Let’s Talk BCAA’s + GIVEAWAY

Happy Saturday to you!! How is everyones weekend going so far? Life has been h-a-p-p-e-n-i-n-g over here with JoMarie starting daycare and me going back to work. This coming week begins our craziness of trying to find my new balance between working full time, taking two classes for my graduate program, being a new mommy, and fitting in everything else I love. Bring it ON! Being busy just means you are blessed right?! 😉 We will go with that! Welllllll, I have some goodness to share with you all today. Let’s talk all about BCAA’s.

Maybe we can start with what the heck that even stands for. Branch Chain Amino Acid’s. I will never forget the first time I heard of this product. I was working out a few years ago and often bought a smoothie at the gym smoothie bar. The guy working the smoothie joint was always full of knowledge and was a “health freak”.  One day I asked him what I could do to increase my workouts and results. I was already working out often, taking my pre-workout and protein drinks, and was doing pretty high intensity workouts but felt I was just in a rut with my results. He told me to drink BCAA’s throughout my workouts. He explained them to me as “they will help your muscles work at their full capacity throughout your workouts, which will help you gain more lean muscle and help those muscles recover correctly”. This is often how I explain BCAA’s to others when they ask me about them. But let’s go into a little more detail as I really want to express how much I love them and honestly feel they make SUCH a difference.

BCAAs are important for both muscle growth and recovery. IdealLean BCAAs maximize recovery and endurance, they also pack in a fat-loss blend to help you stay lean and build lean muscle, and also contains coconut water powder to help you stay hydrated. What really impressed me specifically with IdealLean BCAAs is the fact that they contain 0 calories, 0 sugar, and 0 fat. WHAT?!?

You can honestly drink BCAA’s whenever you want! I personally enjoy drinking them throughout my workout but you can drink them post-workout or even just throughout your day. I am so excited how BCAA’s have made a difference in my workouts, I want to share this goodness.

I am giving away an IdealFit shaker bottle with samples of BCAA’s. All you need to do to enter is comment on this post and tell me something you are doing this weekend that makes you happy. One randomly selected winner will be selected next Wednesday 🙂 Also I have a new code for you guys. Use code MyGoodness at checkout for any IdealFit or IdealShape products and you can get 10% off your entire order. OH and I don’t think I mentioned, our IdealFit BCAA’s are on major sale right now! 

If you have any questions at all let me know 🙂 I do NOT share anything I have not tried and do not absolutely love and thats a promise! Have a great weekend ladies and do something that makes you feel happy this weekend! Maybe that’s sleeping in a little longer, pushing yourself to try a new workout, or starting a new book. It really is the smallest actions that make the biggest difference in our happiness.

Yeah BABY! **giveaway**

Hi lovelies!! I hope you are all enjoying your week and are ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow if that is a Holiday you celebrate. We are excited to spend tomorrow with family and be one day closer to welcoming our little bundle of joy into this world. She seems to be pretty comfy as of now so we are doing our best to enjoy this time before she joins us. I am excited for today’s post ladies!! I am teaming up with Rodale Books and Jillian Michaels team, who is offering a fun giveaway for one of My Goodness readers. Expecting mama’s, or have a loved one expecting, you will want to enter this one 🙂

I have been lucky enough to be able to workout throughout my entire pregnancy. I really feel this is a huge reason as to why it has been such a great first pregnancy experience. With that, there have absolutely been days when the gym just wasn’t going to happen and working out was the last thing I was about to do. But being able to stay with my fitness routine 90% of the time and doing my best to keep a clean diet during these last 9 months, has helped me a ton! But there is so much more to know about being pregnant and becoming a mother for the first time, than just knowing you should stay as active as you can. As I’m sure many of you mom’s out there can relate, the amount of “research” I have done during this pregnancy has been insane. There is so much information out there that it can be so overwhelming but at the same time, addicting! I have always said knowledge is power but for the LOVE there is so much out there regarding pregnancy and becoming a first time parent.


I was so excited when I was sent Jillian Michaels upcoming release, Yeah BABY! First of all, I LOVE Jillian!! For anyone who doesn’t know, Jillian is a celebrity fitness trainer who you may recognize from her appearances on The Biggest Loser. Her success is endless and her love for health and fitness is something I admire, so when I was asked to read this book and sponsor a giveaway on my blog to share some of this goodness, I jumped at the chance. Jillian has two seriously adorable children with her partner Heidi Rhoades and Jillian recently wrote this amazing YEAH BABY! book. This book is the modern mama’s guide to mastering pregnancy, having a healthy baby, and bouncing back better than ever. All things I have thought of hundreds of times throughout this amazing process of preparing for our first child.

In Yeah Baby!, Jillian, along with her team of top-notch experts, will change everything you think you know about pregnancy, arming you with the most cutting-edge information available, so you can make the right choices for you and your little one. They will help you navigate the hidden dangers in your immediate environment; understand the check-ups, tests, and treatments your doctor recommends; and provide powerful solutions for all your issues, from heartburn and swollen feet to more serious medical concerns. Also learn how to optimize every facet of your child’s development, from IQ and long-term earning potential to future level of physical fitness and even taste preferences! Yeah Baby! also features a complete meal plan with delicious, nutrition-packed recipes, and a one-of-a-kind, trimester-specific fitness program, to ensure you bounce back stronger and better than ever. You all, this book is amazing and this goodness needs to be shared! I learned so much just glancing through the book at first and then I knew I had to fully dig in.

Rodale Books is offering one lucky winner a copy of YEAH BABY!, and a really awesome HotMilk nursing yoga bra. This is such a great giveaway and I’m pumped for it as I think my mommy readers will love these items as much as I do! All you need to do, to enter is two things

1) Comment on this post and tell me if you would be using the book and bra as a gift or for yourself

2) Go follow Jillian Michaels on EITHER Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. 

The lucky winner will be randomly selected on Saturday and will be announced in my Saturday blog post 🙂 Good luck ladies!! I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of your weekend and weekend with your loved ones!

Core Challenge:: Protein GIVEAWAY

Good Morning! Today’s post is all about the August Core Challenge I put together and the Giveaway that IdealFit is teaming up with my blog for!

WOOHOO to all of you who are rocking this Core Challenge. So many of you grabbed a friend or a significant other to do this one with you and that makes me so happy. That’s what it’s all about right, SHARING the goodness 😉 Keep up the good work and finish this challenge off strong! I have a fun full body challenge coming your way for September and it’s not one you want to skip out on. Nick and I will be doing this one together as it’s another great challenge to take on with someone else.


I did a decent job of sticking with all of you for the core challenge. Keeping the little lady in my belly top priority, I never do anything that my Doctor is not okay with, or that feels uncomfortable for me.  I feel really blessed to be able to workout my entire pregnancy so far, I don’t want to test my limits too much! I did have to skip out on the Crisscross core exercise as that one started to feel odd to me so I switched in some more plank work instead.

As promised, it’s time to giveaway some goodness to go along with this challenge! IdealFit is sponsoring this giveaway and one of you will get a tub of their birthday cake protein and a couple other winners will get some other fun goodies! All you have to do to enter this one is…

1) comment on this blog post and tell me what core exercise you dreaded most throughout this challenge 😉

2) go follow @idealfit on EITHER Facebook or Instagram

3) go follow @jordynashleyfitness on Instagram IF you have an Instagram account. If not, you can still enter this giveaway by doing steps 1-2

The winners will be announced in Friday’s GOODNESS post 🙂 Also ladies today is your LAST day to get 30% off all Ideal Fit protein, including their new Strawberries ‘N Cream flavor!! Head on over to THIS link to stalk up!!


Thanks for stopping by and for taking on the challenge. You are all so awesome and make me love what I do even more!!

Weekly Goodness: Take 33

It’s FRIDAY and although the sun isn’t exactly beaming down, the rain has stopped and THAT is reason to smile today 🙂 I hope you have all had a great week! I had a week of no nigh class which was really nice and completely needed. It was a fun filled week of home inspections, crazy work week’s, and designing workout plans for some pretty awesome people who are taking their health and fitness to the next level… heck yes!!!

Congrats to Kathy Klauer who was randomly selected as the IdealLean Protein Giveaway winner 🙂 Kathy was emailed this morning and will be receiving her protein in the mail.


This week’s goodness is all over the place and very random! So we will do a camera roll addition where I overwhelm you all with some random pictures throughout the week, to help share some goodness with you. Enjoy some of my favorite things from this week.  Have such a great weekend and do something that makes YOU genuinely happy, whatever that may be for you.  Life is too stinking short to spend this weekend being anything other than happy and grateful!

p.s. many of you asked me where I got my little “E” necklace. I purchased this at Francesca’s which is one of my favorite little boutiques in our local mall.







IdealFit Protein GIVEAWAY

Happy Monday beauties!! How was the weekend? This was the first weekend in I cannot remember how long that we haven’t had some sort of project going on or a jammed packed weekend and we took FULL advantage. Between sleeping in, grilling out, catching up on House of Cards, and working out whenever we wanted, it was a successful weekend over here. I thought I would start this rainy week off with a Monday GIVEAWAY 🙂

I’ve raved on and on to you all about my protein of choice, IdealLean, made my the company, IdealFit.  You can find my review on their protein HERE and my review on all of their products I use, HERE.  I continue to be amazed with the results I see since using their clean and lean products and I get way too excited to tell everyone about them.  As I’ve mentioned before, I have tried many different proteins and pre-workouts but never any I have been 100% confident to share with my family, friends, clients, and followers.  That is why I probably come off a little bit obsessed 😉 but I really do love IdealFit’s line and what they are all about and NO I’m not being paid to say that, just spreading some honest GOODNESS. One of my favorite things about their protein is how affordable it is!


Well… drumroll please… IdealLean has partnered up with My Goodness for a giveaway! I know many of you are currently using their protein and love it and some of you have been hesitant to try it or just haven’t ordered yet.  Well, here is a chance to add some more protein to your stack or try it for the first time.  All you need to do to enter is visit the IdealLean website to decide on the flavor you would like, and comment on this blog post with what flavor you would like sent to you if you happen to be the lucky winner 🙂 The winner will be emailed Friday morning and announced on Friday’s “weekly goodness” post.


IdealLean Protein is not a meal replacement as it’s only 80 calories per scoop which is why it’s a “lean” protein.  Having this yummy stuff after your workouts help significantly with muscle recovery and building strong and lean muscle, in a healthy way. If you have any specific questions at all about the protein or any of their products, feel free to email me at Mygoodnessblog@gmail.com

Happy Monday everyone!! Make this a great week that you won’t regret <3

Disclaimer: This blog post is sponsored by IdealFit. I truly hope you enjoy their products as much as I do and thank you sincerely for your support surrounding sponsored posts. I really appreciate it!


HAPPY FRIDAY!! I hope everyone’s week has been great and you are ready for the weekend! Apologies on my end for not getting back to some of you who have emailed me this week, that is on my list of things to do today, I promise 🙂

Things have been literally nonstop for us and somehow my husband and I continue to add things to the never ending to-do list. Instead of constantly allowing myself to be full of anxiety for not being able to be in 1000 places at once, I’ve come to realize our season of life is titled BUSY, but we are the ones who both create and allow this fast paced lifestyle that we live and that we love. Having the ability to live in the moment and be content with what currently isn’t and what is to come is something I think we can all work on and something I have been thinking a lot about.  But at the end of every single day, Family and Faith are what matter the absolute most to me and I hope my life and words always reflect that truth <3 So THERE is my little wordy slice of goodness for this week 🙂 instead of smothering you all with pictures of my dogs, food, and workout this week, we are taking a different route on this beautiful Friday.


Many of you have seen this new bracelet I am obsessed with on my snap chat! A really great KEEP Collective Independent Designer reached out to partner up on My Goodness and I couldn’t be more excited. How did I not know about this awesome company?? KEEP Collective shares the same beliefs I mentioned above “that living a happy life comes from always keeping in mind what truly matters” They designed this awesome bracelet for me as a constant reminder for me to always keep my eyes up to the cross and I am so impressed with this product! Like really…. how adorable is their packaging, and personal touches? What I really like about the collection is the sentimental meanings you can put behind every bracelet. Each key has a special meaning behind it and is a perfect reminder when you look down at your wrist.


Well the good news is you can be apart of this GOODNESS right along with me.  KEEP is giving this bracelet away to one lucky My Goodness reader. All you need to do to enter is comment on this post and tell me if you would love this bracelet for yourself or as a gift for one of your loved ones.  A winner will be randomly selected on Monday!


For every order placed in the next seven days, My Goodness readers will receive a FREE key! Key’s are the little pieces that go on the bracelet. At checkout, just type ‘My Goodness’ in the gift message field before you place your order. Click here to shop: https://www.keep-collective.com/with/josiebunch Enjoy!!

 Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by a KEEP Collective Independent Designer who provided products and the giveaway. All opinions are my own. I truly appreciate your support!

GIVEAWAY- The Light Blonde

Well hello Monday morning, you snuck up on us once again! I hope you all had such a great weekend. We had a great one over in my neck of the woods and are all set for a busy week.  Nothing can beat this beautiful Fall weather!


Well my beauties, it’s GIVEAWAY time again and I couldn’t be more excited for this one. My Aunt introduced me to The Light Blonde Instagram account a few months ago and I instantly fell in LOVE.  Ali over at The Light Blonde is my kind of girl, she is sharing the light with her awesome design of shirts and I absolutely love all she is about. I got this God Is Greater Than the Highs and Lows shirt and also the We Rise By Lifting Others. They are perfect.  u


These shirts are unique and I knew the second I started following The Light Blonde, that I HAD to partner up with Ali to share this goodness. Not only is she super great, but you guys… her work is awesome! The shirts are wonderful quality and share such great messages. Ali’s shirts are so easy to wear as a casual look, or pair with a statement necklace and dress them up. I can think of SO many girlfriends who would love these shirts as Christmas gifts…. HEY… it’s never too early to start your shopping 😉 Well good news!! Ali is offering 15% off all of her shirts for my readers 🙂 Go check out the shirts HERE and Enter promo code: MYGOODNESS at check out between now and Wednesday night to receive this discount. WOOHOO! Did I mention she carries THE most adorable baby onesie??


My blog is all about sharing all of the GOODNESS going on in my life, with hopes to spread some goodness to YOU.  The winner of this giveaway will receive one of the four below shirts 🙂 Follow the below instructions to enter this awesome giveaway!!



Side note: You may have to scroll up or down to find the “follow My Goodness via email” on the right sidebar, depending what kind of device you’re using today!

Good luck 🙂

Sponsored Post- What The Craft GIVEAWAY

Happy Thursday morning all! How has your week been so far? I have officially finished my second class in my Graduate program (celebrating the small victories ;), we got to hangout with our little niece and nephew this week (you can’t NOT be filled with smiles after being with these two), my 31 Day Challenge group for August continues to kick some major you know what (I couldn’t be more pleased with the results they are seeing and feeling), a couple of my great girlfriends received great news in their lives this week, AND to top if all off my office is getting a remodel with new carpet, desks, and the whole shebang, so THIS has been a great week! <— longest sentence ever!!  It’s EARLY, cut me some slack 😉


I am so excited for today’s giveaway! Let me introduce you to Kylie. I have known this girl, literally for as long as I can remember. Our families have been friends forever and we were born best friends 🙂 Although we don’t live in the same state anymore, it works for us! It’s one of those, no matter what, consistent, no matter how much time, nothing changes, kind of friendships and I’m so grateful for that. WELL I’m so proud of this girl! She has been miss crafty since I can remember and she’s finally taking her talent to the next level.



Kylie has opened “What The Craft“, her own craft business! This lady has a bright future ahead of her and I was so excited when she wanted to sponsor a post on My Goodness.  Kylie is currently doing a personalized 7 week Core Challenge that I have made for her.  IF she finds it was successful at the end of those 7 weeks, I will be sharing it with you all, but we have to try it first of course!!



Nick and I currently have three pieces of What The Craft’s work in our home.  Kylie is working on three more pieces for us right now as well 🙂 Not only are these special to me because they are made by such a great friend, they are unique, personalized, and made with such love… not to mention, completely affordable! WIN WIN!




Today What The Craft is sponsoring this post, along with offering a giveaway! What The Craft will be sending the winner of this giveaway, one of their handmade, personalized letters. You of course get to pick your letter and the color of it!!  In order to enter this giveaway all you have to do is….


  1. go and “like” What The Craft’s facebook page by clicking THIS link (you can also search What The Craft on FB and like it that way)
  2. comment on this post, telling me where in your home you might put one of these adorable little letters
  3. THIS isn’t required, but also feel free to check out What The Craft’s ETSY page 🙂 HERE, to see some of her other fun work!


Disclaimer: Thank you to What The Craft for sponsoring this post and a huge thank you to all of you for your support surrounding sponsored posts. I really appreciate it!

Summer Giveaway

Hello! I have been waiting for and I am so excited for this post 🙂 My Goodness has been around for about 9 months now and I think it’s time for my first giveaway. Although I do have some sponsored giveaways planned that I’m excited about, I wanted my first one to be… simply from me! Starting My Goodness was a complete random thing for me last October. Nick and I were freshly married, my career was going great and I just found myself having the deep pull to help others in some way through my passion with health and fitness, without the pressures of selling a service or product, and find a solid way to keep myself accountable. Throw in my life’s random goodness and here we are today…250+ loyal followers that have become a big part of my life!

coffee1  elf lip balm candle

essie poilsh water bottle PB2

I look forward to sharing things with you all and I learn SO much in this community as well! Helping motivate both myself, and others to be the best versions of themselves is really fun for me and brings me so much genuine joy. Having these memories documented, I’m sure one day I will really appreciate. I am amazed at how welcoming the blogging community has been and I have made some really great friends already.  Thank you ALL for following along and for jumping into many of the workouts that I come up with 🙂 You are all pretty great!!

With that, I want to do my first giveaway to show my appreciation, commitment,  and love for My Goodness! I put together some of my favorite summer items! These are things I use almost daily/weekly and really love. The winner of this giveaway will receive…


To enter, just simply comment on this post and tell me what you are most looking forward to for the rest of your summer. I will randomly select the winner Friday morning. If you have been following the blog since day 1, or just started following along, everyone can enter!! Thanks again for all of the support with My Goodness