That’s A Wrap!

Happy Friday, I hope everyone has such a great weekend 🙂 My family is coming to visit and we can’t wait for them to arrive!! I am sharing some news with you all today and I cannot tell you how many times in the last two weeks that I have started this blog post and couldn’t finish it. But today is the day! I apologize for the poor wording and babble that is about to take place but…this is my final blog post on My Goodness Blog so I’m going to fit a lot in this post. My stomach gets weak even typing that but it is a decision I finally made and feel okay about after a LOT of prayer, discussion with Nick, my Mom, and some close girlfriends. This was a really tough decision for me, much harder than I ever imagined and although that may sound silly to some people who are not close to me, it’s true. Maybe this is the right thing, or maybe I will regret this decision but I have to trust my gut on this. Let me attempt to explain why I am stepping away from my blog.

I have always had a fire inside of me to help others! My Goodness Blog helped me do that by creating my own platform to spread around some goodness 😉 Throughout the last 3.5 years I have had SO MUCH FUN sharing tips to live out a healthy lifestyle, sharing recipes, workouts, designing personal workout programs for people literally all over the country, building some everlasting friendships, expressing myself, collaborations with some amazing companies, spreading around grace, joy, and love! None of that has changed for me. My fire and passion to help others is who I am and that will continue to show in me and personally and throughout my other social media platforms, but my fire to make this blog what I have dreamed for it to be has started to fade. So instead of dragging something out, I would rather close this chapter while it’s still something I am so proud of! I have said it more times than necessary, but becoming a Mom has changed me in ways I could have never prepared for. It changes everyone. And figuring out how to navigate through life with these changes is exciting and challenging.

I remember when I told one of my girlfriends I was pregnant, she said how she could already picture my blog. The transformation of my blog turning into how to live out a healthy life with a family.  Posts about our experiences, baby nurseries, breast feeding tips, challenges we face, and everything parent related. At that time, that thought got me so excited! I could picture it and couldn’t wait! And then our daughter was born. Not even touching on the obvious time struggle it has been attempting to keep up on blog posts as a full-time working momma who is trying to stay present in her friendships, marriage, family, and faith roles. Besides that, I found myself not wanting to share all about JoMarie’s little life. Something about drafting blog posts about our nursing story, sleep routines, and family time just did not feel right to me. This feeling was a struggle because I have made so many amazing relationships and receive many emails from loyal readers of my blog who I would have no problem sharing all of this with. But just knowing anyone could stumble upon such personal information and detail was not sitting well with me. Sure, I could share nothing about Jo and my family and only focus on health and wellness but that isn’t fully ME. I’ve always done my best to keep it real on my blog and having a blog and dedicating so much time to it and not posting about my family just wouldn’t be real life for me. Let me be clear, I LOVE social media and think it is a wonderful thing (has it’s downfalls obviously) and I will continue to post cute moments and not so cute moments as well on other social media outlets. There are so many mommy bloggers who I love to follow and they are amazing!!  I’ve just realized I can’t make my blog what I envisioned it to be when I was pregnant with Jo and that is okay!!

My husband and I recently had a date night/monthly financial meeting. We got to talking about the school year starting (he is a teacher for those of you who do not know) and what we have on our plates and things we have to look forward to. I sat there and soaked in every word he said and that is the night I knew I was ready to be done with my blog. He LIT UP talking about how excited he was for the school year to start and things he will be doing to be the absolute best teacher he can be. He looked at me and said “why would I just do the work to get by, I want to be the best at what I do.  In all aspects of my life” and this just set a light bulb off in me. If I’ve realized I can’t make my blog what I wanted it to be, then to us it just makes sense to move on instead of getting by and not putting my all into it. We talked about how our time is so much more precious now that we are parents and there is no time to do things or be around things that drag us down. We discussed how we strive to be so much more intentional in all that we do instead of just going through the motions. We agreed that when we are apart and doing our own things (which is very important to do), that is time away from our family so why waste it not being fully present.  This talk made me realize that God is placing this decision on my heart about my blog because it is time to move on and embrace these changes in me 🙂

I want to thank each and every one of you. Sincerely, thank you so much for your love and support throughout these super fun almost 4 years of blogging. I will absolutely miss catching you all up on some goodness BUT I promise I will still be sharing little moments and health/fitness inspiration on my Instagram, FB, and snapchat. You can find me on Insta and Snapchat under “Jordynashley” THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!!!! This is not easy for me as I can’t express the time, love, and hard work that has gone into My Goodness, but I can walk away saying I am proud at what I was able to do through my blog in these last years and that is a very fulfilling feeling. Thank you for your support with this decision!!!

I also want to thank all of the amazing companies who have worked with my blog and provided so many fun giveaways, discounts, and products to my family as well as my followers!!!! Forever grateful!

Some logistics: I have not decided if I will keep my blog out there so that you can still search previous posts, or if I will make it private to keep out there for myself when I need to go reference something. But if it does go away, you can always email me with any questions or posts you would like sent to you. My personal email is I am also 100% open to helping any of you with fitness plans and healthy lifestyles in general!! I am very blessed to have the partnership I do with IdealFit and I am still an athlete for them and that will not be changing 🙂 The only thing that is different is that my discount code is now JORDYN at checkout so you can use that now instead. Living out a healthy lifestyle and sharing that with you all is not changing!!

big decisions equal big opportunities to put your trust in God

Thank you!!! 🙂

Staying Healthy When We Are Busy At Work

Good Morning loves!! Here is a little health post for those of you who are juggling a lot and trying to stay on pace with your health and fitness goals! Enjoy and Happy Monday 🙂

Are you approaching a deadline or have you started to extend your hours because the work is just never ending? If so, you may feel like work is taking over. Even when you’ve got less time and energy, it’s essential to look after yourself. It’s perhaps even more important to follow those healthy living rules if you’re running on empty or you’re under pressure. If work is taking over, here are some health-boosting tips to keep you on track.

Keeping your body fueled. I’ve preached this time and time again. Fuel yourself with what your body is craving! 

If you’re working long hours, you need to make sure that your body has enough fuel to get you through the day. If you don’t eat enough or you’re filling up on the wrong foods, your energy levels will decline quickly, and you may find that you lose motivation and focus. Try and ensure that you make time for main meals. If you find that the afternoons drag, and you’re clock-watching by 3pm, change what you eat for lunch. It’s beneficial to go for complex carbohydrates and proteins, which will keep you feeling full until your next meal. I have also found that doing some kind of activity over your lunch can help your energy level for the rest of your day. GO run those stairs or take a walk over lunch. If you feel your eyes dropping, and your concentration wavering, eat a banana or a handful of nuts. Avoid foods that are packed with artificial sugars, such as cakes and biscuits. This can be SO tough, especially when your co-workers are bringing in yummy treats and sweets, so keeping some healthy options on hand at work will help you. If you’re eating on the go, and this is affecting your food choices, make time to prepare lunch in advance the night before. Sunday meal prep, you will not regret it!! It’ll take five minutes to put a wrap, sandwich or salad together, and you’ll have a nutritious, delicious meal to enjoy on your lunch break.

Fitting in workouts

When our schedules are packed full, the last thing many people want  to do is a workout. But if you can get your booty to the gym, you WILL NOT regret it. Tell me the last time you said “ugh I hate that I just worked out”. Exercise is such an effective stress-reliever, and it can help you sleep better as well. You can take your mind off the office and get fit at the same time. If you don’t have time to do lengthy sessions, opt for short bursts of intense activity. If you’ve gained a few pounds you want to say goodbye to, replace an hour on the elliptical with HIIT classes for losing weight. If you’re stressed out, swap a jog for a 30-minute boxing session. If you usually spend an hour on the exercise bike, opt for a spin class instead. You’ll be burning the same amount of calories, if not more, in a much shorter period.

Managing your time

When we are stressed with the weight of work, family, friends, school, and whatever else your world may consist of, it’s more important than ever to manage your time. You may have a lot of things to do, but you need to put your health first. Put YOUR health first?! I know, for some people that just seems impossible but just try it, for a month. Put your health first and see how well everything else falls into place. This means taking time out to relax, and ensuring you get enough sleep every night. If you’re trying to work 10-hour days on 4 hours of sleep, you’ll be running on empty before you know it and when we are attempting to run on empty, our loved ones struggle as much as we do! 

From time to time, we go through patches when it seems like our career is taking over our lives. If you’re juggling work with childcare or you’re working around the clock, don’t take your eye off the ball when it comes to your health. Follow these simple steps to stay on track.

Happy Monday! Make this week great!!

Fitness Routine Hit a Roadblock? Finding The Motivation When Things Get Difficult

Good Morning loves and Happy Friday!!! I hope everyone is having a great week and are reading for the weekend to begin. I’ve put a little post together that really, I needed for myself and thought some of you may benefit as well 🙂 How are those goals going for 2017??

It’s only been a little over a month, but already it seems like a lifetime ago that we set our new year’s resolutions doesn’t it? Hopefully, you’re still smashing your health goals, but even the most motivated amongst us will probably be feeling the strain at this point. Keeping up a healthy lifestyle demands dedication, and there are times when collapsing into bed rather than hitting the gym seems like a far better option. But stay with it, already you should be feeling stronger, more fitter and healthier in general, even if you have not been on track 100%. This will only improve more the longer you keep to your plan! If you’ve hit a roadblock or are starting to struggle, here are some of the ways you can find the motivation to keep on going.

Track Your Progress

For many people, being able to physically see your progress is very motivating. It could be tracking calories, amount of water consumed, weight lost, minutes of exercise done, or even the shameless selfie to compare yourself to yourself week after week. Many fitness trackers can turn your steps, calories, and exercise information into easy to read graphs and charts, when you’re feeling a bit down looking at how far you have come can really help. Nick just came home last night saying “look at my steps today” as he flashed me his Fitbit. There are so many options out there right now, from the Fitbit to the Apple Watch and many more. Decide on your budget and the kind of features you’re after and make your decision from there. If you know that this kind of information will inspire you, then it’s well worth the investment.

Find an Exercise You Enjoy

Has your exercise routine gotten a little boring? Are you fed up of staring at the same four walls of the gym, going through the motions of the same old exercises? I have a girlfriend dealing with this struggle right now and the biggest piece of advice I had for her is that it’s time to  switch it up! Try a new class, join a team sport or read some fitness blogs for new things to try. If you enjoy something and can look forward to your workouts, you’re far more likely to stick it out.

Buy Some New Workout Clothes

What?!? Yep, I’m telling you to go out and treat yourself 😉 Sometimes just having some new work out clothes to exercise in can give you the motivation you need to keep on going. When you’re confident and happy with how you look, you’re more likely to want to get out there and train. Honestly some of my favorite workout clothes come from Target and last me forever. If you’ve been exercising since the new year and plan to continue to do so, you deserve some new workout clothes that you feel great in and will help you stay motivated to keep kicking butt. So some new gear can help to emphasize your progress which is always a great feeling.

Workout With a Friend

Having a friend who’s on the same path is useful when you lack in motivation. They can help remind you why you’re doing this and to keep going! In time you will probably do the same for them too! They can keep you going and give you the pep talk that you need when your spirits are low. Who doesn’t need a friend like this?!? Even if you can’t workout together, having that same goal, to be healthy and workout, a simple motivational text, card, or snapchat can be just enough to motivate you! 

Make a plan for this weekend to help meet your goals! What is something you can do this weekend to get closer to those meeting those goals? Go for it!!! Have a great weekend everyone and thanks for stopping by 🙂

How To Recover From a Sickness Bug 

Getting struck down with a sickness bug is always awful and honestly, who has time for that?!? Not this girl 😉 Not only are you off your feet for at least twenty-four hours, but it’s hard on your body too. Even once you’re over the worst of it, it can leave you feeling weak and lethargic and just blah! Knowing how to heal your body and recover properly is important and something I take seriously. When I’m under the weather all I want to do is cuddle up with my puppies and get better!! So if you’re just getting over a sickness bug or cold that seems to be hitting everyone, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Take it Easy For an Extra Day or Two

I know this is tough with how on the go we all are but it’s important! Even once your symptoms have resolved, it’s smart not to put too much strain on your body for another couple of days. When you’ve already missed a day of work or are behind with things in your life, it’s tempting to try to get yourself right back out there to catch up. But don’t over exert yourself, your body is still going to be fragile so be careful until you regain your strength.

Rehydrate Your Body

One of the reasons you feel so lousy after recovering from a sickness bug is because of the dehydration. This is the same reason you feel exhausted and fuzzy headed when you’ve had too much alcohol to drink- the symptoms of dehydration are not fun. Irritability, lack of concentration and a pounding head are just a few of them. Once the sickness has stopped, carefully rehydrate your body. This doesn’t involve gulping huge amounts of fluids in one go which is likely to irritate your already sensitive stomach. Instead, sip gradually. Don’t overfill your stomach, and instead, drink smaller amounts throughout the day. Drinking a sports drink or mixing a sachet containing electrolytes into your water can help. These kinds of minerals will be hugely depleted after you have been suffering from a sickness bug.

Replenish With The Right Foods

After you have managed to keep water down for six hours, you can begin to replenish your body with food. Certain foods will irritate an already sensitive stomach, so go for things that are easy to digest. Bananas, whole grain toast, plain rice and other bland foods are good choices. After a day of not being able to eat due to illness, your hunger is likely to have returned. But it’s important not to overeat, as this could put pressure on your stomach and lead to painful acid reflux. This will make you feel even worse and could even lead to further vomiting. Foods to avoid with acid reflux include spicy foods, coffee, chocolate, and citrus. Take it slow, eating small portions and being sure that you’re not experiencing any adverse side effects before eating more. Once you are fully recovered eating a diet rich in fruits, vitamins, and whole grains will ensure that your body is entirely replenished, and you’re back to feeling 100%.

Sickness bugs are relatively common, and most of us will get struck down by one now and again. Providing you look after yourself well, you should feel back to yourself again within a couple of days. These are great reminders for this time of year!!! Take care of yourself 🙂

HEAVY HEART. Martin & Emily

I need to share this heart wrenching story today with hopes of helping this dear family in any way.  My heart is heavy for fellow blogger and such sweet woman, Emily over at The Freckled Fox.  Her husband, Martin was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma just over one year ago, at the age of 34.  They have fought one strong fight, but devastating news has come that and Martin has been told he has a couple more days here on earth.  To read more about their story and how you can support this family of seven click this link to head to Emily’s  blog.  This week he is saying goodbye to his start, genuine, absolutely stunning, sweet and kind hearted wife as well as his 5 beautiful children. 5 beautiful little children. 


If you feel compelled to make a difference or there is anything you can do to help this family out please consider sharing their story.  You can also make donations here to help cover the hospital costs as well as hopefully giving this family a grace period until they can get back on their feet again.


Weekly Goodness: Take 37

Happy Friday to all of you! Thanks for stopping by today for some weekly goodness 🙂 (I’m currently putting this post together Thursday evening and I can’t believe how quick this week went by!!) We are constantly a busy household, it’s all we know and how we live, and it works for us 🙂 But the busy has been taken up a notch with this moving business. It’s all so exciting but let me tell you, I am struggling having my house torn apart as we pack. I’ve just been telling myself it is what it is for now and to let it go… I’m working on that 😉

I hope you all have a fun weekend planned! We are bumming about the weather but it is looking like we will get a little bit of sunshine so I can’t complain too much. I know many of us travel over long weekends so I put together a quick and fun workout to do on the road! No equipment needed and it’s still a full body, killer workout! I will be doing this workout this weekend for sure. Enjoy 🙂


Last weekend we had some sunshine and we were ready to take full advantage! After our workout, we went home to grab the pups and head to a local lake to walk around and have some time outside. The rest of the weekend was full of grilling out, packing, homework, and odds and ends around the house.



Throw in some seriously adorable puppy eyes, some weekly food goodness, workouts, and a crap ton of packing and that about wraps up our week. I hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend! p.s. I’m in love with these Luna bars!!






Happy weekend everyone! We are up and moving and grooving on this beautiful morning, getting ready for Easter and time with Family.  As many of you saw last night on my snap chat (JordynAshleyFitness), I had an eventful night of wanting to put Guinness up for adoption 😉 But he was full of cuddles and being a good boy when Nick got home so he’s off my crap list! As promised, I put a post together about my honest opinions on the IdealFit products I have been using.  I made a list of the questions many of you have asked and I hope to cover everything in this post.  But if I miss something, please feel free to reach out 🙂


Let me begin by saying I am and always have been a skeptic on supplements. I always used to think I didn’t need anything to help me, I just eat healthy and work hard. Which is wonderful if that works for you, but I have learned you can use products that are SAFE and HEALTHY and HELP you to your goals. Throughout my years of working out consistently, eating healthy, and now assisting others in their health journey, I never came across a product I was 100% satisfied sharing with my clients, friends, and family.  That’s where IdealFit is different <— that sounds so sales pitch like! Even though I am partnered with IdealFit, I am in no way being compensated for this post so I hope you are confident you are getting my full honesty here, as always! I would never partner with any company I didn’t stand behind 100%


I consume 3 IdealFit products each day! I’m going to go into detail about all three of them and share all the details with you.  Quick little side note in case a few of my men readers are reading today… sorry guys, these products are geared towards the specific needs of women, so please keep reading and pass the GOODNESS on to a special woman in your life 😉

IdealLean Protein:


IdealLean Protein contains 80 calories (which is amazing for a protein, but being the calories are so minimal, this is NOT a meal replacement) and 20 grams of whey protein isolate, so you can fuel your body right and it tastes SO good! Being the awesome women that we are, we have unique nutritional needs. IdealLean Protein meets those needs and I have been so impressed. They  added IdealFit Proprietary Recovery Blend, packed with L-Glutamine and superfruits to help our bodies recover from our workouts.  Pair all of that with the 20 grams of lean protein that it gives me, vitamin D, folic acid, magnesium, and calcium and it’s easy to see why I’m hooked.

But what has impressed me the most is how LEAN this protein actually is! A Protein that is 80 calories, with 0 fat, 0 sugar, and 0 carbs, you can’t beat it. I do recommend IdealLean Protein to all of my clients, friends, and family members who are looking to lean out and build muscle.

You can get plenty of protein in throughout your daily diet but that protein isn’t assisting your body in what it needs to properly heal after your workouts and help build your lean muscle.  I take one scoop of protein with about 10 oz of unsweetened vanilla almond milk after every workout and it’s like I’m treating myself! It tastes like a milkshake and is fueling my body naturally by no unnecessary ingredients being added! WIN WIN. My only complaint with this product is I wish I could have it 5 times a day 😉



90% of the time I workout over my lunch hour.  There are absolutely times I am just dragging myself into the gym and times it’s hard to get myself pumped up for my workout.  This pre-workout has helped me not have to go through my workouts lacking energy, focus, and motivation. This product was designed to really take your training results to a whole new level of intensity by providing a natural and clean energy and focus booster! IdealLean Pre-Workout features their unique IdealLean Fat-Loss Blend with ingredients that help to stimulate fat burn and help you build a lean, toned, fit body.  How can you expect your best results if you are sluggish through your workouts?

They explain it perfect by telling us that their Energy and Focus Blend will help support your mood and concentration during your training, and the Endurance and Blood Flow Blend will allow you to push yourself even further towards your ideal body.  0 calories, 0 sugar, and 0 fat. I mean… come on!

My only gripe is more of a personal one with this pre-workout. I have always been very sensitive to pre-workout supplements.  If I take my yummy pre-workout TOO soon before my workout, I feel myself get a little antsy and a weird thing that’s always happened to be is my hands get itchy. But the SECOND I start to workout, it goes away. But let me tell you, I have ran into this before with one other clean pre-workout I tried years ago.  I will never forget the first time it happened I absolutely freaked out! I had no clue what was going on and was telling Nick to help itch my hands. HA for the love! The tingling or itching is nothing dangerous! The actual term for the itching is “paresthesia” and is a side effect caused by the beta-alanine in pre-workouts and is actually a big sign of a high quality pre-workout.



BCAA’s are something that was recommended to me a couple years ago when I felt like I had reached my peak and plateau, I needed something to help push me to the next level.  I was lifting heavier and more often but not seeing any additional results and I realized it’s because my muscles were not getting all they needed during my workout. I also workout rather intensely at times and need anything I can get that will naturally help with recovery.

The IdealLean BCAAs help my muscles recover quickly while working out. Yes, I drink the BCAA’s throughout my workout. They contain a unique Fat-Loss Blend to help keep lean, as well as coconut water powder to help stay fully hydrated (which is so important while working out!) IdealLean BCAAs once again have  0 calorie, 0 sugar, and 0 fat.

“If you’re serious about improving muscle recovery, building lean muscle, and burning fat, the last thing you want is to reach for a men’s supplement packed with a bunch of calories and sugar to refuel after training. IdealLean BCAAs is specifically designed to maximize women’s weight loss and jumpstart lean muscle growth! Each serving of IdealLean BCAAs offers 5 g of BCAAs to reduce muscle soreness and promote muscle building -all without any sugar or calories!” I have been super impressed with the BCAA’s! I have been able to push myself further in my workouts without having difficulty walking for the next week due to soreness. I recommend this product to my new clients who are introducing new workouts into their routine as too much soreness can be painful and harmful!


There you have it! What each product does, why I love it, and why I will continue to use it and recommend this clean and lean product to my clients and loved ones. If you have ANY additional questions at all please feel free to reach out or email me at

This weekend IdealFit is offering 20% off all product if this is something you are wanting to give a shot. Just click this link –>

Happy Easter weekend loves!!! XOXO

Disclaimer: This blog post is sponsored by IdealFit but all opinions are my own. Simply sharing the goodness I truly believe in.  Thank you very much for your continued support!

Going Natural With Your Health & Beauty Regimen

Good Morning beauties!!! Wanting to chat with you about something I have been experimenting with a little more lately. I am one of those people who cannot walk out of Target without a new beauty product of some kind, I love to try new products. I use Rodan & Fields for my daily face-care and I absolutely love it <– more on that later 😉 But as for other products I have in our home, I have been paying attention to the ingredient list and it is CRAZY how many chemicals are in some of the products we use every single day.  My recent experiment if you will, is getting rid of non natural products from my beauty routine.


If your shelves and cupboards are stacked with chemical-based health and beauty products like mine used to be, it’s time to make a change. Many chemical based items may actually be doing more harm than good for us…. scary! Do you swear by a cheap shampoo that adds instant shine to your hair? Well, it could be that it is just adding a layer to your hair to give the impression of improved health. With prolonged use, this will build up and could actually cause the hair long-term damage.

I have been repairing my hair for quite sometime now from the shampoo I used all throughout my college years.  This is just one example of how seeming innocent buys can seem to be doing a good job, but are actually highly detrimental.

Thankfully, the industry is developing at a relatively fast pace these days. Ten years ago if you went searching for an organic body wash or shampoo, you would maybe have one option.  Now, the industry is becoming so health focused because being natural and health focused is now the “cool thing”  There are now more options than even for when it comes to choosing a more natural, organic route. Here are a few options to consider adding to your health and beauty regime…

Coconut oil


Coconut oil is having a real moment currently, and for good reason. Those of us already using it can’t remember how we lived without it! The uses are so many and so varied, to mention just a few of its uses and benefits…you can use it remove eye-makeup, to whiten teeth, you can turn it into homemade soap or use it topically to get rid of cellulite. This list could go on. In fact, look here for a whopping 101 uses. It really is amazing to me how much one product can be used for! 

Dietary supplements

As well as what you put on the outside of your body, healthy and well-being shines from within. Taking 30-40 drops of charlottes web oil per day, for example. It is said to improve the wellness of both your body and your mind, and the counteract even the most severe of stresses.

How many of you take a daily Vitamin and minerals?  I was so bad about that for YEARS, knowing it should be a part of my daily routine, I finally made this a priority a year ago and feel so great knowing my body is getting everything it needs. Women’s Health list the six most important vitamins we need as women! Vitamin A, C, and D, B Vitamins, Iron, Calcium. Iron, for example, keeps anemia at bay, while calcium is all about the strong bones!  As for those that help with beauty, Vitamin C helps fight wrinkles. Vitamin A slows the aging process of the skin. I always knew I needed those vitamins, but actually knowing what each of them do for me is really nice. 

Homemade face masks

I have tried a couple homemade face masks and really enjoyed it! It’s neat making it yourself and feeling the difference on your skin!  Chances are, you already have most of the ingredients you’ll need in your kitchen. Natural, homemade face masks are great because they’re just as effective, but you know exactly what has and hasn’t gone into them. Here is how to make a simple banana one that I tried. Mix half a banana and a tablespoon of both honey and orange juice. If you want to give your mask some exfoliation, add some oatmeal. This recipe is suitable for all skin types. Once you’ve made one, you can start experimenting with other ingredients. Marie Claire has four suggestions here. I still need to try her lightening mask, but I have really loved the other three so far! 

Hope you enjoyed today’s GOODNESS on some natural tips!! Add it to your list: experiement with coconut oil, start using a multivitamin, and do a homemade face mask 🙂 You won’t regret any of these choices. be the best you.

Happy almost Friday. xoxo

Emily Burger Designs **GIVEAWAY**

Good Morning!! You all, it is February and it’s Monday and I could not think of a better day for a giveaway on My Goodness.  I have been extremely excited to share this really awesome goodness with you! Let me introduce you to Emily Burger Designs!!


A few years ago, a really close girlfriend of mine sent me these really neat scripture cards from Emily’s line and I thought they were so cool. I instantly ordered some for another girlfriend of mine who I knew would love them just as much as we did. Ever since then, I have been watching Emily’s business grow and I am honored to be partnering up with this beautiful lady for a giveaway on my blog. Emily has SO many awesome pieces from clothing, scripture cards, canvas art, wood art, printable designs, and MORE. Emily’s line is completely faith based and her strong faith shines brightly through her work.


View More:



My LOVED shirt arrived last week and I’m not going to lie, I have probably worn it an unsanitary amount of time since 😉 It is so cute, comfy, and completely my style. And can we take a second to talk about how adorable the baby onesie is?? Guess what… it’s on sale right now too! How perfect for Valentine’s Day <3 Check out her website!


We are featuring a giveaway for the LOVED shirt that I have on in the above picture!! All you need to do to enter this giveaway is follow or like Emily Burger Designs on EITHER her FB Page or Instagram page and comment on this blog post, telling me what you LOVED about your weekend. We will pick a winner Friday morning 🙂

Have such a wonderful week everyone!