Weekly Goodness:: Take 52

Good Morning! How the heck is everyone?!? WOAH this week has been crazy and thankfully gone by SO quickly. This week I was back to work full time and JoMarie started daycare full time. UGH you guys it’s been so hard and I know many of you momma’s can relate. I know it will get easier, but right now it’s just killing me being away from her for so long. I’ve just stopped doing my mascara until I get to work. FOR THE LOVE šŸ˜‰ Loving this little girl so much is emotional stuff I tell ya! On the bright side of it all, JoMarie is doing so great at daycare and being back to work has been nice and the days fly by with how busy I am. I have been training for a new position for the last two years and I started that position this week. Ā The excitement of a new position, new office, and new responsibility,Ā made jumping back into work not so bad. So why the heck not throw a few more things into our week….

Nick got hit with the flu bug which caused him to be quarantined to our guest bedroom Monday-Wednesday and I started my very last Graduate class last night. IT HAS BEEN A WEEK and I’m one happy girl that today is Friday! Although it was a crazy week and some unexpected things hit us, I can’t help but see so much GOODNESS and some I want to share with all of you on this beautiful Friday. SMILE today… right now, seriously! Stop for a second and think of your three biggest blessings in your life at this very moment. Aren’t those three things worth being a happy and grateful human today? Forget the stress, ignore the haters, take a deep breath and just SMILE because you deserve to be happy today. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!

Congrats to Libby Snow on being randomly selected for my BCAA IdealFit giveaway!! Libby was emailed and will be receiving her blender cup and BCAA samples next week šŸ™‚ IdealFit is just killing me with their sales lately… I want it allllllll!!! If you have any questions about the products I love and use, ask away!! You can use code: MyGoodness on your purchase for an additional 10% off your entire order. I’ve preached it before and will 100 more times, I am very cautious of what I put into my body and would never suggest something to you all that I didn’t believe in andĀ personally love myself.

On my snapchat (JordynAshley) many of you saw some meal prep that was happening on Sunday. I am obsessed with these roasted veggies! Sweet potatoes, mushrooms, and green beans. They were great in our lunches all week. Literally just put them on a cookie sheet, add some olive oil, and seasoning, bake them and boom! Get those veggies in!!

A plus to being back to work is that I’m required to take an hour lunch. I use this time to workout so it felt great to get some consistent workouts in this week!

What is a weekly goodness post without some baby pictures?! Being away from my mini just sucks, but it helps when her daddy and daycare send me pictures when I’m away šŸ™‚ Here are some from this week. Her little personality is coming through if you can’t tell. She will be 3 months tomorrow and that is just insane to me! Time can SLOW DOWN!

Have a great weekend everyone!! Thanks for stopping by for some weekly goodness and don’t forget to smile today.

Ready For A Lifestyle Change? Quick Guide To Change Things Up

The week is almost over and some of us may be looking forward to next week to start fresh!! Sometimes we can get stuck in a rut with our health and fitness and let me tell you, we have ALL been there! We donā€™t mean to. We may be actively swimming against the tide. But it can be strong sometimes and grab hold of us and keep us in negative surroundings. I donā€™t think anyone wants to feel down or lethargic but realistically, it’s just our reality some days. Sometimes our lifestyle can have an affect on that and be the thing that causes the negativeĀ feelings you may be having. When this happens, itā€™s a good ideaĀ to take a look at yourself and make a few lifestyle adjustments so that you can feel good about yourself and be the best YOU for yourself and others around you. A few adjustmentsĀ could have a huge effect on your health and well-being. So I thought I would put together a quick guide that hasĀ helped me and I hope mayĀ help get you started too. Consider these tips and sit down and plan out your next steps to become the healthiest and happiest version of yourself <3Ā 



Start small and think big

We can be guilty of jumping into things feet first without looking at all the possibilities and not staying realistic. Ā We see that perfect body on Pinterest or a co-worker eating perfectly and we immediately want that to be us and that’s a very natural thought. Ā But stay realistic to YOUR current life and think of what small adjustments can realistically fit into your life now, to help you move towards your goals. Ā The best advice is to start small but think big. Have anĀ end goal in mind at all times. ThatĀ goal is your motivation!Ā Then make small changes to get where you need to be in order to reach that goal. Accept that it is a gradual process and not something that can be doneĀ over night. This can be the hardest thing! But if you are taking a healthy approach to leaning out, gaining muscle, and eating better, it is not an overnight process. It takes CONSISTENCY and commitment. Trust the process. You will not see results in 3 days BUT what you can feel in 3 days is amazing about yourself for treating yourself right. Ā Our bodies crave activity and healthy eating so if you take those two steps, celebrate that victory!Ā 

Think about your surroundings

A lifestyle change isnā€™t just about you. It is about everything to do with your life. Itā€™s your surroundings and the home you live in. Is anything in your house getting you down? Is it affecting your mood? Then there are your finances. Are you struggling to pay the bills? Are there ways you can be smarter with your finances to make you feel better at the end of each month? Take a look at your whole lifestyle and work it from there. Making little positive changes to improve your general life and home will make improving yourself easier to achieve. At the end of the day our families come first and I have learned that when I feel great about myself, I’m able to give my best self to my family and loved ones.Ā 

Have a positive mindset

Raise your hand if you’re hard on yourself… both of mine are raised high! OurĀ mindsets haveĀ a lot to do with whether weĀ keep things up to reach that long term goal, or whether weĀ give up again and just know weĀ will start again later when it’s a “better time”. Little hint: that “better time” is never going to be perfect so be easier on yourself and stop giving up so you can stop starting over. If you are particularly negative about yourself, then things are never going to change. Itā€™s about developing a habit of thinking more positive, for it to then become a natural way to be. You kick butt, so lets start acting like it šŸ˜‰ You must start your day with a positive thought and finish it in the same way. A great way to practise being positive is to be grateful for what you have. Being thankful for that lovely meal you just cooked your beautiful family or your ability to wake up each day healthy, or your loved onesĀ Ā for being supportive. It could be anything. It will get easier the more you do it.

Think about your diet

Your diet is a big thing when it comes to your lifestyle. What you put into your body is exactly what you will get out of it. PERIOD. Ā If you work hard at the gym, but do not fuel your body with healthy nutrients, your results will be very limited. Ā Itā€™s recommendedĀ to get all the nutrients and vitamins we need from the food we eat. But sometimes that isnā€™t possible for very busy lifestyles that do not make the time to eat healthy everyday, many people considering things like New Sun Natural SupplementsĀ which can help you to always achieve a balanced diet.

Be more active

Finally, the last thing you can do is exercise more. This could be walking or even jogging regularly. You may want to consider joining a local gym. Sometimes heading to classes is a great motivator to keep something up. Especially if you make some friends in the process. If you haven’t exercised in a while, it may feel like hard work. But you will soon grow to love how you feel after. If you are lost as to where to begin, or what workouts you should be doing, I can help with that and there are a ton of other workout programs out there to try as well!Ā 

I hope this guide kick starts your healthy lifestyle change šŸ™‚ Have a great day and do something to make yourself proud today!!Ā