Well Hello!

Hi!! I cannot believe it’s been almost two months since I have sat to write a blog post. As much as I missed blogging and sharing some fun goodness with you all, I must say it was a much needed break. I promised myself once I finished my thesis and my last graduate class, that I would put my laptop away for a bit and just enjoy all my free time with my family or actually sleep :). And that is exactly what I did! I knew my blogging adventure would take a turn once I became a mom but I just wasn’t sure what that turn would look like. If it was something I wanted to continue or put to the side permanently. After giving it some thought and hearing from some of you, I am just not ready to be done blogging completely. I will not be publishing tons of content, or sharing every little detail, but I love the connections I have made through this creative platform of mine, and when I am able, continuing to share some goodness is something I want to do. I recently put together three new workout programs for some pretty awesome ladies and it was exactly what I needed to remind myself how much I love helping others in their health and fitness journey and just bringing some light to others 🙂 SO thank YOU for sticking with me and following My Goodness. It was really nice to hear from many of you throughout these last couple of months!! I have some fun ideas planned for the blog and inevitably will be sharing some things we are learning with being new parents and will continue my health and fitness posts.  I plan to blog when it fits in and it feels right. I really enjoy it and never want it to feel forced or stressful. So that is where I am at with my blog.

How about a quick little update on things over here? And by quick I mean extremely wordy, far too long, and poorly written. Here goes….

First up is of course, JoMarie! Ugh you guys I could write about this girl all day long, seriously. I will just worn you know I am an obsessed first time mom who thinks her little one is the coolest person on this earth. With that, I will always keep it real with you guys and will not just be posting about how amazing my daughter is 😉 this parenting thing can be tough work and that is no secret to me! I have some specific posts planned about our first 6 months together so I will not get too detailed now, but a little update won’t hurt. Who doesn’t love cute baby pictures on a Friday? Jo is the sweetest little girl and has absolutely changed my outlook on life. She brings a crazy amount of joy to us and Nick and I couldn’t be happier to be seeing the world through her bright blue eyes. She is pretty great and I feel very blessed to be her mama! She will be 6 months next week and I’m kind of dreading it to be honest. This last month she has just changed SO much and I would greatly appreciate it if time slowed down just a little bit. She got her second tooth this week and I would be lying if I said I was excited. My baby is growing so quickly and this is just a reminder to not take a second for granted. JoMarie is so very loved and I always remember this special time in our lives!

Next up, me! Oh gosh, hmmmmm. I’m doing well 🙂 Life is much less stressful now that I’m officially done with my Master’s program. THANK THE LORD! I really loved the classes I took throughout the last two years and I learned a ton. But having a newborn and trying to balance going back to work, starting a new position at work, a new baby, and school, while trying to keep up with seeing friends and family, it just kind of sucked to be honest and I couldn’t have done it without Nick’s consistent support and our amazing families help! I love having that off my plate and off my checklist. Not much else has changed with me other than becoming a Mom! I really do feel like this is what I am made for. I think everyone says this, but becoming a parent really does change you in ways you cannot understand until you are holding your baby in your arms.  I was hit with this new level of gratitude and contentment. I have been thrown some curveballs these last six months, some great curveballs and some unexpected not so great, but there is just a new calm in me now, a new grace and it all came from adding this little life to the world. Things have changed BIG time and our focus, perspective, and outlook has taken a shift and it feels good! Life is too darn short not to live it being your most happy self, whatever that looks like for you. I am currently reading “Present Before Perfect” and oh my gosh to anyone who is a people pleaser, tries to do it all, wears 498094383 hats, or just needs a good read, I highly suggest it. It is reminding me when I need it the most to be present in every situation you find yourself in, reminding me that it is okay to say “no” and how I will never regret doing what is best for myself and my family. It’s a great book and is helping me stay centered during this exciting time in our lives!

I’m back to work in a new position that I trained for, for the last two years and I am enjoying it! I am working out when it fits into my schedule, and when it doesn’t, it just doesn’t and that is okay. Getting use to my body after baby has been interesting but I’m learning to embrace the small improvements. I am still amazed with what our bodies are capable of. My outlook on eating right and working out hasn’t changed much. It is still important to me and I know if it’s important enough, I will find time for it. Working out continues to be such a stress reliever for me and sometimes it’s just best for everyone for mama to get her workout in. Overall, I’m doing well and really soaking up this stage!

Marriage! The question I probably get asked most from my girlfriends since having Jo is how Nick and I are doing. I do not know what exactly I pictured before, but Nick is really killing this new dad gig. I know how blessed I am to have such a hands on husband when it comes to parenting. I won’t get all mushy gushy on you but I will just say that it’s true when people say you fall in love all over again when you become parents and we have a bond stronger than ever. Has our marriage taken the back burner at times? Absolutely! We are learning to navigate through our routines with this new little sidekick along for the ride and there are times where every second we have together, is focused on JoMarie. She recently was sick for the first time and like all new parents I’m sure, it rocked both of us. We were both obsessed with getting her better and constantly checking in to see how she was doing or planning our next step to get her well. But even during those times, we are working as a team and I couldn’t do it without him. Let me be clear, there are absolutely those times of frustration or misunderstanding, we are human! We are doing the best we can and it seems to be working well for us and that’s all I can ask for.

Lastly, cannot forget our fur babies! They are doing very well with the baby. We try to still give them plenty of love and they have not acted out since bringing her home so that’s good. I do see a little jealousy with our Daisy girl but she is just requiring some extra cuddles right now which I try to give her when possible. They are reminded multiple times each day that puppy kisses are not needed on the babies face but they sneak them in sometimes. Guinness is always the first to hear JoMarie when she wakes up from her naps and Daisy is the first by her side when she’s crying.

WOW! Okay, I have to apologize, but I did warn you, wordy, long, and poorly written as promised. I hope you all have such a great weekend! It feels so good to jump back into my blog and as always, you can email me at mygoodnessblog@gmail.com with any questions or suggestions. I will say I do much better of a job updating my snapchat @JordynAshley and my Instagram @mygoodnessjordyn than I do my blog at the moment but that may change. Thanks for anyone who made it to the end of this post, you deserve a high five and a cup of coffee. For the love! CHEERS!

YOU Make The Rules

Hello lovelies! Thanks for stopping by today. It is no secret that My Goodness blog is health and fitness focused, but as you all know, I like to share some random goodness going on as well. Changing it up today with a rather wordy post <— you were warned! 1. because I needed to remind myself of a lot of these things and 2. I know many of you need to hear some of this as well. So here I go stepping up to the podium 😉

I have been receiving some emails and messages on falling off of the wagon and feeling so discouraged and down. I am completely honored that many of you trust me and are comfortable enough to ask for advice! This will be a broken record for many of you, but I wanted to dedicate a post for this scenario because guess what… IT HAPPENS TO EVERYONE!


It’s this super crazy thing called life 😉 I think it’s far too easy to get caught up in our goals, results, and comparing ourselves to others, that we tend to put unrealistic expectations on ourselves and when we fall short of those expectations, it rocks your world and the negative thoughts and feelings about yourself start rolling in. This can be such a vicious cycle. So keeping some things in mind when those nasty thoughts start to make an appearance, can really help.

This is YOUR journey and YOU GET TO MAKE THE RULES! This week was insane for you and 2 workouts were missed from your planned workouts? You make the rules, start those workouts up next week! When you really think about it, the only reason you are feeling bad about falling off of the wagon is because you made the choice to jump on the wagon in the first place! It does not have to be an all or nothing game. You CAN be health and fitness focused and driven, but that doesn’t mean that life isn’t going to sneak in on you.  Your workouts CAN be important to you, but weeks will come up when unfortunately working out needs to take the back seat and that is okay! We all fall off the wagon, but when living out a healthy and active life becomes a LIFESTYLE, you will find you stay off your wagon for much shorter time periods, because you find the difference between life happening and excuses happening <– big difference


We can’t only be happy and proud of ourselves when we are working out 6 times a week and eating salads every meal. I mean… let’s be realistic here, it’s girl scout cookie season people! I have preached it and I will again and again, it’s about finding that balance in your life, staying realistic, and ALWAYS jumping back on that wagon. The cool thing is about finding this balance is YOU decide what your balance is, because your balance is different compared to my balance and my balance is different than the next person’s. But finding that healthy balance will make the crazy times much less stressful. YES it sucks that you have fallen off your health pedestal, but if you stay realistic and keep your goals in mind and what makes you happy, I have no doubt you will be right back to kicking butt very soon!

It is never too late to start again! I can’t tell you how many workout programs I have put together for myself and started over after having an “off” week. Try not to be too hard on yourself, there is already enough criticism in this world, being nice to yourself is important! Lastly, try your hardest not to compare yourself to others. Comparing can be inevitable sometimes, and we all know that! But turning your comparing into motivation and remembering we are all fighting a different fight will help so much.


You are awesome, and beautiful and doing the best you can, so be proud of yourself and have confidence in that! If you read that and feel like you are not doing the best you can, well let’s fix that TODAY! Become better, not bitter! Jump back on that stinking wagon when your life allows you to and do what makes you happy, whatever that may be!

If this post helps even one person, I succeeded 🙂 Thanks for reading!!  Stop by tomorrow for this weeks GOODNESS

Finding the Technology Balance

Good Morning MGB readers! I have been thinking of putting this post together for some time now so here we go 🙂 I thought the timing of the Holiday’s would be a good time for it.  It really is no secret how much our technology advancements and social media communications have skyrocketed in the last five years. Don’t worry, this isn’t a post telling you to boycott twitter or disconnect your cell phone! But more of a discussion on keeping a healthy balance, and my personal lack of doing so is what inspired this post 🙂

3.5 hours. This is the amount of time my husband and I get together on an average week day.  6:00-9:30 is the time we get together Monday-Friday but only when we do not have class, homework, plans with friends & family, meetings, or other commitments. So on average we probably actually have that 6:00-9:30 time slot with each other 2-3 times a week. If we are blessed with children someday, this is the time we will have together as a family during the week when the craziness of life allows it.  One night we were going about our regular routine of dinner, cleaning up the kitchen and cuddling in downstairs with the puppies to catch up on our shows. 20 minutes before our ridiculous old people bedtime of 9:30, it just hit me.  We had said all of 4 words to each other since we came downstairs. Not because the show we were watching was amazing, not because one of us was busy doing homework, or playing with our puppies, not because we had nothing to talk about either because we both had stories to share.  But because we both sat checking up on social media, blog posts, sports updates, pinterest, emails, texting, and what have you for the length of our time together.


I put my phone down and just sat for the next 20 minutes thinking.  We had fallen into that stereotype of the Millennial generation being attached to their phones. I think it’s well beyond one generation though, you see it everywhere! We were not upset with each other, not avoiding each other, nothing was wrong at all, but we spent our only time together, observing the rest of the world through a computer screen and that seemed to be our “normal”. I had this new idea but honestly I wasn’t sure how Nick would respond so I took on my idea by myself. Each following night when we would go to cuddle up downstairs, I left my phone upstairs (with the ringer on so I could hear in case someone called me. Because jeez if someone is calling and not texting it must be an emergency and I will hear it 😉 It took Nick two nights to catch on and before I knew it, he was leaving his phone upstairs as well.

We were at dinner with my in-laws the other night and I heard Nick say “cell phone free basement” and realized he was telling his Mom about this new thing we do of putting technology away at night and enjoying our time together. This made me so happy because this meant he was enjoying this as much as I am! Nick isn’t one to tell someone something like that to make us look good, he was sharing this because he believes in it.  Don’t misunderstand me, I love social media, texting my girlfriends, and spending time reading awesome blogs and getting my pinterest on! I get my blogging done in the mornings when Nick is up and off working out, or when I have alone time. We absolutely check our phones and social media when we are around each other, but keeping computers and cell phones out of arms reach at times has proven to be a great idea for us.  We really enjoy our time together and reconnecting each night after the craziness of our days and laughing and going into further detail with each other about the highs and lows, instead of nodding yes and no while searching the internet, has been a breath of fresh air. I know so many of you awesome mama’s do this already with your kiddos and kudos to you! I’m following your lead!!

This has been a big piece of Goodness in my neck of the woods and that’s what this blog is all about is sharing the goodness to all who care! I challenge you this Holiday season to put down your phones a little more. Maybe it’s during your family dinner each night, while your telling your kiddos goodnight, during family movie night, or morning breakfast. This whole technology free zone is refreshing in ways you wouldn’t imagine.

To go along with my story here, I do want to add in another little blurb. Nothing about this post is saying stay off of social media! Heck, you’re on it right now reading this and I would love for you to continue reading my blog.  I am on social media daily for a number of reasons but mainly because it’s how I connect with many of my clients doing my workout programs, or check up on my family living far away from me. Media is a great thing!! It’s just finding that balance. Don’t fall into that ugly trap of trying to prove the perception of social media wrong by deleting your social media to say “I deleted my social media” and then reactivating it just a few weeks later 😉 Being connected is not a negative thing, just find your balance between being connected and making being unconnected a priority.