Well Hello!

Hi!! I cannot believe it’s been almost two months since I have sat to write a blog post. As much as I missed blogging and sharing some fun goodness with you all, I must say it was a much needed break. I promised myself once I finished my thesis and my last graduate class, that I would put my laptop away for a bit and just enjoy all my free time with my family or actually sleep :). And that is exactly what I did! I knew my blogging adventure would take a turn once I became a mom but I just wasn’t sure what that turn would look like. If it was something I wanted to continue or put to the side permanently. After giving it some thought and hearing from some of you, I am just not ready to be done blogging completely. I will not be publishing tons of content, or sharing every little detail, but I love the connections I have made through this creative platform of mine, and when I am able, continuing to share some goodness is something I want to do. I recently put together three new workout programs for some pretty awesome ladies and it was exactly what I needed to remind myself how much I love helping others in their health and fitness journey and just bringing some light to others 🙂 SO thank YOU for sticking with me and following My Goodness. It was really nice to hear from many of you throughout these last couple of months!! I have some fun ideas planned for the blog and inevitably will be sharing some things we are learning with being new parents and will continue my health and fitness posts.  I plan to blog when it fits in and it feels right. I really enjoy it and never want it to feel forced or stressful. So that is where I am at with my blog.

How about a quick little update on things over here? And by quick I mean extremely wordy, far too long, and poorly written. Here goes….

First up is of course, JoMarie! Ugh you guys I could write about this girl all day long, seriously. I will just worn you know I am an obsessed first time mom who thinks her little one is the coolest person on this earth. With that, I will always keep it real with you guys and will not just be posting about how amazing my daughter is 😉 this parenting thing can be tough work and that is no secret to me! I have some specific posts planned about our first 6 months together so I will not get too detailed now, but a little update won’t hurt. Who doesn’t love cute baby pictures on a Friday? Jo is the sweetest little girl and has absolutely changed my outlook on life. She brings a crazy amount of joy to us and Nick and I couldn’t be happier to be seeing the world through her bright blue eyes. She is pretty great and I feel very blessed to be her mama! She will be 6 months next week and I’m kind of dreading it to be honest. This last month she has just changed SO much and I would greatly appreciate it if time slowed down just a little bit. She got her second tooth this week and I would be lying if I said I was excited. My baby is growing so quickly and this is just a reminder to not take a second for granted. JoMarie is so very loved and I always remember this special time in our lives!

Next up, me! Oh gosh, hmmmmm. I’m doing well 🙂 Life is much less stressful now that I’m officially done with my Master’s program. THANK THE LORD! I really loved the classes I took throughout the last two years and I learned a ton. But having a newborn and trying to balance going back to work, starting a new position at work, a new baby, and school, while trying to keep up with seeing friends and family, it just kind of sucked to be honest and I couldn’t have done it without Nick’s consistent support and our amazing families help! I love having that off my plate and off my checklist. Not much else has changed with me other than becoming a Mom! I really do feel like this is what I am made for. I think everyone says this, but becoming a parent really does change you in ways you cannot understand until you are holding your baby in your arms.  I was hit with this new level of gratitude and contentment. I have been thrown some curveballs these last six months, some great curveballs and some unexpected not so great, but there is just a new calm in me now, a new grace and it all came from adding this little life to the world. Things have changed BIG time and our focus, perspective, and outlook has taken a shift and it feels good! Life is too darn short not to live it being your most happy self, whatever that looks like for you. I am currently reading “Present Before Perfect” and oh my gosh to anyone who is a people pleaser, tries to do it all, wears 498094383 hats, or just needs a good read, I highly suggest it. It is reminding me when I need it the most to be present in every situation you find yourself in, reminding me that it is okay to say “no” and how I will never regret doing what is best for myself and my family. It’s a great book and is helping me stay centered during this exciting time in our lives!

I’m back to work in a new position that I trained for, for the last two years and I am enjoying it! I am working out when it fits into my schedule, and when it doesn’t, it just doesn’t and that is okay. Getting use to my body after baby has been interesting but I’m learning to embrace the small improvements. I am still amazed with what our bodies are capable of. My outlook on eating right and working out hasn’t changed much. It is still important to me and I know if it’s important enough, I will find time for it. Working out continues to be such a stress reliever for me and sometimes it’s just best for everyone for mama to get her workout in. Overall, I’m doing well and really soaking up this stage!

Marriage! The question I probably get asked most from my girlfriends since having Jo is how Nick and I are doing. I do not know what exactly I pictured before, but Nick is really killing this new dad gig. I know how blessed I am to have such a hands on husband when it comes to parenting. I won’t get all mushy gushy on you but I will just say that it’s true when people say you fall in love all over again when you become parents and we have a bond stronger than ever. Has our marriage taken the back burner at times? Absolutely! We are learning to navigate through our routines with this new little sidekick along for the ride and there are times where every second we have together, is focused on JoMarie. She recently was sick for the first time and like all new parents I’m sure, it rocked both of us. We were both obsessed with getting her better and constantly checking in to see how she was doing or planning our next step to get her well. But even during those times, we are working as a team and I couldn’t do it without him. Let me be clear, there are absolutely those times of frustration or misunderstanding, we are human! We are doing the best we can and it seems to be working well for us and that’s all I can ask for.

Lastly, cannot forget our fur babies! They are doing very well with the baby. We try to still give them plenty of love and they have not acted out since bringing her home so that’s good. I do see a little jealousy with our Daisy girl but she is just requiring some extra cuddles right now which I try to give her when possible. They are reminded multiple times each day that puppy kisses are not needed on the babies face but they sneak them in sometimes. Guinness is always the first to hear JoMarie when she wakes up from her naps and Daisy is the first by her side when she’s crying.

WOW! Okay, I have to apologize, but I did warn you, wordy, long, and poorly written as promised. I hope you all have such a great weekend! It feels so good to jump back into my blog and as always, you can email me at mygoodnessblog@gmail.com with any questions or suggestions. I will say I do much better of a job updating my snapchat @JordynAshley and my Instagram @mygoodnessjordyn than I do my blog at the moment but that may change. Thanks for anyone who made it to the end of this post, you deserve a high five and a cup of coffee. For the love! CHEERS!

Weekly Goodness:: Take 52

Good Morning! How the heck is everyone?!? WOAH this week has been crazy and thankfully gone by SO quickly. This week I was back to work full time and JoMarie started daycare full time. UGH you guys it’s been so hard and I know many of you momma’s can relate. I know it will get easier, but right now it’s just killing me being away from her for so long. I’ve just stopped doing my mascara until I get to work. FOR THE LOVE 😉 Loving this little girl so much is emotional stuff I tell ya! On the bright side of it all, JoMarie is doing so great at daycare and being back to work has been nice and the days fly by with how busy I am. I have been training for a new position for the last two years and I started that position this week.  The excitement of a new position, new office, and new responsibility, made jumping back into work not so bad. So why the heck not throw a few more things into our week….

Nick got hit with the flu bug which caused him to be quarantined to our guest bedroom Monday-Wednesday and I started my very last Graduate class last night. IT HAS BEEN A WEEK and I’m one happy girl that today is Friday! Although it was a crazy week and some unexpected things hit us, I can’t help but see so much GOODNESS and some I want to share with all of you on this beautiful Friday. SMILE today… right now, seriously! Stop for a second and think of your three biggest blessings in your life at this very moment. Aren’t those three things worth being a happy and grateful human today? Forget the stress, ignore the haters, take a deep breath and just SMILE because you deserve to be happy today. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!

Congrats to Libby Snow on being randomly selected for my BCAA IdealFit giveaway!! Libby was emailed and will be receiving her blender cup and BCAA samples next week 🙂 IdealFit is just killing me with their sales lately… I want it allllllll!!! If you have any questions about the products I love and use, ask away!! You can use code: MyGoodness on your purchase for an additional 10% off your entire order. I’ve preached it before and will 100 more times, I am very cautious of what I put into my body and would never suggest something to you all that I didn’t believe in and personally love myself.

On my snapchat (JordynAshley) many of you saw some meal prep that was happening on Sunday. I am obsessed with these roasted veggies! Sweet potatoes, mushrooms, and green beans. They were great in our lunches all week. Literally just put them on a cookie sheet, add some olive oil, and seasoning, bake them and boom! Get those veggies in!!

A plus to being back to work is that I’m required to take an hour lunch. I use this time to workout so it felt great to get some consistent workouts in this week!

What is a weekly goodness post without some baby pictures?! Being away from my mini just sucks, but it helps when her daddy and daycare send me pictures when I’m away 🙂 Here are some from this week. Her little personality is coming through if you can’t tell. She will be 3 months tomorrow and that is just insane to me! Time can SLOW DOWN!

Have a great weekend everyone!! Thanks for stopping by for some weekly goodness and don’t forget to smile today.

Weekly Goodness: Take 50

Happy Friday!!! WOW am I happy Friday is here!! This is going to be a quick weekly goodness post 🙂 Since last weeks Friday post, it seems like time has been flying right by me. We had some of my family up last weekend for the Gopher vs. Iowa football game and had so much fun tailgating and cheering on our teams with both of our families. We know how rare it is to have our families get along so perfectly and have them enjoy each others company so much…. we take full advantage of anytime we can get them all together! It’s not the easiest task being we live in different states but we make it work!





The rest of this week has been filled with school work, blog work, actual work ;), and relaxing in the evenings. I want to thank everyone who has taken advantage of the discount I am offering right now on my health and fitness guides! Under my services tab, you can use code WHYWAIT until 10/21 to receive 15% off your order. I am blown away at all of the orders coming through and it has me seriously SO excited to work with many new and familiar faces to help people reach their goals. THANK YOUUUUU!!!!! I recently put a 12 week plan together and donated it to a Wellness Basket my aunt was putting together for a fundraiser, so much fun!! Throw some other goodness in from our week, such as our Daisy girl and her heightened stalking abilities…FOR THE LOVE! This girl won’t give up, if she can’t be laying literally on top of me, she will just sit and stare at me, literally for as long as she has to, until there is a spot open to come lay on me. Don’t get me wrong, she’s adorable, but she took it to a new level this week you guys. OH HAHA okay I couldn’t decide it I wanted to post this text from Nick but I can’t stop laughing at it, so you can all laugh along with me. He will probably kill me for putting this up BUT I will take that chance.  He was randomly texting me things we need to get before baby gets here and his wording on needing to get a breast pump had me giggling. SUCH a dork!







Lastly, I want to give a huge shout out to my best friend!! Jenny was signed up to run the Chicago Marathon last weekend and due to some circumstances, was not able to make it.  So what does she do… just decide to run her own 26.2 miles on Sunday! WHAT?!?! I really can’t imagine the physical and mental toughness this would take and she rocked it! I was able to track her down around mile 18 to pump her up for the final leg and off she went! I am so proud and admire her for this, how awesome!!!


Have a great weekend all!!! We will be enjoying a 7 hour birthing class on Saturday… more to come on that 🙂

Weekly Goodness: Take 49

Happy Friday!! I couldn’t be more happy that this day is here. Holy cow it’s been a whirl wind this week with Nick finally recovering fully from his sick bug and me picking up right where he left off… the next to nothing immune system while pregnant got the best of me! BUT hopefully I’m about to the end of this crud and can enjoy a beautiful weekend ahead. We have another baby shower this weekend and I can’t WAIT! My Mom and Grandma are coming up for this one so I’m extra excited to have some family time over the weekend. I hope you are all doing well and enjoying this beautiful weather (for those of you in the Midwest) The change of seasons between Summer and Fall is my absolute favorite. Let’s jump in to some goodness happening over here shall we?

Between my first baby shower last Thursday evening (I promise to do a baby shower recap post soon for those of you who have asked!), having our niece and nephew for a slumber part last Friday, and football game on Saturday, last weekend flew by and I’ve been attempting to take is easy this week but it’s also been busy with work, school, and blog stuff, where surprisingly this week flew by!

One thing I wanted to be sure to share with all of my IdealFit lovers today… Now until October 4th IdealFit has a fun sale going on! As many of you have noticed and asked me about, they are coming out with a lot of new protein flavors.  Well for this sale you can get 1 tub of your favorite protein, THREE sample packs of other protein  you may want to try, AND 1 shaker bottle (the easy to take on the go bottles that blends your protein and liquid together. I take one every day to work so my protein is ready to go after my lunch hour workout) anywho… all of this for $49.99. You guys… this is a great sale so if you are up for your protein and want to experiment with some more flavors, go to my link and take advantage!!! I use to pay literally $80.00 just for protein that wasn’t even that great and now to be able to get awesome lean protein, three samples, and a blender bottle for $49.99?!? Yes please! I have told many of you, I’m LOVING the strawberry protein flavor right now with unsweetened vanilla almond milk! www.idealfit.com/jordyn 


I have three new workout programs that went out just today and I can’t WAIT for these super motivated ladies to get started!! You will all do so great and I will be here every step of the way!!


Nick and I tried a new recipe last weekend that I will be sharing with you all this coming week. If you love shrimp, comfort food, and an easy crockpot meal, be sure to stop in 🙂


Lastly just some random snaps on my camera roll from this week! Have such a great weekend all and focus on what really matters and forget the rest!





Weekly Goodness: Take 47

It’s FRIDAY, it’s SEPTEMBER, it’s A LONG WEEKEND, and I’m a little loopy today as it’s 5:45am as I’m typing this and we didn’t get to bed until after 1:00 YIKES!! So bare with me a little bit with this post 😉 We had the first Gopher Football game last night and it was an 8:00PM start time on a Thursday night?! Do these people not know that this 26 year old lady gets anxiety when I’m not in bed by 10:00?? 😉 All jokes and delusional Jordyn put aside, we had a blast at the game last night and are so excited for College Football season.



Big shout out to all of you who started my September Full Body Challenge yesterday!! You are already ahead of this girl 😉 yesterday was an odd day for me so I will be completing days 1 & 2 today during my workout. I know some of you jumped ahead and are looking at the end of this challenge thinking WHAT IN THE WORLD but I promise, i prepare you and build you up for what is to come! You will all do great!! Thank you as always for the participation, support, and love for these workouts. It’s only because of you all that I keep them coming and stay motivated myself.


This week has been one full of love as two of my best girlfriends celebrated birthday’s! So much fun!!




I’m ready to jump into Fall AND I have the most exciting news EVER (for myself that is) I’m finally gaining my taste back for coffee. I was a coffee L-O-V-E-R before being pregnant and lucky for me, when I became pregnant I couldn’t stand the smell or taste of coffee so it made it super easy to cut it out for little miss. Well bring on the decaf pumpkin spice lattes ladies because the coffee taste buds have returned and I’m welcoming them with open arms. I legitimately had a fear that I would never like coffee again, well thank The Lord, those worries are gone 😉


Last but not least is this ridiculous (cute) picture that is worth sharing on My Goodness. Guinness has always been my boy but lately has really gravitated more towards Nick. To say I’m a little jealous is an understatement but I’m trying to roll with it. It is actually a good thing to get him off my stalker list a little bit before our daughter arrives but I miss my Guinness cuddles. SO I have discovered one way to get this 60 pound beast back in my arms is to venture into the nursery and sit in the rocking chair. He immediately hops in my lap every time. I know it’s over the top but I don’t care. This is also a little sneak peak of the nursery. You guys we LOVE it and it’s exactly what we envisioned. Can’t wait to share it all with you. Have such a great weekend everyone and God Bless!!


Weekly Goodness:: Take 46

Happy Friday!! Fall is in the air the last few days here and I am LOVING it! Sleeping with windows open is so refreshing. Last night we sat outside in sweatshirts while playing with the dogs and right then I decided, Fall, I’m ready for you 🙂 I hope you all had a great week and are looking forward to the weekend. We have some family time planned and just relaxing. This is the only weekend where I am not currently in a class so having a weekend of no homework stress or worries will be so nice and we are looking forward to just relaxing at home some of the weekend.

This last week was a great week! It flew by (like them all). Last Friday evening we went to see Luke Bryan in concert for our anniversary and had such a fun time! The following night we had our niece and nephew spend the night and oh my gosh you guys, they are at such fun ages right now.  We always have a blast with them, but now that we are mentally, physically, and emotionally preparing for our baby to arrive, being around these two cuties is pretty awesome! Not to mention it helps get our crazy dogs ready to have some little feet around ruling our home 😉




Workouts were pretty strong this week, even with my super cute shoe I have to wear from breaking my toe. I’m still feeling really good energy wise and I’m trying to fit in all the workouts I can while I feel great as I’m sure some discomfort will be coming with my 3rd trimester of pregnancy… OR not, and that would be just fine too!


A couple things for you guys around the web this week. We received these seriously adorable headbands for our little miss from AniBabee, who has a shop on Etsy. She has the cutest stuff and it is very reasonably priced and would make perfect gifts if you are looking for any special little girls in your life. Thank you AniBabee, we love these!! Speaking of cute Etsy shops, I cannot wait to do a nursery reveal for you all!!! We are not ready yet, but her nursery is coming together so quickly and we have found some awesome finds on Etsy and I will be sharing them all with you.  Also, Old Navy is having a big online sale this weekend. 40% off absolutely everything and if you like a good sale like me, you might want to start your Saturday morning off with some online shopping 🙂



Online exclusive. Buy now, wear forever. 40% off everything. No exclusions. Ends Sunday, 8/28. Discount applied at checkout. See details.

Congrats to Andie T for being randomly selected for the IdealFit Protein giveaway and for rocking my August core challenge!! Thanks for your support on MyGoodnessblog Andie!! Also, two other lucky ladies will be receiving some sample packs of protein from IdealFit 🙂 Thank you all for your continued love over here in my little corner of the blogging world, it means more than you know! Stay tuned for Septembers FULL BODY at home challenge.

Happy Weekend!!

Weekly Goodness: Family Vacation Addition

Good Morning and HAPPY FRIDAY!! This week has gone insanely quick for me as we didn’t get back from our little vacation until Wednesday late afternoon and Thursday I was going going going with Doctors appointments, a weeks worth of work to catch up on, and class in the evening. SO I welcome this Friday morning with a big smile and excitement for the weekend. We are celebrating our anniversary tonight by having a date night and are going to dinner and the Luke Bryan concert and we are both SO excited! Saturday evening we are having our niece and nephew over for a sleep over and that is always a blast, so it’s going to be a great weekend! I hope you all have such a fun weekend ahead and do something FUN! Summer is almost over as hard as that is to believe. I have to be honest in saying though, I am ready for Fall! Crisp weather, college football, chunky sweaters, boots, and even closer to our little miss arriving <3


This week’s goodness I’m using to just catch you all up! I took a needed little break away from work, and blog work and I’m feeling so refreshed. My family drove up to our house last Thursday from Iowa and we headed up north to my in-law’s family cabin Friday-Wednesday. It means a lot to Nick and I to be able to have opportunities to have our families together, especially since they live 4 hours apart. They love each others company and all have such a great time together so our little getaway was full of relaxation, laughs, and lots of summer activities. It was a perfect way to end summer and we are pretty blessed to have the families and support system that we do.  My siblings start school next week so this was their last little hurrah to wrap up summer. Nothing brings me happiness like watching my loved ones have fun and be so happy!







Ice cream cones, fishing, pontoon rides, yard games, card games, country music, tons of food, lots of drink (I rocked fruit water all weekend ;), and do I dare forget to mention an ER trip for this little momma to be?! UGH you guys!! I took a tumble down some stairs and broke my pinky toe in two different places. BUT what is most important is that baby is just fine and now I just have to rock this super cute, huge, chunky, black shoe for the next two weeks. Darn it! It did put a little damper on my vacation since we were lucky to have such great weather, I wasn’t able to float in the lake with everyone else but I was perfectly fine staying in the boat or on the dock and soaking up some sun. Our puppies did so great and ran free while we were up north, they are still recovering and have been sleeping all day long since we returned 🙂 BUMS! Minus the little ER visit, it was such a fun getaway and I was so happy to have time with my family before their schedules get crazy with the school year beginning. We threw on our cheesy and super cute anniversary t shirts Nick got made, he’s seriously the sweetest! The theme for second anniversary is cotton so he had these cotton shirts made for us and said we have to take a picture in them every single anniversary… I love him and I’m so lucky to have the caring husband that I do!






Happy Friday!! Now go get through this day with a grateful heart and make this weekend one to remember.  A little side note, I’m so thrilled so many of you are loving my August core challenge AND how many of the men in your lives are doing it right along with you, that is so awesome!! Stay tuned later this weekend for the next challenge giveaway!

The Roles We Must Cherish As We Go Through Life

Hello beauties! I’m sorry I was MIA for a little bit 🙂 We took a much needed vacation and I can’t wait to tell you all about in tomorrow’s GOODNESS post. I hope you are all doing well and today’s post is for all the women who read my blog, enjoy ladies and give yourself a high five tonight because you all rock at the roles you take on in life!

As women, we will experience many ups and downs as we go through life. There will be our first heartbreak and our first love. There might be the death of a pet or a grandparent. There will be the excitement of going off to college and the rush of landing our first job. All things I have personally experienced.  We may get to be a bridesmaid, a maid of honor and a wife. We might go through the pain and wonder of childbirth. Or we may have to go through the difficult process of IVF. There could be divorce, second marriages and learning to be a step parent. There will be friendships that we carry through our lives and friendships that we sadly also lose. We will see our parents grow older and we might have to look after them in ill health. There are many roles we will have to take on during our lives. Some will be difficult and others will be fulfilling. Certainly, all will be momentous. But no matter what, they are all a part of our life and something that will be with us forever. What are some of the roles, as women, we must cherish as we go through life?


Independent Woman

Today, we have the likes of Anna Wintour, Natalie Massenet, Maya Angelou and dare I say Destiny’s Child to thank for our Independent Woman status. From fashion to business and writing to entertainment, the world has changed significantly. But these women and so many more have used their voices in many ways to promote the quiet powers and strengths we have as a woman. Being independent does not mean we don’t appreciate the occasional chivalrous act. Independence today means we can make it on our own if we have to. It incorporates intelligence, bravery, common sense, creativity and self-sufficiency. It means we can take charge of our money, pays the bills and carve out a great career. Achieving passion, confidence and self-belief is no easy feat for men or women. But once you take those first steps onto the road of self-empowerment, I guarantee you won’t look back. No one knows the size of your roar like you do and it is always okay to let your light shine bright!

Maid of Honor

Being asked to be Maid of Honor at your best friends wedding is a defining role in your relationship. It’s not only a pivotal point in her life but also cements your friendship. It says that she trusts you implicitly to be by her side on her special day and to help make wedding plans with her. Our Start gives you the lowdown on the ultimate checklist for the anxious maid of honor that just might come in handy if you have the pleasure of taking on that role for one of your girlfriends! The maid of honor role is important in your life because your friend has chosen you to be an official witness to her wedding. Take the position seriously and make sure her day is filled with laughter, happiness and memories you can both treasure for a lifetime.



The role of Mother is a position you will have for eternity. This one of course hits close to home for me right now as we prepare to bring our first little one into this world. You will stamp an indelible footprint on your children’s lives that can never be replaced. Those first few months with a newborn can be both exciting and overwhelming and I cannot wait! And as they grow older you will never cease to worry and fret. Create boundaries for your children but also let them soar. Cherish, teach and nurture them and accept that they have unique personalities. As a mother, you may often feel that you have to do it all, some of the best mom’s I know feel this often! But don’t be afraid to ask for support from your spouse or extended family. Value and respect your children and expect the same in return. Most of all have fun with your children. Because never was it truer that when you are happy, life goes by so fast.

Care Giver

With life, comes old age. At some point in time, you may have to become a Care Giver to your elderly parents. Whether illness or a lack of mobility takes hold, your parents may need a helping hand as age takes over. It can be a distressing time, especially if ill health includes Alzheimer’s or dementia. See your role not just as one of care, but also kindness. Take as many trips down memory lane with your parents as you can. That may be through old photographs, or even taking them to a special place from your childhood. Use this time to let them know how much you appreciate them as parents. Most of us are lucky enough to have had supportive and kind parents, so now’s the time to say thank you.

Hasn’t there just been crazy things going on in our world lately?! I need to work on embracing every single role I have, even the ones that are not very enjoyable sometimes because we are lucky to have those roles. Have a great evening ladies!

Until tomorrow 🙂

Weekly Goodness: Take 45

**THANK YOU for the ladies who reached out to me to ask where the heck this weeks goodness post was! I had this all typed out yesterday but forgot to set up a time for it to publish. So sorry this is going up later today. You girls are seriously the best**

Can I get a HECK to the YES that today is Friday?! I’m currently making an exciting transition within my company and it has been a 2 year work in progress and is finally time for the transition! I am so grateful and excited but just like any change, some stress comes right along with it. To say the last three weeks have been long weeks is an understatement. BUT all great things to be “stressed” over and I can chalk the lack of sleep up to just preparing for when little miss is here 😉 I had one of those aha moments this week when I had a phone date with one of my closest girlfriend and we were talking about heavy workloads, wearing many hats, always being busy, and, stress. Guess what….always being busy does NOT have to be a negative thing! I know some may look at me like I’m crazy when I keep adding things to my plate but I do not view living out a busy and full life as a bad thing. To me, it’s a blessing!



I hope you all have such a fun weekend ahead! We are having some friends over Saturday and will have some family time on Sunday. Perfect little weekend if you ask me. This weeks goodness is ALL over the place, big surprise 😉 First of all, HUGE shout out to everyone who completed my July lower body challenge. So many of you rocked this challenge and it was so neat to see! Also, for those of you taking on my 31 day Core challenge, thanks for joining! This is a fun challenge to keep that core strong and has some fun giveaways throughout the month.


Speaking of giveaways, CONGRATS TO Jenny Mertes and Julie for being the winners of the first giveaway for this challenge! You ladies will receive an email this weekend and your sample protein will be out in the mail next week!! Stay tuned for two more giveaways throughout this month and keep rocking this challenge.

We had our niece and nephew over one night this week and we had so much fun! They are just growing so quick and their personalities are shining so bright. Nick and I spent a good portion of last night just sitting and chatting about our time with them and how funny and cute they are. Okay I’m clearly a little obsessed but who wouldn’t be?!?




Lastly is just pure randomness from this week. My Mom had her first little shopping session for her first grandbaby this week and seeing the picture of these clothes made me smile so big! This little girl is already so loved. I’m loving the app on my phone to tell me what is going on in my pregnancy and with baby each week! I’m still feeling really great and holy COW they were not kidding when they said I would feel the most growth and changes in my body between weeks 20-28.  Just between weeks 20-22 I swear she has tripled in size. Love it! You all have a fun weekend and we will chat next week.  God bless <3







It’s a GIRL!

Good Morning everyone and happy Monday!  I hope each and every one of you had a wonderful weekend. We had a much needed weekend at home.  We finished up some projects we have been wanting to do since we moved in, enjoyed our home, had some great time with family and friends AND got to celebrate our exciting news.

Last week was a very exciting one for this expecting mama and I would love to share a little bit of it with you all. Not only did I start to feel this amazing little human hanging out in my stomach, move all around, we also got to find out the gender of our baby.  I won’t bore you with every single detail 😉 but WE ARE HAVING A BABY GIRL!


Nick and I have known for years that we would find out the sex of our first child. We wanted to keep it intimate  and not found out in the ultrasound room. We had the tech seal the gender reveal in an envelope for us. Jump back to when we moved into our new home a month ago, we painted three walls of the nursery a neutral color and left one wall alone knowing it would be gender specific. We picked out our wall color for a girl and one for a boy.  After leaving the doctor last week, I handed it over to a great friend of mine who went and got the paint color mixed for whatever the gender was in the top secret envelop 🙂


Once Nick and I were both finally home for that evening, we went and sat in the nursery together and opened the paint can to paint the wall. You guys, we COULD NOT believe our girls color was in that can!! For many reasons, we were pretty convinced we were having a boy. So convinced to the point that we were not over the top excited to open the paint can. We literally said “should we go open this paint and confirm what we already know?” To have our faces on video when we opened up that paint would be priceless to me. Smiles were permanent all weekend and we could not be more excited to have a daughter on the way.


My thoughts immediately went to holding this tiny little baby girl and one of the first things out of Nick’s mouth was “I have to walk her down the isle someday babe!” As excited as I am to have a daughter on the way, as I’m sure every single mom to be says and thinks, all I care about is that she is healthy. I am 20 weeks tomorrow and half way through my pregnancy. Second trimester recap will be happening at some point but as for now, I’m just enjoying watching this little miss grow and doing all I can to keep myself active and healthy. I am really loving this stage of life and feel so grateful everyday. God is so very good!

Have an awesome week and do whatever makes YOU happy <3