential oil in your bath and soak in it, just like with the Epsom salts.

Walk Barefoot as Much as Possible

I mean, we used to not wear shoes at all 😉 . It was only with the advent of technology that we started doing it. Don’t get me wrong, I love a cute pair of shoes and I promise the next time you see me I will not be walking into the grocery store barefoot, but there is some research on the idea of walking barefoot when we can. 

I found this interesting study in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health on walking barefoot. The study found that walking barefoot had multiple benefits. These included lower blood viscosity, less inflammation, more sleep and autonomic nervous system balance. The study was groundbreaking, so to speak. And it highlighted once again how important it is for us to go back to our roots as often as we can in the modern world. I have a family member who often refers to how things used to be in the “olden days” and how many of those practices are better than what we practice today and maybe this is a good example of this! 

Walking barefoot around the house is easy to incorporate into your life. But walking barefoot outside isn’t. The good news is that you can now buy shoes that simulate the effect of walking barefoot, we have all seen those funny looking toe workout shoes right?! I have heard great things about them if you can get passed the look of them! These shoes look a lot like toe-socks. They’re ideal for when you want to keep fit and exercise.

Start Attending Yoga Class


We’ve all heard the expression “use it or lose it.” Well, it turns out that it applies to our nervous system, just as much as it does to our muscles or cognition. One of the best ways to test your nervous system is to do yoga. Yoga is an activity that tests all aspects of your nervous system. It requires you to maintain balance and get into unfamiliar positions. It’s been shown by research that yoga helps to reduce the stress hormone, cortisol. It’s also been proved to improve the immune system and generally help make people feel better.

Some yoga poses are particularly useful in protecting the nervous system. These include the downward-facing dog pose, the inverted staff pose and the shoulder stand pose.

Getting good at yoga takes time and daily practice. Once you’ve incorporated it into your routine, it becomes hard to give up.

Thanks for stopping by for a little health read today 🙂 Have a great week!!!

All Your Questions About Nesting Answered! Impact on Health, What To Avoid and Enjoying It

Good evening loves!!! I have a post for you tonight on NESTING!!! I just had to 😉 it’s what is consuming my world and I thought a blog post would be fun as I’m recently learning of so many new pregnant mamas. So exciting!! I have a 3rd trimester post coming up for you all, as we have been told we are good to bring this little girl into the world whenever she is ready!! I figured I should get a post put together soonish. Okay so for those of you interested, lets talk nesting!


While almost every aspect of pregnancy has been pretty fascinating to me, it’s also pretty bizarre. Our bodies change, and we were ready for that. You knew your stomach would expand to accommodate a growing baby; that your ankles might swell; that your lower back might hurt. You have probably even laughed at how real your “pregnancy brain” has been at times, in which your hormones turn your head to mush. So it’s not just the physical changes you can prepare for, but those definitely get the bulk of the focus.

One of the most interesting areas of pregnancy for me has been this nesting stage. The desire to get things right and get things done before your little peanut comes to join you. Clean! spotless in fact. For the world to be in order right before you bring a new life into it – or at least as in order  as you can manage! I pictured this stage coming with ample anxiety but instead I’m experiencing a sense of calm. As I’m walking around our house each night like a crazy person, looking for something else to organize or clean, there is a complete sense of contentment and calmness and I really love it. So what is all this nesting business about?….

Why Do We Nest?

Because we’re animals! HA! Okay hear me out on this one, it makes sense! 

That might seem like an odd answer, but it’s got its origins in pure biology. The whole reason we call it nesting is the way Mama birds prepare their nests prior to laying eggs. We humans are doing the same thing: preparation. This has been studied countless times; not every woman goes through a nesting period, but those that do describe it as an overwhelming impulse and I can completely relate to that impulse. My mind just doesn’t shut off and I often feel like I can conquer the world, so I go for it and I’m quickly reminded by my body that I am in fact pretty stinking pregnant and need to take it easy. 

Nesting really is a time when you get a boost of energy and start deciding to put things in the right place. Some of it can even be powered by very real concerns. The aftermath of labor and nursing a newborn might mean you can’t be as active in your household routine as you might normally be. So, knowing that’s coming up, you want to get things right so they can handle a little more neglect in the coming weeks.

Is It Just About Cleaning?

Not at all! Don’t get me wrong, I’m trying to take full advantage of this wanting to cleaning business as it’s not usually on my list of favorite things to do 😉 Nesting can also mean not wanting to spend time with strangers or people you don’t know well. Instead, you draw closer to the people you love and trust most in the world or may become a bit of a homebody. I have found myself becoming a little quieter the closer we get to the big day, but I think that is normal. 

Research tells us that the closer we get to the day of birth, the more we keep to ourselves. So if you find yourself not wanting to spend time with many people beyond your immediate inner circle, that’s okay too, do not be too hard on yourself! You just have a lot going on in preparation for your life taking a very big turn to parenthood. 


Is It Always A Good Thing?

Nesting generally is a good thing; it’s a sign your body is doing all the right things in terms of preparation.

However, it can have its downsides. The biggest is in terms of stress. As you glance around your home and see a thousand and one things you want to fix, it can make you feel unstable. This can mean the desire to clean, fix and change can feel a bit overwhelming.

It’s great if you have all the time in the world to satisfy this nesting feeling, but what if you don’t? You still have a life, that does not just stop because you’re nesting. There is a chance you have a strong desire to nest and literally aren’t able to.

How Do You Cope?

The only way of managing this impulse is to try and control it and channel it into something useful. Rather than running around like a headless chicken trying to fix a million things you’re concerned about, sit and try and make a list.

This is a list of things you can conceivably do; that it’s safe for you in late-term pregnancy to do. What you ultimately put on your list is down to you and your priorities, but here’s a few starter ideas:

  • Prepare for a health emergency that isn’t related to the pregnancy itself. This can be things like bleeding gums, which is a problem for a huge amount of women in the later stages. I know this sounds silly, but I have read many stories on new mommies dealing with this. You’ve likely spent so much time and energy focusing on the baby, you’ve forgotten how you’ll cope if you go wrong. If you wake up one morning in pain, bleeding heavily and needing to seek a dentist, already have one picked out. The same applies for things like chiropractors and other issues you might stumble across. Knowing you have everything already mapped out will be soothing as your mobility becomes more compromised.
  • Clean as much as you want to, providing it is safe for you to do so. Anything that requires climbing on a ladder is best left alone, or at least delegated to your partner. So the tops of closets and high shelves in the kitchen are not things to tackle alone. If you find yourself wanting to desperately while home alone, distract yourself with something. It might seem imperative at that point in time, but the urge will pass, especially if you clean something else in the meantime.
  • Storage issues. One of the major aspects of nesting can be about organization as much as cleaning. Invest in some good storage options and ruthlessly create a manifest of everything that goes into them. This has two benefits in that it both helps the desire and is actually useful. In recovery from birth, you’re not going to want to go rifling through every drawer to find anything you need. A prepared list is going to go down a charm at this point.

It can help to focus a lot of your efforts on your labor bag. This is something directly connected to the desire to nest, so you’re going to feel you’ve got purpose. Don’t just copy things off a list either. Think the process through to yourself: what might help? What might you find soothing? I’ve really enjoyed putting our hospital bag together and I’ve taken my time to do so. 

And of course… Anticipate!

Nesting is a sign that you’re entering the final phases of being pregnant. There are undoubtedly things you will miss about this stage, but now it’s time to move on. So enjoy the phase of getting everything ready with happy anticipation, because soon it will all be worth it. This is just the beginning of the journey, and your mind and body is telling you to be ready for it. So keep a handle on the stress and make the most of every second.

I LOVED reading blog posts like this in the beginning of my pregnancy, so I hope some of you enjoy it as well!! Until next time 🙂

IdealFit Athlete

Good Morning loves!! What a week it has been, for so many different reasons. BUT today is Friday and I hope everyone is looking forward to the weekend as much as I am 🙂 I wanted to dedicate today’s Friday post to sharing some exciting news with MyGoodness family! I set a goal awhile ago to become an IdealFit Athlete and that goal has been reached. I am officially an Athlete for the company IdealFit. So what does this mean and what does this look like for my blog and for YOU as my awesome readers and many of you as my clients?

Super quick for those of you who have been waiting for this post to order your next shipment, you can click this picture to go order now 🙂 You ladies are the best!!! 


Let’s start by talking about IdealFit for a second or two. Since I started this health and fitness blog, and just with how many options there are these days, I have been approached by a number of different affiliate businesses to join their teams, make money, and promote their products. But it just didn’t feel like my style to jump on board with products I wasn’t using daily and rave about them to my clients and followers when I couldn’t honestly say “these products are awesome!” I came across IdealFit products one day on Instagram and started my research. I made my first purchase, tried my first tub of protein and pre-workout, and have not looked back since.

I did not share my love for this company and products for awhile as it’s important to me to really test out something first, so I can give you all my honest opinion and share the GOODNESS when I find it. I have spent the last year forming an authentic relationship with this company. What do I mean by that? I mean I have been using these products for over a year now, with no kickbacks other than some free  products sent to me to test out, no strings attached. I have recommended only the products I use and can share my personal experience with. I can now genuinely say, IdealFit has been an absolute game changer in my health and fitness journey and a product line I will be using for a long time! What is super cool is how many of you love these products as much as I do!! I have expressed my excitement with this before BUT this line is the first and only clean and lean protein I have tried that is focused on exactly what us as women need to get the absolute most out of our workouts, while providing our bodies tons of clean goodness that it craves and often lacks. I started noticing big differences in my results when I started using these products daily. They help me greatly to maintain a lean body, while building muscle. I started using IdealFit products in the second picture below and pairing hard with consistently using pre-workout, BCAA’s, and protein, I was able to take my results to the next level.


Becoming an IdealFit Athlete was a goal for me because it’s not something that is just given to anyone. You have to show you are dedicated to a healthy and consistent lifestyle. You have to work hard and be genuine about helping others and making a difference, all things I really enjoy doing. What being an IdealFit Athlete means for me business wise is I just get to strengthen my bond with this great company by continuing to spread the goodness I have found in them and their products. Recently, IdealFit changed up their Athlete program and although nothing has changed for those of you who order through my link already (other than there is a new link now), something has changed for me and I will be 100% transparent with that. I will now get a little kickback from IdealFit when you order your products through the links I provide. I know many of you are ordering often already, feel free to now order by clicking THIS LINK FOR YOUR IDEALFIT PRODUCTS. Also, you can always jump on my blog page and go under the “services” tab and find a link at the top where you can go purchase your products so that you do not have to keep coming back to this blog post 🙂


I will keep you all up to date with the current sales going on so that you can take advantage when you need to fill up. If you have ANY questions on the products I use at all, I would be happy to talk with you. I will be trying out some of the IdealShape products soon and can’t wait to share my opinion on that with you all!! I will also of course be using this line in full force after I have our first baby girl in less than a month and I am so excited to see these products help me learn to love my new body after the amazing experience of carrying a child. Thank you as always for the support and motivation. It feels really nice to set a goal and reach it!!