skip dietBelow is what works for ME with nutrition. You can also find links below to some recipes I have tried 🙂

“Clean Eating” can be such a challenge! I’m not huge into dieting… if you just make healthy decisions MAJORITY of the time, combined with staying active, I have found diets are not necessary. I will be the first to admit, I used to be able to eat anything in site and not gain a single pound. My Mom and Grandma would constantly tell me “that is going to catch up to you someday” Thankfully I took a turn for “healthy” before that day found me! I wasn’t necessarily gaining weight, but I also wasn’t feeling great about myself. I never really had a horrible nutrition routine, but it wasn’t great either. I would eat “clean” when it was something I actually wanted and then quickly turn to my mac & cheese and alfredo pasta far too often. Although I still indulge often… everything is in moderation and portion control now.

bagel english muffin

Making smarter decisions on a daily basis has helped greatly.  I also really don’t mind fruits and veggies so that helps as well. If I know we are going out for a bigger dinner meal, I will watch my intake during the day and fuel my body with healthy foods. We keep junk food out of our house for the most part and plan our dinner meals on Sunday nights for the week so that not being prepared, is not an excuse to eat junk! I truly believe when you fuel your body up with what it needs, you feel better in general! Have you ever decided on a big healthy salad over a McDonalds run and felt horrible about your decision… I would guess probably not.

Being realistic with yourself and your body is important to me as well. When I am eating clean majority of the time, I will listen to my cravings here and there and indulge in a donut or ridiculous calorie filled coffee drink:) and not feel horrible about myself because I know that 90% of the time, I’m making good choices for my body.

It’s all SO much easier said than done! But after awhile of making those smart decision, it feels more like a lifestyle and less like a challenge.

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