IdealFit’s Clothing Launch

Hi Ladies!! How is everyone’s week going so far? It’s time to TREAT YOUR SELF 🙂 With the exception of going to work and the occasional outing where I have to dress in “normal” clothing, you will find me in workout clothes. Not necessarily when I’m just working out either. My around the house, weekend, and anytime I can, gear is always workout clothing. That being said, I’m a big believer in quality over quantity. I use to have 10+ pairs of black workout leggings and I would only wear 4 of them because the others were not great quality.

It was time for a revamp of the active wear section of my closet. I donated bags of stuff I never wore and decided to invest in some high quality and nice workout gear both both working out in and just wearing in general! IdealFit’s new line is pretty great ladies! I am so impressed with the items I have been trying out and I want to share this goodness with you all. I work my booty off to live out a healthy lifestyle and as ridiculous as this sounds, I get better workouts in when I’m in comfortable workout clothing that I love. So… thank you IdealFit!

YES I partner with IdealFit and you all know that, but that genuinely is because I love their products and really believe in what they provide, so it’s a perfect partnership to share on my blog. You will never find me sharing anything with you all that I have not personally tried and that I do not really like! Pinky promise 🙂 IdealFit’s clothing line launched TODAY and there is a limited number of each item for this first launch so if you are interested, go check it out by clicking HERE. or on any of the images in this post. There are great discounts already AND you can get an additional 10% off by entering code: MyGoodness at checkout.

Feel free to ask me any questions you have. Here are some questions I have been asked already that might help you as well.

True to size: YES!

Color of clothing match how it is pictured online: YES!

Can I double up on discounts: YES!

How are the leggings: WONDERFUL! They sit high on the hips which I really like and you can move in them comfortably all day long. PLUS, the mesh is pretty cute!

I hope you all enjoy checking this line out as much as I have! Happy Wednesday!!

Let’s Talk BCAA’s + GIVEAWAY

Happy Saturday to you!! How is everyones weekend going so far? Life has been h-a-p-p-e-n-i-n-g over here with JoMarie starting daycare and me going back to work. This coming week begins our craziness of trying to find my new balance between working full time, taking two classes for my graduate program, being a new mommy, and fitting in everything else I love. Bring it ON! Being busy just means you are blessed right?! 😉 We will go with that! Welllllll, I have some goodness to share with you all today. Let’s talk all about BCAA’s.

Maybe we can start with what the heck that even stands for. Branch Chain Amino Acid’s. I will never forget the first time I heard of this product. I was working out a few years ago and often bought a smoothie at the gym smoothie bar. The guy working the smoothie joint was always full of knowledge and was a “health freak”.  One day I asked him what I could do to increase my workouts and results. I was already working out often, taking my pre-workout and protein drinks, and was doing pretty high intensity workouts but felt I was just in a rut with my results. He told me to drink BCAA’s throughout my workouts. He explained them to me as “they will help your muscles work at their full capacity throughout your workouts, which will help you gain more lean muscle and help those muscles recover correctly”. This is often how I explain BCAA’s to others when they ask me about them. But let’s go into a little more detail as I really want to express how much I love them and honestly feel they make SUCH a difference.

BCAAs are important for both muscle growth and recovery. IdealLean BCAAs maximize recovery and endurance, they also pack in a fat-loss blend to help you stay lean and build lean muscle, and also contains coconut water powder to help you stay hydrated. What really impressed me specifically with IdealLean BCAAs is the fact that they contain 0 calories, 0 sugar, and 0 fat. WHAT?!?

You can honestly drink BCAA’s whenever you want! I personally enjoy drinking them throughout my workout but you can drink them post-workout or even just throughout your day. I am so excited how BCAA’s have made a difference in my workouts, I want to share this goodness.

I am giving away an IdealFit shaker bottle with samples of BCAA’s. All you need to do to enter is comment on this post and tell me something you are doing this weekend that makes you happy. One randomly selected winner will be selected next Wednesday 🙂 Also I have a new code for you guys. Use code MyGoodness at checkout for any IdealFit or IdealShape products and you can get 10% off your entire order. OH and I don’t think I mentioned, our IdealFit BCAA’s are on major sale right now! 

If you have any questions at all let me know 🙂 I do NOT share anything I have not tried and do not absolutely love and thats a promise! Have a great weekend ladies and do something that makes you feel happy this weekend! Maybe that’s sleeping in a little longer, pushing yourself to try a new workout, or starting a new book. It really is the smallest actions that make the biggest difference in our happiness.

Post-Baby Fitness

Good evening!! Late night post for you 🙂 I got little miss to sleep, Nick is in bed, and I brewed a cup of coffee for a late night of school work. Yep, school work. So here I sit, blogging and avoiding my school work 😉 I have recently started to workout again since giving birth and thought I would do a little post on that. Currently I am doing the Kayla Itsines 12 week BBG challenge (when I have time to do it) and I’m also getting back into my lifting program. It feels great, but I have learned some things along the way as well. Be nice to your body!! As much as I LOVE my workouts and the feeling I get after a good workout, right now my favorite workouts include morning stretch time with Jo, and planking over her cute little body and watching her smile at the ridiculous silly faces mommy makes at her.

Pregnancy changes your body in many ways, ways that I never even imagined. But I do not just mean changes to our outside appearance. Do you notice how we tend to only focus on the aesthetic side. It’s a bizarre focus really because in many ways, the biggest change is what happens internally. The feeling is indescribable and something I will not try to explain. You just change.  

It has long been suggested that pregnancy alters your internal chemistry in such a way that fitness is harder to achieve. Sure, there’s some biological basis to it as well. There’s also the fact that when you have a new baby – and despite what celebrity magazines proclaim – you’re not focused on “getting your body back”. I LOVE health and fitness and I received many questions asking if I was just going crazy not being able to workout, but honestly, no. It just hasn’t been my focus, but now that I have gotten the go ahead from my Doctor, I have started to workout again and I am learning to love my post-pregnancy body, one step at a time 🙂 It’s actually all pretty freaking beautiful! Your body just carried this little human, pushed the baby out of you, and now your body is healing so that you can live your life chasing that little human around for the next 18 years 😉 

So you’ve got your postpartum body and it is different; it’s inevitable. So is this the end? Are you doomed with a “mom body” as people call it, for the end of time? 

Of course not. Take, for example, athletes. Tennis star Kim Clijsters gave birth to daughter Jada and then came back to win the US Open. British athlete Jessica Ennis-Hill became World Champion after having her son. And these are the elites! So of course you can return to your previous fitness form – and surpass it if you so choose to. Sure, there are some things that regardless how many burpees you do or weights you lift, some things will always be different. But is that so bad? What’s important is to get to a point where you love your body and are proud of it and feel beautiful if your own mommy skin 🙂 

But how?

#1 – Reintroduce Yourself Slowly

So slowly. So very, very slowly. This is a marathon and it’s also a marathon you’re not prepared for – so be careful with it. I will be honest with you all and say I made this mistake. I was SO excited to get my first lift in after the Doctor gave me to go that I jumped right in and tried the weight I was lifting during pregnancy. Well…. I just took 6 weeks off and you lose muscle fast! I had some pretty sore core muscles (and not the good sore) and I felt pretty silly with myself. It’s not worth it!! Take it slow! 

The best way to begin is with something simple, like walking. Walking is good! This is made even easier in that you can team it with a stroller, so you get a little baby time as well. The key step is to support your body. If you have any previous injuries, tape them. Use support wherever you need to: thighs, bra, any areas you are concerned about. Make sure you have the right shoes for the job, I’m huge into reviews before I buy things, here are some reviews of the best walking shoes for women. 

A walk around the block a few times a week is a good way to begin. Or mall walking with your babes in the stroller during the winter months! 

#2 – Forget What You Knew Before

Ding ding ding! I need to take my own advice! If you used to be able to do X number of reps or run for X number of miles, then forget them. You can use them as goals if you really want to, but generally, it’s best to forget those numbers and create all new numbers for yourself! 

If you push to try and regain your previous stats, then you’re facing an uphill battle that you don’t need. Instead, set new records and teach yourself to find assurance in them as they improve. It doesn’t matter what you could do a year ago; look at how you compare to what you could do a week ago.

#3 – Swim

Swimming is great for your body in a variety of ways, but it’s particularly good for the new Mom. It’s also something you can share with your child as they get older. Nick and I were just chatting how we can’t wait to take JoMarie swimming for the first time! Not only is swimming a decent cardio workout, but it will also help toned and strong – all in the supportive environment of good old H20.

Just remember to take it easy on yourself and love your body! The changes can be so hard, but they are so beautiful as well. Loving your baby is your main focus right now, everything else will come when it’s supposed to 🙂

Live Well, Eat Well Even When You’re Busy

Well hello!! Is your week off to a good start? I hope so 🙂 Today on My Goodness I have put together a little health post for you on ways we can live well and healthy throughout our busy life. Enjoy 🙂

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the lifestyle where you could get up and have healthy meals prepared for you each day, meet with a personal trainer, and have ample and uninterrupted time to workout each day? Well for those of you who may be blessed with that lifestyle, I’m jealous and you rock 🙂 But for those of us who are running from place to place, working full time, and trying to find that healthy life balance, how do you live well and eat well, even when you’re busy? Because being busy cannot be an excuse to not be healthy! Here are a few things to think about when trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. As I try to remind myself and my readers often, living out a healthy lifestyle is SO far from just eating healthy and staying active. It is also about having healthy relationships and a healthy mindset. 


Dedicate Time

The first step to changing or improving your lifestyle is to dedicate some time to it. But, as already mentioned, this can be difficult when you’re busy. You can’t make a significant change without a plan. So it’s important to schedule some time to think this through thoroughly. Arrange a babysitter for the kids or wait until they’re in bed. Then sit down and go through the following steps.

Assess where you are right now. What is good about your life and what do you want to change? Look at all aspects of your diet and physical and mental exercise. The majority of people will find areas for improvement. So don’t feel disheartened. Just be really honest in your assessment of yourself. Use the tips below to create your plan of action.

Quick Wins

Even the tiniest changes mount up and could have a significant impact on your life. So find areas that you can change with only a small amount of effort. This will vary for everyone, but the following are a few common examples.

  1. When was the last time you visited your doctor? I am that annoying family member always wanting to be sure my loved ones are getting their doctor visits in! If it’s been a while for you, take the step to just schedule an appointment and get it on your calendar. Keeping on top of your health is vital and underpins everything else. If you need to order medication, for something less serious like a sinus infection or other common infection, with many providers you do not even have to go to the doctor anymore.  In fact, you can even order the contraceptive pill online. This makes it much more convenient than standing in line at a busy pharmacy and helps eliminate your excuses to not take care of yourself 😉 
  1. Are there any unhealthy habits you could break? For example, do you grab a coffee each day on your way into work? This is a fairly simple habit to break. You could experiment with reducing this to one or two a week. Or, you could replace it with a healthy drink such as water or a smoothie. Are there any other habits you could break that would help you feel better about yourself and help you be a little healthier? 
  1. We all know that processed food is bad for us. However, like many people, we fall prey to the easy takeout meal. We know they’re not always healthy but after a long, busy day you don’t always feel like cooking. A quick tip is to make your own ready meals and put them in the freezer. You don’t have to spend extra time in doing this. The next time you cook, prepare twice as much and freeze half of it for another day. Or spend some time with your partner meal prepping and preparing lots of freezer meals together! Nick and I recently spent a good part of a Sunday making four different recipes that we froze for easy meals once the baby arrives. 
  1. How much sleep do you get each night? If it’s not enough, you’re likely you have a sleep deficit. This could be affecting many aspects of your life. I know many of us laugh it off that we do not get enough sleep but seriously, getting a good nights sleep is SO important for our health and attitude. When we are lacking on sleep, you’re likely to feel tired and grumpy. You will be less productive. And perhaps most worrying, you could be at greater risk of disease. Take steps to make sure you get a good night’s sleep each night. Don’t just focus on the quantity of sleep, focus on sleep quality.
  2. Exercise

    Each morning you dash out of the house to take the kids to school. Before that, you’re engaged in the hell that is getting everyone out of bed on time. You then work a full day at the office. If you’re lucky you leave at 5:30 and your partner picks up the kids. You then wait for the bus and fight through traffic to get home and prepare a family meal. After that, you have the kids’ homework and bedtime to supervise. By the time they’re in bed, all you’re capable of is lying on the sofa and watching easy TV. And then you go to bed, and the whole cycle begins again. Making time to exercise seems impossible.

    Exercise doesn’t have to be a full session in the gym. It can be simple things like increasing your activity or going for a walk with your family. Start small. Perhaps try getting off the bus one stop earlier and walking the rest of the way. When spending time with family on the weekends, plan some physical activities. Build up slowly. Once you make small improvements to your health, you’ll find you have more energy and motivation. Reducing time elsewhere may free up time to engage in exercise that you enjoy. See info above on freezing meals.

    Change doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time. Before you can begin to live a better life, you need to plan. Take it slowly, finding quick wins first and then building up to greater change. The time will pass anyway, so start right now. 

  3. Thanks for stopping by today for a little health post 🙂 Enjoy your Wednesday!!!

Nervous Energy: Lifestyle Choices That Keep Your Nerves Healthy

Good evening everyone!!! Coming to you with another My Goodness health post, surprise surprise 🙂 I have been working hard to bring content to my blog that will benefit us all in our health and fitness, but more specifically, focusing on health aspects that we may not think of otherwise. Knowledge is power people!! My nerves lately… oh boy!! This girl needs to pipe it down a notch 😉 I put this post together to jump into our nervous energy a bit and provided some tips for us all! ENJOY!!!

Be sure to stop by the blog later this week for a fun pregnancy update 🙂

Your nervous systems is an incredible thing. It maintains control of all parts of your body. It’s responsible for regulating movement and breathing, maintaining temperature and digesting food.

But if we don’t look after our nervous systems, it can be hard to be our healthiest self. We can develop nervous ticks, have problems swallowing and struggle to digest food, and I think you would be surprise how many people struggle with this. The subject of looking after our nervous system doesn’t come up often enough when we think about being healthy, being healthy is SO much more than eating healthy and working out you guys! We don’t think about how our nervous system might be affected by our lifestyle and environment. 

There are plenty of things that can adversely affect the nervous system and destroy our quality of life. The main cause of a faulty nervous system is poor circulation. But you can also suffer nerve dysfunction because of disease or even after being exposed to a toxic substance. People on special diets need to be careful too. A lack of B12, for instance, has been linked to nerve problems in people who eat a vegan diet. And a lack of magnesium is also a problem for those who eat a very bland diet with little variety. This is why I am careful with advice to on what diets are good and bad because almost every diet lacks something that can effect your body in ways you would never think. 

If you want to reduce the symptoms from a weak nervous system, you have to take control of your health. Here are some things I have put together that you can do to help boost that nervous energy. Take a look at these tips.

Take An Epsom Salt Bath


Can I get a heck yes?!? For the last part of my pregnancy, I have been taking MANY epsom salt bath’s 🙂 They are my best friend right now and have many benefits.

Epsom salt is something of a cure-all. It’s used in pretty much every remedy out there. Epsom salt helps to elevate your mood and get your nerves and muscles functioning properly. Epsom salt contains lots of magnesium, and this allegedly helps to increase serotonin release in the brain. The more serotonin, the more relaxed and stress-free you will feel. 

Drink Green Tea For Brain Boost

Quick note: Green tea is one to avoid when you are pregnant 🙂

When most people think of the nervous system, they think of the finger-like structures that travel around our bodies. But the vast bulk of the nervous system is in our brains. It’s also where the majority of problems can develop. Green tea has been listed as a solution for all sorts of problems, from slowing aging to preventing heart disease. Now it’s being hailed for its positive effect on the nervous system. Green tea contains an amino acid called L-theanine. This chemical helps to get the brain to release dopamine and serotonin. Dopamine is essential for neurons in the brain to make connections. Without it, we can feel depressed and anxious.

Some have argued that the caffeine in green tea is beneficial too. It helps with alertness and concentration. The jury is still out on whether caffeine itself is beneficial, or whether other compounds in the tea are responsible for its benefits. But so far green tea has been linked to a reduction in brain-related conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Drink two to three cups throughout the day. Add lemon too, it tastes so good! 

Drink Chamomile Tea For Better Functioning Nervous System


Chamomile has been used for decades to treat nerves and calm people who are anxious. Some of you ladies may recognize chamomile, it is in the bedtime tea a lot of us have tried and loved!

Not only does chamomile help us relax before bedtime and calm us at night, I found a  study on chamomile in Phytotherapy Research. It found that chamomile essential oil improved the function of the nervous system. There are two ways you can use chamomile. You can either drink the stuff in tea. Or you can put essential oil in your bath and soak in it, just like with the Epsom salts.

Walk Barefoot as Much as Possible

I mean, we used to not wear shoes at all 😉 . It was only with the advent of technology that we started doing it. Don’t get me wrong, I love a cute pair of shoes and I promise the next time you see me I will not be walking into the grocery store barefoot, but there is some research on the idea of walking barefoot when we can. 

I found this interesting study in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health on walking barefoot. The study found that walking barefoot had multiple benefits. These included lower blood viscosity, less inflammation, more sleep and autonomic nervous system balance. The study was groundbreaking, so to speak. And it highlighted once again how important it is for us to go back to our roots as often as we can in the modern world. I have a family member who often refers to how things used to be in the “olden days” and how many of those practices are better than what we practice today and maybe this is a good example of this! 

Walking barefoot around the house is easy to incorporate into your life. But walking barefoot outside isn’t. The good news is that you can now buy shoes that simulate the effect of walking barefoot, we have all seen those funny looking toe workout shoes right?! I have heard great things about them if you can get passed the look of them! These shoes look a lot like toe-socks. They’re ideal for when you want to keep fit and exercise.

Start Attending Yoga Class


We’ve all heard the expression “use it or lose it.” Well, it turns out that it applies to our nervous system, just as much as it does to our muscles or cognition. One of the best ways to test your nervous system is to do yoga. Yoga is an activity that tests all aspects of your nervous system. It requires you to maintain balance and get into unfamiliar positions. It’s been shown by research that yoga helps to reduce the stress hormone, cortisol. It’s also been proved to improve the immune system and generally help make people feel better.

Some yoga poses are particularly useful in protecting the nervous system. These include the downward-facing dog pose, the inverted staff pose and the shoulder stand pose.

Getting good at yoga takes time and daily practice. Once you’ve incorporated it into your routine, it becomes hard to give up.

Thanks for stopping by for a little health read today 🙂 Have a great week!!!

IdealFit Athlete

Good Morning loves!! What a week it has been, for so many different reasons. BUT today is Friday and I hope everyone is looking forward to the weekend as much as I am 🙂 I wanted to dedicate today’s Friday post to sharing some exciting news with MyGoodness family! I set a goal awhile ago to become an IdealFit Athlete and that goal has been reached. I am officially an Athlete for the company IdealFit. So what does this mean and what does this look like for my blog and for YOU as my awesome readers and many of you as my clients?

Super quick for those of you who have been waiting for this post to order your next shipment, you can click this picture to go order now 🙂 You ladies are the best!!! 


Let’s start by talking about IdealFit for a second or two. Since I started this health and fitness blog, and just with how many options there are these days, I have been approached by a number of different affiliate businesses to join their teams, make money, and promote their products. But it just didn’t feel like my style to jump on board with products I wasn’t using daily and rave about them to my clients and followers when I couldn’t honestly say “these products are awesome!” I came across IdealFit products one day on Instagram and started my research. I made my first purchase, tried my first tub of protein and pre-workout, and have not looked back since.

I did not share my love for this company and products for awhile as it’s important to me to really test out something first, so I can give you all my honest opinion and share the GOODNESS when I find it. I have spent the last year forming an authentic relationship with this company. What do I mean by that? I mean I have been using these products for over a year now, with no kickbacks other than some free  products sent to me to test out, no strings attached. I have recommended only the products I use and can share my personal experience with. I can now genuinely say, IdealFit has been an absolute game changer in my health and fitness journey and a product line I will be using for a long time! What is super cool is how many of you love these products as much as I do!! I have expressed my excitement with this before BUT this line is the first and only clean and lean protein I have tried that is focused on exactly what us as women need to get the absolute most out of our workouts, while providing our bodies tons of clean goodness that it craves and often lacks. I started noticing big differences in my results when I started using these products daily. They help me greatly to maintain a lean body, while building muscle. I started using IdealFit products in the second picture below and pairing hard with consistently using pre-workout, BCAA’s, and protein, I was able to take my results to the next level.


Becoming an IdealFit Athlete was a goal for me because it’s not something that is just given to anyone. You have to show you are dedicated to a healthy and consistent lifestyle. You have to work hard and be genuine about helping others and making a difference, all things I really enjoy doing. What being an IdealFit Athlete means for me business wise is I just get to strengthen my bond with this great company by continuing to spread the goodness I have found in them and their products. Recently, IdealFit changed up their Athlete program and although nothing has changed for those of you who order through my link already (other than there is a new link now), something has changed for me and I will be 100% transparent with that. I will now get a little kickback from IdealFit when you order your products through the links I provide. I know many of you are ordering often already, feel free to now order by clicking THIS LINK FOR YOUR IDEALFIT PRODUCTS. Also, you can always jump on my blog page and go under the “services” tab and find a link at the top where you can go purchase your products so that you do not have to keep coming back to this blog post 🙂


I will keep you all up to date with the current sales going on so that you can take advantage when you need to fill up. If you have ANY questions on the products I use at all, I would be happy to talk with you. I will be trying out some of the IdealShape products soon and can’t wait to share my opinion on that with you all!! I will also of course be using this line in full force after I have our first baby girl in less than a month and I am so excited to see these products help me learn to love my new body after the amazing experience of carrying a child. Thank you as always for the support and motivation. It feels really nice to set a goal and reach it!!

Monday/Halloween Workout!

Good Morning and Happy Halloween for my readers who celebrate this Holiday! I am little bummed, I have class on Monday night’s so I do not get to participate in the Halloween fun and seeing all the cute little ones dressed up! So while you are all handing out candy or taking your children trick or treating, just think of poor me… sitting in class…. big and pregnant… eating candy! 😉 LOL kidding!! I mean, I probably will be eating candy but I’m not that upset about being in class tonight!

I have came up with a “fun” workout for all of us!! This can be done right in your living room in between passing out candy tonight! No equipment needed. Why not take on a workout challenge in between eating candy?!? This will start your week off right! Do it once or 5 times, whatever you would like. Let’s just get your heart pumping and legs shaking! Enjoy 🙂


 Jumping Jacks


Side to Side Lunges


High Knees


Tricep Dips


Pulse Sumo Squats


Happy Halloween!!!!

WHY WAIT: Personalized Fitness Plan Discount

Happy Friday!! Who else is loving this transition to Fall weather?? It is beautiful and the air is crisp and I am LOVING it. I have some fun news today you guys 🙂 I have been doing a handful of personalized workout programs lately and it has reminded me how much I love designing them to help others!! This time of year really is a perfect time to set some new goals and get after them.  Some people tend to go into hibernation mode during Fall and Winter OR you can take it as an opportunity to be your best self!!


Some of you have been messaging me with questions on my programs and it got me thinking, why not kick off the Fall season with a sale!! Between now and 10/21 I am offering 15% off all of my workout programs. You can find these under the “services” tab on my blog 🙂 I offer a 4, 8, or 12 week program but if you are interested in something else, just email me at

I have witnessed many of my clients, as well as with myself personally, what dedicating yourself to a healthy lifestyle can do! Not just physically, but mentally as well. When you dedicate yourself to something for YOU and stick with it, it brings out our best self! You can find client testimonials on my services page. The below picture shows my progress over a year of living out a consistent, healthy lifestyle. My body is looking a little different these days, being I’m 8 months pregnant 😉 but I have thankfully been able to carry that lifestyle with me throughout my pregnancy which has been a huge factor in having a smooth experience. I have such a passion for helping others feel great in their own skin and I have been blessed to be able to help so many awesome people since starting my blog, it’s been a really fun adventure that I see continuing for a long time!


Let me know if you have any questions!! Be sure to enter code WHYWAIT at checkout for the 15% discount. You will then receive an email from me within the next couple of days where we will communicate your specific wants/needs for your program and I will get started!! CHEERS to a happy and healthy rest of 2016, make yourself proud!!!!

Pregnancy Health Tips: How To Look After Yourself And Your Baby

Happy Monday!!! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I was on the go between class, having family in town and baby shower #2, it was a really great weekend!! I wanted to do a health related post today on what is currently consuming my world 🙂 PREGNANCY!  I have learned SOOO much from other blogger mommies about pregnancy and being a first time mom, and I wanted to share some of the tips that have helped me have a healthy pregnancy. Enjoy 🙂


Pregnancy is an incredible feat of nature, I mean that, it seriously is!!  It’s amazing to think that the human body is capable of nurturing another little body inside, and even before becoming pregnant myself, I have always been in complete awe of the entire process, the good and the bad is all just pretty amazing to me. Most women experience many highs during pregnancy, but there may also be lows. Pregnancy can take its toll on your mental and physical health, so it’s really important to look after yourself. Here are some top pregnancy tips to help you and your baby stay fit and healthy throughout your unique journey. 


Having a baby growing inside you is hard work. Many mamas experience tiredness throughout pregnancy, so rest is essential. I’m still trying to grasp the concept of fitting REST into my life, but I’m getting better at it! Whether you’re working, or running errands all the time, it’s important to take time to relax and recover. Even the simplest tasks can become more demanding, especially in the latter stages. Ask for help when you need it, and take regular breaks. Your body will tell you when you need to slow down, so listen to it. It’s common to suffer from sleep problems during pregnancy. Try using pregnancy pillows to help you get more comfortable. Warm baths have come highly recommended from other moms, soothing music and a massage can also be beneficial. I’m thinking of scheduling my first prenatal massage soon and I’m already excited for it! 

Healthy eating

It’s more important than ever to eat well when you’re expecting. You’ll need plenty of energy and essential nutrients and vitamins. Start taking folic acid supplements as soon as you decide to try for a baby or you find out that you’re pregnant. Eat a balanced diet full of whole grains, fruit and vegetables, and protein-rich foods. Try to avoid fatty, sugary foods. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to eat a lot more when you’re pregnant. An extra 200 calories per day in the third trimester should suffice. I remember my girlfriend explaining to me when I told her she needs to be eating more when she was pregnant, that all of the nutrients and goodness goes to her baby first and then everything extra goes to the Mom, so the “eating for two” saying is a little over the top. 

Dental care

Hormonal changes during pregnancy increase your risk of certain health problems, including gum disease. Dentists like those at SF Dental recommend regular checks for pregnant women. Gum disease is caused by harmful bacteria. It is characterized by bleeding and swollen gums. Mild gum disease can be treated, but severe gum disease causes irreparable damage. Gum disease is the most common cause of adult tooth loss. Studies show that it could also increase the risk of premature labor and complications during birth. If you are pregnant, make sure you see your dentist on a regular basis. If you spot warning signs, such as bleeding gums, call and make an appointment as soon as possible. This is not something I took super seriously until talking with some friends and I’m so glad I got into my dentist while pregnant to be sure all is well! 

Keeping fit


You may not feel like exercising when you’re tired and struggling to feel comfortable. But working out can make a world of difference. When you’re pregnant, you may not be able to exercise like you used to. But there are plenty of activities you can do. Swimming, yoga, and walking are all great choices for pregnant women. Each Doctor has their own belief on this so just communicate with YOUR Doctor when deciding what you can and cannot do throughout your 9 months of pregnancy. Getting out clears your head, and exercise also helps to keep you fit and strong. Many women lack confidence and feel unattractive when they’re pregnant, I think we all experience this sometime throughout being pregnant. Working out can help to boost your self-esteem, and prevent you from gaining a substantial amount of weight. For me, working out helps my energy levels. When I’m feeling sluggish, a trip to the gym over my lunch hour always helps me have that hop back in my step for the rest of the day. 

When you’re pregnant, you don’t just have your health and well-being to consider. We also always have our baby in mind. Take these tips on board to boost your health and well-being and protect your little one. Thanks for coming by today!! 🙂 Until next time…

Weekly Goodness: Take 49

Happy Friday!! I couldn’t be more happy that this day is here. Holy cow it’s been a whirl wind this week with Nick finally recovering fully from his sick bug and me picking up right where he left off… the next to nothing immune system while pregnant got the best of me! BUT hopefully I’m about to the end of this crud and can enjoy a beautiful weekend ahead. We have another baby shower this weekend and I can’t WAIT! My Mom and Grandma are coming up for this one so I’m extra excited to have some family time over the weekend. I hope you are all doing well and enjoying this beautiful weather (for those of you in the Midwest) The change of seasons between Summer and Fall is my absolute favorite. Let’s jump in to some goodness happening over here shall we?

Between my first baby shower last Thursday evening (I promise to do a baby shower recap post soon for those of you who have asked!), having our niece and nephew for a slumber part last Friday, and football game on Saturday, last weekend flew by and I’ve been attempting to take is easy this week but it’s also been busy with work, school, and blog stuff, where surprisingly this week flew by!

One thing I wanted to be sure to share with all of my IdealFit lovers today… Now until October 4th IdealFit has a fun sale going on! As many of you have noticed and asked me about, they are coming out with a lot of new protein flavors.  Well for this sale you can get 1 tub of your favorite protein, THREE sample packs of other protein  you may want to try, AND 1 shaker bottle (the easy to take on the go bottles that blends your protein and liquid together. I take one every day to work so my protein is ready to go after my lunch hour workout) anywho… all of this for $49.99. You guys… this is a great sale so if you are up for your protein and want to experiment with some more flavors, go to my link and take advantage!!! I use to pay literally $80.00 just for protein that wasn’t even that great and now to be able to get awesome lean protein, three samples, and a blender bottle for $49.99?!? Yes please! I have told many of you, I’m LOVING the strawberry protein flavor right now with unsweetened vanilla almond milk! 


I have three new workout programs that went out just today and I can’t WAIT for these super motivated ladies to get started!! You will all do so great and I will be here every step of the way!!


Nick and I tried a new recipe last weekend that I will be sharing with you all this coming week. If you love shrimp, comfort food, and an easy crockpot meal, be sure to stop in 🙂


Lastly just some random snaps on my camera roll from this week! Have such a great weekend all and focus on what really matters and forget the rest!