Little Lucy Co. Headwraps

Happy Monday!! How was everyone’s weekend? Is it just me or did Monday come around far too quickly? JoMarie and I spent the weekend at home while Nick was running a baseball tournament and it was so nice to be home and have no schedule. It was a HOT and WINDY weekend so we spent a lot of time inside reading books, trying new foods, and a few short walks. Little miss is changing daily and we are having a blast watching her grow. This mama has been full of emotions with all of the exciting changes Jo is up to right now but as much as I want her to be my small little babes forever, it’s so fun watching her personality develop more and more. I am excited to share some goodness with you today!!

JoMarie received the CUTEST head wraps from Jessica over at Little Lucy Co. You guys, these wraps are honestly perfect. They fit nicely and are not tight at all (Jo has a very large head so I was so happy that these were not tight on her) They are extremely soft, light, and she doesn’t seem to even notice they are on. We fell in love with these little wraps so much, that I wanted to share them with you all. Ladies, hook your little girls up!! Daughters, nieces, godchild, cousins, the neighbor girl 😉 whoever, they are worth it. It’s nice that they are not just in baby sizes either, they have toddler as well.

I loved the personal touch of the package. That always makes such a big difference to me for some reason. A hand written thank you goes such a long way with me and Jessica does a great job. You can find Little Lucy Co. on Instagram and Facebook. You just message Jessica your order and she takes care of you 🙂 The wraps are $10 and if you mention MYGOODNESS10 you will get 10% off your order. I was SO looking forward to our order arriving and it did not disappoint.

I hope you enjoyed this little dose of goodness on this Monday! I hope you all have a wonderful week and remind yourself to stop watering those weeds, it’s time to tend to the flowers! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Well Hello!

Hi!! I cannot believe it’s been almost two months since I have sat to write a blog post. As much as I missed blogging and sharing some fun goodness with you all, I must say it was a much needed break. I promised myself once I finished my thesis and my last graduate class, that I would put my laptop away for a bit and just enjoy all my free time with my family or actually sleep :). And that is exactly what I did! I knew my blogging adventure would take a turn once I became a mom but I just wasn’t sure what that turn would look like. If it was something I wanted to continue or put to the side permanently. After giving it some thought and hearing from some of you, I am just not ready to be done blogging completely. I will not be publishing tons of content, or sharing every little detail, but I love the connections I have made through this creative platform of mine, and when I am able, continuing to share some goodness is something I want to do. I recently put together three new workout programs for some pretty awesome ladies and it was exactly what I needed to remind myself how much I love helping others in their health and fitness journey and just bringing some light to others 🙂 SO thank YOU for sticking with me and following My Goodness. It was really nice to hear from many of you throughout these last couple of months!! I have some fun ideas planned for the blog and inevitably will be sharing some things we are learning with being new parents and will continue my health and fitness posts.  I plan to blog when it fits in and it feels right. I really enjoy it and never want it to feel forced or stressful. So that is where I am at with my blog.

How about a quick little update on things over here? And by quick I mean extremely wordy, far too long, and poorly written. Here goes….

First up is of course, JoMarie! Ugh you guys I could write about this girl all day long, seriously. I will just worn you know I am an obsessed first time mom who thinks her little one is the coolest person on this earth. With that, I will always keep it real with you guys and will not just be posting about how amazing my daughter is 😉 this parenting thing can be tough work and that is no secret to me! I have some specific posts planned about our first 6 months together so I will not get too detailed now, but a little update won’t hurt. Who doesn’t love cute baby pictures on a Friday? Jo is the sweetest little girl and has absolutely changed my outlook on life. She brings a crazy amount of joy to us and Nick and I couldn’t be happier to be seeing the world through her bright blue eyes. She is pretty great and I feel very blessed to be her mama! She will be 6 months next week and I’m kind of dreading it to be honest. This last month she has just changed SO much and I would greatly appreciate it if time slowed down just a little bit. She got her second tooth this week and I would be lying if I said I was excited. My baby is growing so quickly and this is just a reminder to not take a second for granted. JoMarie is so very loved and I always remember this special time in our lives!

Next up, me! Oh gosh, hmmmmm. I’m doing well 🙂 Life is much less stressful now that I’m officially done with my Master’s program. THANK THE LORD! I really loved the classes I took throughout the last two years and I learned a ton. But having a newborn and trying to balance going back to work, starting a new position at work, a new baby, and school, while trying to keep up with seeing friends and family, it just kind of sucked to be honest and I couldn’t have done it without Nick’s consistent support and our amazing families help! I love having that off my plate and off my checklist. Not much else has changed with me other than becoming a Mom! I really do feel like this is what I am made for. I think everyone says this, but becoming a parent really does change you in ways you cannot understand until you are holding your baby in your arms.  I was hit with this new level of gratitude and contentment. I have been thrown some curveballs these last six months, some great curveballs and some unexpected not so great, but there is just a new calm in me now, a new grace and it all came from adding this little life to the world. Things have changed BIG time and our focus, perspective, and outlook has taken a shift and it feels good! Life is too darn short not to live it being your most happy self, whatever that looks like for you. I am currently reading “Present Before Perfect” and oh my gosh to anyone who is a people pleaser, tries to do it all, wears 498094383 hats, or just needs a good read, I highly suggest it. It is reminding me when I need it the most to be present in every situation you find yourself in, reminding me that it is okay to say “no” and how I will never regret doing what is best for myself and my family. It’s a great book and is helping me stay centered during this exciting time in our lives!

I’m back to work in a new position that I trained for, for the last two years and I am enjoying it! I am working out when it fits into my schedule, and when it doesn’t, it just doesn’t and that is okay. Getting use to my body after baby has been interesting but I’m learning to embrace the small improvements. I am still amazed with what our bodies are capable of. My outlook on eating right and working out hasn’t changed much. It is still important to me and I know if it’s important enough, I will find time for it. Working out continues to be such a stress reliever for me and sometimes it’s just best for everyone for mama to get her workout in. Overall, I’m doing well and really soaking up this stage!

Marriage! The question I probably get asked most from my girlfriends since having Jo is how Nick and I are doing. I do not know what exactly I pictured before, but Nick is really killing this new dad gig. I know how blessed I am to have such a hands on husband when it comes to parenting. I won’t get all mushy gushy on you but I will just say that it’s true when people say you fall in love all over again when you become parents and we have a bond stronger than ever. Has our marriage taken the back burner at times? Absolutely! We are learning to navigate through our routines with this new little sidekick along for the ride and there are times where every second we have together, is focused on JoMarie. She recently was sick for the first time and like all new parents I’m sure, it rocked both of us. We were both obsessed with getting her better and constantly checking in to see how she was doing or planning our next step to get her well. But even during those times, we are working as a team and I couldn’t do it without him. Let me be clear, there are absolutely those times of frustration or misunderstanding, we are human! We are doing the best we can and it seems to be working well for us and that’s all I can ask for.

Lastly, cannot forget our fur babies! They are doing very well with the baby. We try to still give them plenty of love and they have not acted out since bringing her home so that’s good. I do see a little jealousy with our Daisy girl but she is just requiring some extra cuddles right now which I try to give her when possible. They are reminded multiple times each day that puppy kisses are not needed on the babies face but they sneak them in sometimes. Guinness is always the first to hear JoMarie when she wakes up from her naps and Daisy is the first by her side when she’s crying.

WOW! Okay, I have to apologize, but I did warn you, wordy, long, and poorly written as promised. I hope you all have such a great weekend! It feels so good to jump back into my blog and as always, you can email me at with any questions or suggestions. I will say I do much better of a job updating my snapchat @JordynAshley and my Instagram @mygoodnessjordyn than I do my blog at the moment but that may change. Thanks for anyone who made it to the end of this post, you deserve a high five and a cup of coffee. For the love! CHEERS!

Weekly Goodness:: Take 52

Good Morning! How the heck is everyone?!? WOAH this week has been crazy and thankfully gone by SO quickly. This week I was back to work full time and JoMarie started daycare full time. UGH you guys it’s been so hard and I know many of you momma’s can relate. I know it will get easier, but right now it’s just killing me being away from her for so long. I’ve just stopped doing my mascara until I get to work. FOR THE LOVE 😉 Loving this little girl so much is emotional stuff I tell ya! On the bright side of it all, JoMarie is doing so great at daycare and being back to work has been nice and the days fly by with how busy I am. I have been training for a new position for the last two years and I started that position this week.  The excitement of a new position, new office, and new responsibility, made jumping back into work not so bad. So why the heck not throw a few more things into our week….

Nick got hit with the flu bug which caused him to be quarantined to our guest bedroom Monday-Wednesday and I started my very last Graduate class last night. IT HAS BEEN A WEEK and I’m one happy girl that today is Friday! Although it was a crazy week and some unexpected things hit us, I can’t help but see so much GOODNESS and some I want to share with all of you on this beautiful Friday. SMILE today… right now, seriously! Stop for a second and think of your three biggest blessings in your life at this very moment. Aren’t those three things worth being a happy and grateful human today? Forget the stress, ignore the haters, take a deep breath and just SMILE because you deserve to be happy today. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!

Congrats to Libby Snow on being randomly selected for my BCAA IdealFit giveaway!! Libby was emailed and will be receiving her blender cup and BCAA samples next week 🙂 IdealFit is just killing me with their sales lately… I want it allllllll!!! If you have any questions about the products I love and use, ask away!! You can use code: MyGoodness on your purchase for an additional 10% off your entire order. I’ve preached it before and will 100 more times, I am very cautious of what I put into my body and would never suggest something to you all that I didn’t believe in and personally love myself.

On my snapchat (JordynAshley) many of you saw some meal prep that was happening on Sunday. I am obsessed with these roasted veggies! Sweet potatoes, mushrooms, and green beans. They were great in our lunches all week. Literally just put them on a cookie sheet, add some olive oil, and seasoning, bake them and boom! Get those veggies in!!

A plus to being back to work is that I’m required to take an hour lunch. I use this time to workout so it felt great to get some consistent workouts in this week!

What is a weekly goodness post without some baby pictures?! Being away from my mini just sucks, but it helps when her daddy and daycare send me pictures when I’m away 🙂 Here are some from this week. Her little personality is coming through if you can’t tell. She will be 3 months tomorrow and that is just insane to me! Time can SLOW DOWN!

Have a great weekend everyone!! Thanks for stopping by for some weekly goodness and don’t forget to smile today.

Baby Update:: 2 Months

Good Morning! I cannot believe we have a 2 month old already! I thought it was a good time to do a little blog update on how things are going 🙂 Life as a new mommy has been such an adventure and I really think I was put here to be JoMarie’s momma and love her with everything I have. When I was pregnant I would constantly think how things would be once our daughter was here with us. The reality is 20 times better than I ever imagined during those 9 months of carrying this sweet girl in my belly.

Maternity leave is going great and I literally get sick to my stomach thinking how close it is to ending. Nothing brings me to tears quicker these days than thinking of not spending my days with my girl, watching her grow and cuddling her. This bond is like no other and I get so emotional thinking of it changing at all. I just keep reminding myself that some of the strongest women in my life have left their babies in someones arms and gone back to work too, I can do this!! I am thankful for this time I have home with Jo and I try to make the most of every minute with her as I will obviously never get this time back. I have started journaling for JoMarie. I wanted something a little more personal, just for her, that she can read someday. There are specific things I want to remember and want her to know about this time in her life so I have started to write her letters in a journal. Some silly little things like how I sing a silly made up song to her every morning when she first wakes up and she gives me the biggest smile with her entire body that melts my heart every single time. Or how Nick would wake up in a panic every single night the first few weeks of her life, asking me “is she okay” as she was sound asleep in her rock n play. I’m also journaling some more personal things that I want her to know about this time. I started this because I often find myself experiencing things with Jo and I think “I wonder what this was like for my mom and I when I was a baby”.

As precious as life has become with becoming a mommy, it has been challenging as well. I always want to keep my blog content real with you guys! You see a lot of the perfect parents and flawless mom’s who make it all seem so simple and easy. It is so far from that in our house 😉 JoMarie is pretty cranky from 5:00-9:00 every single night and her two month check up confirmed she is colicky just like her mommy was. We have our times of feeling helpless and frustrated. The other day all at once, Jo spit up all over herself and straight down my shirt (my third shirt of the day). A couple minutes later she had a complete blow out, my doorbell rang, I was about 2 hours over due to pump, and my dogs were playing tug of war with one of Jo’s bath towels and I could hear it ripping.  It is not all glamorous and I think it’s so important to remember that and not compare ourselves to others “highlight reals” we see on social media. I absolutely share my cute photos of my baby girl smiling more than I share a picture of her screaming her lungs out (yes I have pictures of this as she’s still so stinking cute even when she is so mad) but that is never to hide that we struggle just like every other new parents do! But the struggle is all part of the beauty in parenting. We just do the best we can and love our baby unconditionally and that is enough!

I will say, I am obsessed with her you guys!! I know this is completely normal (at least I hope so) but sitting and just staring at your baby for hours isn’t just something people kid about, people actually do that, I do that! To say the least, I feel very blessed to be JoMarie’s mother and she is the best gift God has ever given Nick and I. She is growing like crazy and changes every single day. She is happy and healthy and that is all we have ever asked for. This little girl is surrounded by people who love her, near and far. Right now she is 11 lbs 13 oz and is 22.5 in long. The girl has a big brain 😉 as she’s in the 90th percentile for her head. JoMarie is a slobbering monster right now and loves to put her hands in her mouth. She has no interest in a pacifier and is very close to finding her thumb which we would be perfectly fine with! I think thumb suckers are so cute! She has a couple sounds she loves that will make her smile no matter what and I’ve only heard her giggle a few times in her sleep. Nick claims she has laughed for him when I was gone but the jury is still out on that one. She kicks kicks kicks her legs like crazy, enjoys bath time, and will have a stare down with any ceiling fan around. Her absolute favorite is being talked to and listening to conversations. I literally talk or sing to her all day long and she has started to coo right back to me. We have been lucky with her having her days and nights figured out since day 1. She wakes up once throughout the night to eat and goes straight back to sleep. With that, the girl doesn’t nap during the day. She is one of those 20 minute cat naps here and there 🙁 sorry daycare!!

Everyday is a new adventure with being first time parents and we are just living it one day at a time. I apologize for the many typos that this post probably has 🙂 it is late, my homework is done for the night, and it’s time to go get some shut eye before little miss wakes up for her next feeding. Thanks for stopping by!!

Weekly Goodness:: Take 51

Happy Friday everyone!! It has been a long time since I’ve done a Weekly Goodness post. Not for a lack of goodness, more of a lack of time 😉 JoMarie is deciding to nap today after a tough night of sleep, and I for some reason am WIDE awake, so I thought I would pop in to say hello to MyGoodness readers!

I’m sure you can guess what my main goodness going on around here is 🙂 you guyssssss, she’s just too stinking cute and we can’t get enough of her. I have a full post coming up about being a first time mommy so far and how she’s doing but I will say now, Jo is growing like crazy, is starting to smile at us more, she is eating great (hints her every growing cheeks that we love so much ;), she hates tummy time and isn’t a fan of the evenings. Here is some cuteness of her to help brighten anyones day!

Below is a little camera roll version of what I’m loving this week! I have been loving this oatmeal for breakfast. It’s quick and easy which is what I need. I just add water, warm it up in the microwave, add slivered almonds and fruit and breakfast is a go! As excited as I was to have fully caffeinated coffee back in my life, we have learned it takes a toll on Little Miss, so I have to time my coffee intake very strategically and do not have more than 1 cup a day, so believe me when I say, I SAVOR that one cup and get excited for it. HEY, it’s the little things. Wine has been nice to enjoy once in awhile as well 😉 Add in my favorite KIND bars and bath time and this has been a good week! My little monkey is starting to wake up from her 20 minute nap, so off I go. Have a great Friday all and enjoy your weekend!!


Welcome JoMarie!

Good Morning! On December 4th at 9:36pm our world took the best possible turn we could imagine as Nick and I welcomed our daughter, JoMarie Evelyn Elioff, into the world!

I have thought about what to say in this post for the last few days and finally decided words just cannot describe the love and happiness this little sweet girl has put in our hearts! The last almost three weeks have been spent staring at JoMarie’s little face, learning new things about her each day, playing with her dark dark hair and rubbing her oh so kissable, chubby cheeks.

My contractions started around 9:30 the morning of 12/4, which happened to be Jo’s due date. I had similar contractions the week prior, so I was not convinced this was the real thing. Nick and I went to church and did our normal Sunday grocery shopping, timing the contractions as we went. After we got home, I labored at home for awhile before the nurse line told us to head in around 1:00 or 1:30, I can’t remember exactly. Things progressed rather quickly and before we knew it, we were holding the most beautiful little girl we had ever seen! I’m excited to share more about JoMarie’s arrival with you all and some details on our first moments together, more to follow 🙂 For now, I’m going to continue snuggling this baby girl and enjoying this time with my little family. I hope you all have such a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thank you all so much for the well wishes and love on Jo’s arrival!! Also, thank you for your patience with the blog and I will get around to answering all your emails soon!

Third Trimester:: 39 Week Update

Good Morning!! I hope you all have had a great weekend with your loved ones and a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had a really nice weekend and a great Thanksgiving with family! We have a lot to be thankful for this year and with being SO excited for our little one to arrive, Nick and I did a little something fun for the two of us, we text each other each day this last week, something we were thankful for with each other. It was simple things like “I’m thankful you got up with the dogs last night” or “I’m thankful you take the garbage out every single week” or much more mushy gushy stuff, but it was a lot of fun and made the days even more special during this week of thankfulness. What fun Thanksgiving traditions do you do?

Today, I am sharing my third trimester experience with you all, it has been really fun hearing how many current and future mamas refer to these posts, and it makes them that much more exciting to put together and share the goodness! My due date is ONE week from today… WHAT?!? I really cannot believe how quickly this has gone. With that, I will say I am absolutely to the point where I am just ready to have her here and in our arms. I’m thankful not to feel really uncomfortable or miserable at this stage, but that doesn’t change the fact that I’m just READY! So here we go with the 3rd trimester recap 🙂 Thanks for stopping by this morning, have a blessed Sunday.

Congrats to Taylor Mazzara who was randomly selected for the Yeah BABY! giveaway on MyGoodnessblog. Watch your email Taylor 🙂 Thanks ladies for your support and entering the giveaway with myself, Rodale Books, and Jillian Michaels.



WOWZA looking at those pictures is kind of funny 🙂 Look at that belly!! Give me another week or so and this shirt will be a legit belly shirt LOL! But in all seriousness, I know I have said it probably too much, but now that I’m to the end of my pregnancy, I can’t believe what our bodies are capable of. The third trimester has brought on some expected aches and pains but even through that, I feel really lucky to be able to experience this miracle. During 1 of our 2304823908 conversations about this Little Miss this weekend 😉 Nick told me the one thing he regrets about this pregnancy is that we didn’t take enough pictures to look back on. Well, I disagree! I’m so thankful for my blog and documenting these life changing times in our lives to look back on in the future and share with our children.


Favorite Things This Trimester

My favorite things during my third trimester includes taking baths, cereal, orange juice, and my exercise ball. I have some other favorite things but these are what have been on repeat the most! Towards the end of this trimester, bath’s have been close to an every other evening occurrence. There is just something about the hot water that takes all the extra weight off my body for a little bit and let’s my muscles relax. Just like the 2nd trimester, I have continued eating cereal like it’s my job. I can’t get enough of it!! Orange juice has been really refreshing too! I am sick of drinking pretty much only water, so I have been having some OJ throughout the week and I love it. Lastly, my exercise ball that Nick got me. I have had some hip issues throughout this trimester and bouncing on my ball has helped to open my hips to help make room for baby and it seems to relieve some of the stress I carry in my hips.


Weight Gained

The weight gain game has been real this trimester 🙂 I was 115 pounds when I found out I was pregnant and last week at my checkup I was 150 lbs. So I have gained 35 pounds so far! I guess that’s a healthy amount of weight to gain and I’m feeling good so I’m just listening to my Doctor that all is well.


I have been able to continue working out 4-6 days a week at this point. Workouts did change a bit this trimester as my Doctor advised no more jumping, so I had to take out all jump lunges, squats, and some other exercises I like to add in but that’s okay! The beginning of this trimester I did my usual 10 min cardio, followed my lifting. Currently, being I’m a week away from my due date, I’m stepping up the cardio game and doing 20-30 minutes of cardio before I lift.


Oh gosh! Lots of changes since my second trimester recap! I had a few weeks of having troubles breathing because this growing girl was so high and was constantly pressing up against my ribcage. Luckily, she dropped and it was a feeling of relief, followed by a feeling of pressure as she has dropped prettttty low. After one of my workouts one day, I had a pretty intense feeling of pressure on my pelvis bone, almost like a really bad bruised tailbone, but in the front. Turns out, I developed Symphysis Pubic Diastasis (SPD).  It is nothing dangerous and is actually a good thing as it is helping prepare my body for labor, but my WORD, it is painful. This is where, usually in later pregnancy, the hormone relaxin causes the pelvis, particularly at the pubic bone, to loosen. Sometimes the separation is exaggerated and can become quite painful for the mother at the end of pregnancy or in the early postpartum period. As much as it does suck, it is tolerable and seems to be the worst when I first get up each day and gets better throughout the days. Thanks to my mommy friends, I was expecting some of the ache and pains throughout this trimester. Overall, I have felt really great and continue to feel pretty blessed for such a wonderful pregnancy both physically and mentally! OH, my waddle game is strong! It just is part of the experience right?! 😉

Food Aversions

Some meats are still not sitting well with me.

Food Cravings

Just cereal…. and waffles!


What is sleep?? 😉 I’m just kidding, I know I have not even started to understand what lack of sleep is being she is not even here yet. But, I am not getting much sleep right now. Between my mind constantly going, being a little anxious, and not being very comfortable when I lay down, I am up multiple times throughout each night. What I find odd is no matter how many times I am up throughout the night, I’m never exhausted the next day. Maybe my body is just trying to prepare me?? Who knows!

Looking Forward To…

Her arrival of course!! 🙂 Nick and I have been doing our best to not take this time for granted and enjoy these last weeks just the two of us, but who am I kidding! We spend a lot of time talking about her and what life will be like with her where we are just to the point of wanting her here. Any day now, she will come when she’s ready.

Boy/Girl Suspicions

Well we know she’s a girl 🙂

Any Baby/Pregnancy-Related Purchases?

Not so much pregnancy related purchases anymore.  We made a lot of baby related purchases throughout this trimester to prepare for her arrival and finish up the nursery. I will do a nursery post sometime as well as my favorite baby items!

As mentioned I’m 39 weeks now, and this post was all about Trimester 3 so here is quick update for my current stage. She will hopefully be coming any day now! At my last appointment I was 70% effaced and not dilated at all. We will see what this weeks appointment brings. As anxious as we are, I am content knowing it is healthy for her to continue to grow and get stronger inside of me. Our hospital bags are packed and we are ready to go whenever the time comes. I do really hope we do not get to the point where I will need to be induced, but if so, as long as she’s healthy, that is all I care about! Here are some big mama 39 week pictures 🙂 this body has seen some major changes!





Thanks for stopping by today, enjoy your day!!

All Your Questions About Nesting Answered! Impact on Health, What To Avoid and Enjoying It

Good evening loves!!! I have a post for you tonight on NESTING!!! I just had to 😉 it’s what is consuming my world and I thought a blog post would be fun as I’m recently learning of so many new pregnant mamas. So exciting!! I have a 3rd trimester post coming up for you all, as we have been told we are good to bring this little girl into the world whenever she is ready!! I figured I should get a post put together soonish. Okay so for those of you interested, lets talk nesting!


While almost every aspect of pregnancy has been pretty fascinating to me, it’s also pretty bizarre. Our bodies change, and we were ready for that. You knew your stomach would expand to accommodate a growing baby; that your ankles might swell; that your lower back might hurt. You have probably even laughed at how real your “pregnancy brain” has been at times, in which your hormones turn your head to mush. So it’s not just the physical changes you can prepare for, but those definitely get the bulk of the focus.

One of the most interesting areas of pregnancy for me has been this nesting stage. The desire to get things right and get things done before your little peanut comes to join you. Clean! spotless in fact. For the world to be in order right before you bring a new life into it – or at least as in order  as you can manage! I pictured this stage coming with ample anxiety but instead I’m experiencing a sense of calm. As I’m walking around our house each night like a crazy person, looking for something else to organize or clean, there is a complete sense of contentment and calmness and I really love it. So what is all this nesting business about?….

Why Do We Nest?

Because we’re animals! HA! Okay hear me out on this one, it makes sense! 

That might seem like an odd answer, but it’s got its origins in pure biology. The whole reason we call it nesting is the way Mama birds prepare their nests prior to laying eggs. We humans are doing the same thing: preparation. This has been studied countless times; not every woman goes through a nesting period, but those that do describe it as an overwhelming impulse and I can completely relate to that impulse. My mind just doesn’t shut off and I often feel like I can conquer the world, so I go for it and I’m quickly reminded by my body that I am in fact pretty stinking pregnant and need to take it easy. 

Nesting really is a time when you get a boost of energy and start deciding to put things in the right place. Some of it can even be powered by very real concerns. The aftermath of labor and nursing a newborn might mean you can’t be as active in your household routine as you might normally be. So, knowing that’s coming up, you want to get things right so they can handle a little more neglect in the coming weeks.

Is It Just About Cleaning?

Not at all! Don’t get me wrong, I’m trying to take full advantage of this wanting to cleaning business as it’s not usually on my list of favorite things to do 😉 Nesting can also mean not wanting to spend time with strangers or people you don’t know well. Instead, you draw closer to the people you love and trust most in the world or may become a bit of a homebody. I have found myself becoming a little quieter the closer we get to the big day, but I think that is normal. 

Research tells us that the closer we get to the day of birth, the more we keep to ourselves. So if you find yourself not wanting to spend time with many people beyond your immediate inner circle, that’s okay too, do not be too hard on yourself! You just have a lot going on in preparation for your life taking a very big turn to parenthood. 


Is It Always A Good Thing?

Nesting generally is a good thing; it’s a sign your body is doing all the right things in terms of preparation.

However, it can have its downsides. The biggest is in terms of stress. As you glance around your home and see a thousand and one things you want to fix, it can make you feel unstable. This can mean the desire to clean, fix and change can feel a bit overwhelming.

It’s great if you have all the time in the world to satisfy this nesting feeling, but what if you don’t? You still have a life, that does not just stop because you’re nesting. There is a chance you have a strong desire to nest and literally aren’t able to.

How Do You Cope?

The only way of managing this impulse is to try and control it and channel it into something useful. Rather than running around like a headless chicken trying to fix a million things you’re concerned about, sit and try and make a list.

This is a list of things you can conceivably do; that it’s safe for you in late-term pregnancy to do. What you ultimately put on your list is down to you and your priorities, but here’s a few starter ideas:

  • Prepare for a health emergency that isn’t related to the pregnancy itself. This can be things like bleeding gums, which is a problem for a huge amount of women in the later stages. I know this sounds silly, but I have read many stories on new mommies dealing with this. You’ve likely spent so much time and energy focusing on the baby, you’ve forgotten how you’ll cope if you go wrong. If you wake up one morning in pain, bleeding heavily and needing to seek a dentist, already have one picked out. The same applies for things like chiropractors and other issues you might stumble across. Knowing you have everything already mapped out will be soothing as your mobility becomes more compromised.
  • Clean as much as you want to, providing it is safe for you to do so. Anything that requires climbing on a ladder is best left alone, or at least delegated to your partner. So the tops of closets and high shelves in the kitchen are not things to tackle alone. If you find yourself wanting to desperately while home alone, distract yourself with something. It might seem imperative at that point in time, but the urge will pass, especially if you clean something else in the meantime.
  • Storage issues. One of the major aspects of nesting can be about organization as much as cleaning. Invest in some good storage options and ruthlessly create a manifest of everything that goes into them. This has two benefits in that it both helps the desire and is actually useful. In recovery from birth, you’re not going to want to go rifling through every drawer to find anything you need. A prepared list is going to go down a charm at this point.

It can help to focus a lot of your efforts on your labor bag. This is something directly connected to the desire to nest, so you’re going to feel you’ve got purpose. Don’t just copy things off a list either. Think the process through to yourself: what might help? What might you find soothing? I’ve really enjoyed putting our hospital bag together and I’ve taken my time to do so. 

And of course… Anticipate!

Nesting is a sign that you’re entering the final phases of being pregnant. There are undoubtedly things you will miss about this stage, but now it’s time to move on. So enjoy the phase of getting everything ready with happy anticipation, because soon it will all be worth it. This is just the beginning of the journey, and your mind and body is telling you to be ready for it. So keep a handle on the stress and make the most of every second.

I LOVED reading blog posts like this in the beginning of my pregnancy, so I hope some of you enjoy it as well!! Until next time 🙂

Showered With Love

Happy beautiful Friday everyone!!! How the heck are you?!? I feel like it’s been a bit since I have checked in with my wonderful blog family 🙂 These last couple of weeks have been very busy and so much fun spending some time preparing for the arrival of baby. Side note: do you all laugh when I talk about how busy I am all of the time when you know our daughter isn’t even here yet?!? I laugh at myself so feel free to laugh with me, I know!… I have no clue what busy is yet 😉 Anyways, back on track Jordyn!!  I just ended another graduate class and started a new one and that always takes some adjustment time. We are also now having more doctors appointments as my pregnancy is wrapping up, and I have been whipping out workout plans like no other. Through the busy schedules, we have been completely overwhelmed with so much love for us and our little miss.



This little peanut has had three baby showers thrown for her and after every single one, Nick and I are just in awe of how kind and caring our loved ones are.  We have had so much fun putting the nursery together and filling it with all of the goodies we have received. Just when I think I have seen about the cutest thing in the world for her, something else arrives and I melt. I want to thank all of our friends, family, and co-workers again for the three perfect showers that have been thrown for us. To feel how loved our daughter is already, is really a neat feeling.




No matter how great my pregnancy has been, this exciting time can be hard sometimes! Your body going through changes, the unknowns that come along with carrying a little human in you, the thoughts of the future, and preparing for this new life… it is so very exciting and something I will be forever grateful for but I’m completely transparent with the fact that it is not always rainbows and butterflies 😉 . We have been blessed to be surrounded by people who love us, support us, and have been so great through this exciting time. The random emails, comments, text, and cards just checking in and sharing our excitement has been so fun and appreciated! We absolutely feel the love and want to thank you!! We really do continue to be amazed by this entire process and the thought of being able to see and hold our little girl is becoming more real each day.

I hope you all have such a great weekend and can find some GOODNESS in your Friday!!

It’s a GIRL!

Good Morning everyone and happy Monday!  I hope each and every one of you had a wonderful weekend. We had a much needed weekend at home.  We finished up some projects we have been wanting to do since we moved in, enjoyed our home, had some great time with family and friends AND got to celebrate our exciting news.

Last week was a very exciting one for this expecting mama and I would love to share a little bit of it with you all. Not only did I start to feel this amazing little human hanging out in my stomach, move all around, we also got to find out the gender of our baby.  I won’t bore you with every single detail 😉 but WE ARE HAVING A BABY GIRL!


Nick and I have known for years that we would find out the sex of our first child. We wanted to keep it intimate  and not found out in the ultrasound room. We had the tech seal the gender reveal in an envelope for us. Jump back to when we moved into our new home a month ago, we painted three walls of the nursery a neutral color and left one wall alone knowing it would be gender specific. We picked out our wall color for a girl and one for a boy.  After leaving the doctor last week, I handed it over to a great friend of mine who went and got the paint color mixed for whatever the gender was in the top secret envelop 🙂


Once Nick and I were both finally home for that evening, we went and sat in the nursery together and opened the paint can to paint the wall. You guys, we COULD NOT believe our girls color was in that can!! For many reasons, we were pretty convinced we were having a boy. So convinced to the point that we were not over the top excited to open the paint can. We literally said “should we go open this paint and confirm what we already know?” To have our faces on video when we opened up that paint would be priceless to me. Smiles were permanent all weekend and we could not be more excited to have a daughter on the way.


My thoughts immediately went to holding this tiny little baby girl and one of the first things out of Nick’s mouth was “I have to walk her down the isle someday babe!” As excited as I am to have a daughter on the way, as I’m sure every single mom to be says and thinks, all I care about is that she is healthy. I am 20 weeks tomorrow and half way through my pregnancy. Second trimester recap will be happening at some point but as for now, I’m just enjoying watching this little miss grow and doing all I can to keep myself active and healthy. I am really loving this stage of life and feel so grateful everyday. God is so very good!

Have an awesome week and do whatever makes YOU happy <3