Kick Back & Relax: Your Health Depends On It

Hi!! How the heck is everyone? With how busy we all can get, I have been reminded the importance of taking even just 5 minutes a day to let myself relax and center myself. I will literally go crazy if I don’t 😉 CRAZY I tell you!! Trying to find a balance with everything we all have going on in our lives can be tough, but struggling through and not letting your mind and body rest at all is actually really bad for you. Let’s talk about kicking back and relaxing a little bit!

Working long hours, looking after a family, maintaining a social life, hobbies, exercise and other commitments can be a struggle. Many of us are balancing so many different things, life can easily become stressful and overwhelming. And with so much to do, kicking back and relaxing is probably the last thing on your mind. Like many of you are probably laughing at this post with me even suggesting you “kick back and relax” right?!? I get it, I’m the exact same with myself…. I have no time to RELAX, but I have learned pretty quickly that I need to make time or I suffer even more.  It’s so important to do so for the sake of your health. You make the effort to eat well and exercise so why not take the time to de-stress and unwind when your body needs it? Here are some of the ways you can go about it… EVEN if you’re a super busy person like many of you! 


The benefits of massage are pretty great and I was not fully aware of it until I went in for a couple of prenatal massages. As well as easing tense muscles and lowering blood pressure, massage actually causes the release of endorphins (which are our brain’s ‘happy chemicals’) leaving you with an improved sense of wellbeing. Different types of massage will use different techniques and are used in different ways. For example deep tissue massage is effective for injured muscles and can promote healing. Holy Hannah though, those deep tissue massages can be a killer. It is for sure that “hurts so good” kind of thing 😉 Hot stone massage can ease muscle stiffness and reduce tension. Aromatherapy massage can help to relax as well as promote healing in different ways. For example, eucalyptus and pine can provide a decongesting effect, and lavender can promote relaxation. There are essential oil reviews all over that you could check out online if you wanted to try self massage, or get a partner to help. hint hint…back massages tonight?! I think so 😉

Hot Baths/ Hot Tubs

Okay so honestly, hot tubs gross me out a little bit but they can feel so good.  Hot Bath’s became my best friend at the end of my pregnancy and I can’t express enough how much it helped with my sore back and helped me relax. Being submerged in warm water helps to lower heart rate and reduce blood pressure. Hopping in the bath after a long and stressful day is a cheap and accessible way anyone can relax, plus it’s a calm place away from everywhere else where you can just clear your mind. This is something I’m going to try to do again once a week. Allow myself some time to take a bath and just relax. We will see how that goes! 


Meditation focuses on mindfulness– bringing the mind to the current moment. This is my favorite way to relax myself and something I highly encourage you to try! During meditation it is so nice to not stress about the past or worry about the future. You can concentrate on your breathing and allow your body to fully relax. It taps into a deep level of calm, and has been scientifically proven to be beneficial in many ways. I partner up a lot of my time to pray with a little meditation and there isn’t anything that centers me more than that! It helps improve memory, self awareness and perspective. It lowers heart rate and blood pressure and can lead to a deeper and better quality of sleep. It’s simple to do, and looks different for everyone. If you are new to meditation, there are many apps you can download to help you get started. I personally like to have some tea, grab my bible, and spend some time in silent prayer and deep breathing. It is crazy how much of a difference this makes in my day

Do you make time to relax, for the sake of your health? I’m suggesting even 5 minutes a day… just try it 🙂 

Quick Tips For A Lifestyle Change

For many of us, we all like the idea of a healthier lifestyle. But not many of us have the motivation to make it happen and then actually stick with it! It can be hard at first to develop the habits necessary to incorporate consistent healthy eating and workouts as well as everything else it takes to turn your life around. Which is why I thought it would be a great idea to share with you some quick and easy ways to get started. What this should do is create a good foundation for you to build upon. I hope it inspires you to consider your lifestyle and make some changes today. I have found many times when we are not happy or secure in our lives it has nothing to do with others, and strictly to do with something we need to change personally in our daily lives to start living out a consistent and healthy lifestyle


Concentrate on what you eat

A lot of what we get out of our bodies is through what we eat. I tell every single client of mine that you can do killer workouts every single day, but if you are not fueling your body with what it needs and are giving it junk, those workouts will be nothing for you.  It’s important to nourish our body with the right fuel to get through each day. So gauging on cheeseburgers is just not going to cut it. For many, people start by considering a healthier balanced diet. Ensuring that they get all the vitamins and nutrients their bodies need. However, some people like to take the opportunity of a lifestyle change and consider a whole new way of eating. Perhaps considering things like vegetarianism, taking on the Whole 30 challenge, or trying the paleo diet. With all of these, many people are put off with what they can and can’t eat. But thankfully these days there is plenty of information online, recipe books to order and even a vegan baking course to consider. Making it much easier to make those lifestyle changes you want to do. If you are able to live out a balanced and clean mainly diet on your own without taking on an entire new way to eating, that is just as great! My advice with this is gain knowledge on the foods you are eating! What are you actually putting into your body each day.  Check out the major benefits of just making simple changes. Like why whole wheat is so much better for you than regular white breads, how adding chia seeds and flax seeds into your smoothy boosts your brain, why adding a big handful of spinach to your salads is so much better for you than simply using regular lettuce. RESEARCH! It’s all pretty interesting


Take regular exercise

Exercise is a big way you can change your lifestyle. Many people will complain about their lack of energy or how breathless they can become when doing simple tasks. Your fitness levels are a big factor for how you feel. For some, the thought of heading to a gym each day puts you off because you feel you do not have the time, or you are intimidated by the gym (both valid thoughts but not excuses to not workout). Exercising regularly is more about just being more active. This might mean walking more, or utilising your home for workouts and exercises. Doing this a few times each week should slowly build up your fitness levels. I have been active my entire life, but it wasn’t until I did some personalized plans for me that I really noticed the changes that workouts make in both the physical but also mental aspect of my life. I’m currently putting 3 personalized fitness plans together for some very motivated people and I can’t WAIT for them to get started on their workouts! 

Work on your mindset

Many of us can forget the impact our mental mindset has on our lives. This is our biggest enemy, if you do not have a strong mindset, living out a healthy lifestyle can be so hard!  Comparisons are a huge part of this. So many of us get discouraged when trying to live out a healthy life because we compare ourselves to others, while some comparison is healthy and completely normal, if you find yourself feeling upset, defeated, or annoyed when comparing yourself, its time to step back and focus on YOUR life and YOUR journey, not others!  If we have a negative thought process, then the chances are we will talk and act in a negative manner. Consider your mindset and how things are for you at the moment. Do you see the glass as half full or half empty? This is where practicing positive thinking techniques could transform your mindset. Life is WAY too short to live in a negative mindset.  

Increase the amount of water you drink

Water is a great way to boost your lifestyle. Not only does it have a great effect on your skin condition and tone. But it can also lift your mood, boost your energy levels and aid you in to a better quality of sleep. All while keeping your body hydrated and feeling good. If you start with anything, then increasing your water to the recommended daily allowance of at least two litres a day would be a great place to start.

I hope this has inspired you to consider your lifestyle and make some changes. Have a fun filled Sunday all!! 

Healthy Eating– Without Giving Up The Fun Factor

Happy Saturday lovelies 🙂 The sun is shining, and this household is up and going! A little post for you today on how we can eat healthy, conquer the excuses we all have, and still have fun with our diets! Enjoy <3

The most common explanation for people coming off diets is that they simply do not have the willpower. They wanted the results from the diet but they didn’t have the mental strength to stay the course. It’s easy to be judgmental about this, but the truth is that consistent healthy eating is hard to follow.


It’s not just about the self-denial, either. Moving to a healthier diet is a process beset by potential pitfalls. The rewards for sticking to it are clear, but often seem vague and far-off at the time. Because losing weight is a slow cumulative process, it’s easy for the devil on your shoulder to tell you: “See, it’s not working, have a burger!”.

There are many excuses we can come up with and many good reasons we don’t have success when trying to stay consistent with our eating habits. Here are some to focus on to help you get the best results.

1. Don’t Think It’s “Denial Forever”

You’re not going to diet successfully if you look into the future and see no treats, no fun. It’s essential to retain balance in your diet and while reducing the “bad” is important, fun foods need to play a part even in healthy diets. Rewarding yourself for good behavior is something many people do.

This may not be the best way to do things – it can make “fun” foods feel like guilty pleasures and you don’t want guilt as a motivator. But remembering that you can have them in moderation is important and stops healthy eating from feeling like a chore.

  1. Don’t Have The Time To Eat Healthy?! Yes, You Do.


One healthy eating issue that everyone can sympathize with is the time factor. Get home from work, need to go out in the evening, so it’s going to have to be takeout or convenience food. We’ve ALL been there.

Now, however, there are increasing options for healthy, convenient food. A meal delivery service will give you all the ingredients and instructions for making nutritious, tasty meals. It’s a lot harder to convince yourself that a pizza is absolutely the right choice if all the ingredients are laid out for you. A naughty part of your mind is probably still going to try it, but give it a run for its money.

  1. Prep In The Morning, Easy In The Evening


It’s likely that you are pressed for time both on getting up and on getting home from work. However, while you’re grabbing your breakfast then you can also prep for an evening meal. There’s time enough to make a simple marinade, chop some chicken or measure out some rice. Then when you get home, it’s set out for you and there’s less to do.

The truth is that sometimes, your healthy eating plan may get shunted into the background by circumstances. It’s been hard to stay on track with my healthy eating through our recent move, sometimes it’s just SO much easier to go out and grab food, but I feel SO much better when I ignore that thought and stay on track with my eating. What you need to be asking yourself is when this is the case, and when you’re making excuses. By keeping up good behavior, you can feel confident on the occasions you’re eating something “naughty” that it’s a one-off.

Being honest with yourself – and sensible with your eating plans – allows you more wiggle room than you thought. And once you’re in good habits it becomes a lot easier to keep them going.

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you all have a great weekend!! Make yourself proud 🙂

Health Benefits Of Oats In Your Daily Diet

Good Morning lovelies!! As I was once again packing my oats in my lunch bag last night to have for breakfast at work today, I thought why not share with you all why I’m so obsessed with oats.  Well the #1 reason is of course because they taste amazing and are a perfect quick, warm breakfast.  But they also have a lot of health benefits too! So take a seat and let’s have a little lesson about the benefits of oats in our diet shall we….


Many of us, including myself are often searching for the new super food or health fad. Something to make us look and feel better. Maybe provide us with a much-needed energy boost on a flat morning. Or perhaps we just want more energy period, without having to fill our bodies with coffee and pop. Our diets can have a lot to do with how we look and feel. It’s proven that a healthy and balanced diet can make a lot of difference to our daily lives. Some of you may think that oatmeal isn’t the most fascinating of breakfast choices. Well there are a number of different ways to incorporate oats into your diet and SO many different recipes for oats, HERE is the one I made Sunday night and have had for breakfast the last four days! There are really so many incredible health benefits to these little flakes that before you know it, you will be reaching for a bag of oats in your next food shop for sure 😉


Helps with weight management.

Yes, you read that right. Increasing the amount of oats in your daily diet can help with your weight management. Eating oatmeal, for example, as part of a balanced breakfast releases a hunger-fighting hormone. Leaving you fuller for longer. We all know that we can all feel that mid-morning slump when we reach for the snacks, but having oats for breakfast can take you right up to lunch. Add some berries for additional antioxidants and you are good to go.

Reduce your cholesterol.

So maybe this isn’t something you suffer with. Or perhaps you do. But being aware of your cholesterol is a good health practice. Increasing the amount of oats in your diet can help reduce your cholesterol, keeping your heart healthy. Oats have a high portion of something called soluble fibre. Which is proven to help your intestinal tract trap things in your body most associated with blood cholesterol.

It’s a low-calorie food substance.

If you are a calorie counter (I am not but I know many people are, and that’s totally fine), then you will thank me for making you aware of this low-calorie food. Oats and oatmeal are naturally low in sugars, meaning it’s a great option when you are on a calorie counting diet.

It’s easily obtained.

Unlike a lot of superfoods and health fads, oats are easily available and accessible for the masses. You can shop for fresh oats online which can make it even more convenient for you. Some superfoods aren’t suitable for the whole family. But this could be something that your husbands and even children could include in their daily diet.

Oats can help you sleep better.

Say what?!? True story! You may not believe me. But there are proven studies to show that a good intake of oats as part of a balanced diet can have a great effect on the amount of sleep you get. The oats include melatonin and complex carbohydrates that can aid your brain into a nice and healthy sleep. Let’s face it; more sleep is always going to be a good thing.

I hope these health benefits encourage you to get more oats and oatmeal in your daily diet! Have a great Thursday all and we will see you back tomorrow for this week’s GOODNESS!

YOU Make The Rules

Hello lovelies! Thanks for stopping by today. It is no secret that My Goodness blog is health and fitness focused, but as you all know, I like to share some random goodness going on as well. Changing it up today with a rather wordy post <— you were warned! 1. because I needed to remind myself of a lot of these things and 2. I know many of you need to hear some of this as well. So here I go stepping up to the podium 😉

I have been receiving some emails and messages on falling off of the wagon and feeling so discouraged and down. I am completely honored that many of you trust me and are comfortable enough to ask for advice! This will be a broken record for many of you, but I wanted to dedicate a post for this scenario because guess what… IT HAPPENS TO EVERYONE!


It’s this super crazy thing called life 😉 I think it’s far too easy to get caught up in our goals, results, and comparing ourselves to others, that we tend to put unrealistic expectations on ourselves and when we fall short of those expectations, it rocks your world and the negative thoughts and feelings about yourself start rolling in. This can be such a vicious cycle. So keeping some things in mind when those nasty thoughts start to make an appearance, can really help.

This is YOUR journey and YOU GET TO MAKE THE RULES! This week was insane for you and 2 workouts were missed from your planned workouts? You make the rules, start those workouts up next week! When you really think about it, the only reason you are feeling bad about falling off of the wagon is because you made the choice to jump on the wagon in the first place! It does not have to be an all or nothing game. You CAN be health and fitness focused and driven, but that doesn’t mean that life isn’t going to sneak in on you.  Your workouts CAN be important to you, but weeks will come up when unfortunately working out needs to take the back seat and that is okay! We all fall off the wagon, but when living out a healthy and active life becomes a LIFESTYLE, you will find you stay off your wagon for much shorter time periods, because you find the difference between life happening and excuses happening <– big difference


We can’t only be happy and proud of ourselves when we are working out 6 times a week and eating salads every meal. I mean… let’s be realistic here, it’s girl scout cookie season people! I have preached it and I will again and again, it’s about finding that balance in your life, staying realistic, and ALWAYS jumping back on that wagon. The cool thing is about finding this balance is YOU decide what your balance is, because your balance is different compared to my balance and my balance is different than the next person’s. But finding that healthy balance will make the crazy times much less stressful. YES it sucks that you have fallen off your health pedestal, but if you stay realistic and keep your goals in mind and what makes you happy, I have no doubt you will be right back to kicking butt very soon!

It is never too late to start again! I can’t tell you how many workout programs I have put together for myself and started over after having an “off” week. Try not to be too hard on yourself, there is already enough criticism in this world, being nice to yourself is important! Lastly, try your hardest not to compare yourself to others. Comparing can be inevitable sometimes, and we all know that! But turning your comparing into motivation and remembering we are all fighting a different fight will help so much.


You are awesome, and beautiful and doing the best you can, so be proud of yourself and have confidence in that! If you read that and feel like you are not doing the best you can, well let’s fix that TODAY! Become better, not bitter! Jump back on that stinking wagon when your life allows you to and do what makes you happy, whatever that may be!

If this post helps even one person, I succeeded 🙂 Thanks for reading!!  Stop by tomorrow for this weeks GOODNESS

Services: 15% discount in January!

Happy 2016!!! That seems so crazy to say 🙂 Well I can’t wait to spend some time blogging about our Holiday festivities and 2015 recap but that will come at a later date. I’m sorry I have been MIA on My Goodness Blog as of late but I have taken full advantage of some time off of work and have been spending tons of time with family, friends, and some DIY projects around the house. I hope you all had such a great end to your 2015 and are starting your 2016 doing something you love. It is going to be SUCH a wonderful year, I can just feel it!! Our families are happy and healthy, big goals are in mind, and God is leading the way!


I wanted to stop in quick to tell you all I have added a “services” page to my blog. YAY!! I have been hesitant to do this, but I’m so excited I went for it. Throughout 2015 I had the pleasure of designing over 20 different personalized workout programs for some really awesome people and its time to share this goodness some more. I thought it would be a good idea to add these options to my blog for you all to access easily.  Feel free to check out the new “services” tab at the top of this page! Although I do have it linked to secure Paypal, majority of my clients have preferred to just send me a check and that is completely fine too! No need to send me your check until you have received your program from me! I am beyond excited about the results people are seeing and nothing makes me happier than seeing others feel great about themselves!

If you are interested, please check out the services, and message me or email me at

For all of you who loved My Goodness challenges throughout 2015, those will still be a big part of my blog and will be posted often 🙂 Thank you ALL for your support and for stopping by my little corner of goodness every once in awhile.

Finding the Technology Balance

Good Morning MGB readers! I have been thinking of putting this post together for some time now so here we go 🙂 I thought the timing of the Holiday’s would be a good time for it.  It really is no secret how much our technology advancements and social media communications have skyrocketed in the last five years. Don’t worry, this isn’t a post telling you to boycott twitter or disconnect your cell phone! But more of a discussion on keeping a healthy balance, and my personal lack of doing so is what inspired this post 🙂

3.5 hours. This is the amount of time my husband and I get together on an average week day.  6:00-9:30 is the time we get together Monday-Friday but only when we do not have class, homework, plans with friends & family, meetings, or other commitments. So on average we probably actually have that 6:00-9:30 time slot with each other 2-3 times a week. If we are blessed with children someday, this is the time we will have together as a family during the week when the craziness of life allows it.  One night we were going about our regular routine of dinner, cleaning up the kitchen and cuddling in downstairs with the puppies to catch up on our shows. 20 minutes before our ridiculous old people bedtime of 9:30, it just hit me.  We had said all of 4 words to each other since we came downstairs. Not because the show we were watching was amazing, not because one of us was busy doing homework, or playing with our puppies, not because we had nothing to talk about either because we both had stories to share.  But because we both sat checking up on social media, blog posts, sports updates, pinterest, emails, texting, and what have you for the length of our time together.


I put my phone down and just sat for the next 20 minutes thinking.  We had fallen into that stereotype of the Millennial generation being attached to their phones. I think it’s well beyond one generation though, you see it everywhere! We were not upset with each other, not avoiding each other, nothing was wrong at all, but we spent our only time together, observing the rest of the world through a computer screen and that seemed to be our “normal”. I had this new idea but honestly I wasn’t sure how Nick would respond so I took on my idea by myself. Each following night when we would go to cuddle up downstairs, I left my phone upstairs (with the ringer on so I could hear in case someone called me. Because jeez if someone is calling and not texting it must be an emergency and I will hear it 😉 It took Nick two nights to catch on and before I knew it, he was leaving his phone upstairs as well.

We were at dinner with my in-laws the other night and I heard Nick say “cell phone free basement” and realized he was telling his Mom about this new thing we do of putting technology away at night and enjoying our time together. This made me so happy because this meant he was enjoying this as much as I am! Nick isn’t one to tell someone something like that to make us look good, he was sharing this because he believes in it.  Don’t misunderstand me, I love social media, texting my girlfriends, and spending time reading awesome blogs and getting my pinterest on! I get my blogging done in the mornings when Nick is up and off working out, or when I have alone time. We absolutely check our phones and social media when we are around each other, but keeping computers and cell phones out of arms reach at times has proven to be a great idea for us.  We really enjoy our time together and reconnecting each night after the craziness of our days and laughing and going into further detail with each other about the highs and lows, instead of nodding yes and no while searching the internet, has been a breath of fresh air. I know so many of you awesome mama’s do this already with your kiddos and kudos to you! I’m following your lead!!

This has been a big piece of Goodness in my neck of the woods and that’s what this blog is all about is sharing the goodness to all who care! I challenge you this Holiday season to put down your phones a little more. Maybe it’s during your family dinner each night, while your telling your kiddos goodnight, during family movie night, or morning breakfast. This whole technology free zone is refreshing in ways you wouldn’t imagine.

To go along with my story here, I do want to add in another little blurb. Nothing about this post is saying stay off of social media! Heck, you’re on it right now reading this and I would love for you to continue reading my blog.  I am on social media daily for a number of reasons but mainly because it’s how I connect with many of my clients doing my workout programs, or check up on my family living far away from me. Media is a great thing!! It’s just finding that balance. Don’t fall into that ugly trap of trying to prove the perception of social media wrong by deleting your social media to say “I deleted my social media” and then reactivating it just a few weeks later 😉 Being connected is not a negative thing, just find your balance between being connected and making being unconnected a priority.


My Goodness 1 Year Anniversary

Happy Weekend!! I’m turning this weeks regular “Weekly Goodness” post into a post I have been so excited for. MY GOODNESS 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION! I really cannot believe I have had My Goodness going for 1 year already. What started out as a fun way to post some workouts and health tips and keep myself accountable has transformed to such a strong passion of mine. I have really grown to love the blogging community and all the friendships I have made. This blog means so much to me for so many different reasons and I have all of you to thank for that.


It took me a very long time to completely put My Goodness out there for ALL to see. For so long, the only people on a personal level who knew about this blog were Nick and my Mom 🙂 Still two of my biggest fans, supporting everything I do…. thank you both for reading all of my posts and being my only followers for months while I got the hang of it all! I was scared and honestly a little insecure to completely put myself out there.  I knew I had this deep love for health and fitness and wanted so badly to help others but didn’t want anyone to question my true intentions and judge me. A fear I am SO glad I got over!! One thing I have learned is to accept the fact that some people are never going to be for you, and guess what, THAT is okay!! I will always treat everyone with respect, but I have thankfully learned I do not need the approval of every single person in my life, to fulfill my destiny. Sharing this blog has opened so many doors I didn’t even realize were available and is actively helping many dreams of mine come true.  I have been able to be a small part of some amazing peoples health and fitness journey, meet some of the most inspiring and motivated people in my life, begin to turn my passion into a second income career for my family, and document some of our goodness along the way. Something I did not realize until putting this post together is how much I have personally benefited physically since I started this blog. I am the healthiest I have ever been and didn’t even notice it until doing some reflecting. Helping others absolutely brings out the best ME in every way! Getting a thank you card in the mail for helping a beautiful woman feel confident again, or hearing from a best friend who is so excited to be 10 lbs below her PRE-pregnancy weight just 3 months after giving birth, or just seeing a brighter smile on a co-workers face after reminding her of how great it can feel to make yourself a priority again, THAT is what makes me happy and THOSE things are why I’m so thankful for this blog.


Before starting this post, I went back to my very first post on My Goodness and did a little year in review 🙂 seriously…. MY GOODNESS, how it has developed throughout the last year and thank goodness because some of those first posts were ROUGH to say the least. Below I have linked some of the highlights on the blog throughout my first year. Doing this, I realized one of the top reasons I love this experience so much. It is really neat having a lot of my life documented to go back and read about. I know as the years go on and memories fade, I will be so happy I have some of these times documented.


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I want to thank all of you who support & enjoy My Goodness! Knowing I can help even one person with a workout, recipe, fitness tips, bible verse, or sharing some my random goodness makes it all worth it.  Knowing that over 300 people have signed up to get an email every time I post, just so they can keep up with my blog is such a humbling feeling. I have so many fun plans for the blog in the next few months and can’t wait to continue my monthly fitness challenges (Novembers core challenge is posting soon), try new recipes, share some awesome partnerships with you all, and continue to grow my health and fitness business. All of this possible because I decided to take a leap of faith with what I feel I’m truly made to do! A little sappy, I know! But I am excited, proud, and so grateful!!!! It has only just begun.

Thank you!!


Well hello and happy Tuesday! Did you have a great weekend?? I will be honest in saying mine could have been better but you know what… it could have been worse too! It’s a new week with unlimited possibilities right at our fingertips, lets make the best of it.

13 reasons

I have been dipping my feet into the health and fitness industry a little more recently and one consistent question I see and hear is “why am I not losing inches or weight” Are you one of those people who has a solid workout schedule and makes healthy decisions majority of the time but can’t seem to shed those inches you want to say goodbye to once and for all? I have come up with a list of 13 reasons I think might help you! Here are 13 reasons you may not be losing those stubborn inches…

  1. You are not drinking enough water
    • How many times have we all heard this one?? Our bodies need water for so many different reasons, but when talking about losing weight, drinking water can be your best friend! In all of the programs I write, I encourage people to drink a large glass of water before each meal.  We tend to overeat and by drinking a glass of water first, we feel that full feeling much quicker and therefore, eat less. Hate water?? Try adding sugar free flavor packets or fresh fruit to your water!
  2. No breakfast??
    • Contrary to popular belief, coffee does in fact NOT count as breakfast 😉 Eating breakfast is SO important.  It gets your metabolism awake and running.  When we skip out on the most important meal of the day we tend to snack more throughout our mornings and over indulge during lunch.
    • Image result for eat breakfast
  3. You are only doing cardio
    • Don’t get me wrong, I envy those amazing people who run marathons and can go out on a 10 mile run no problem.  If you’re doing that… GREAT! Keep doing it. But you need to add in some strength training as well.  Cardio is completely necessary in order to shed some inches but if you ONLY do cardio your body becomes used to that and will burn minimal calories during your workouts. Add in variety and keep your body guessing.
  4. Lack of portion control- even with healthy foods
    • I see the mistake often of people eating all healthy foods but not seeing results. First of all, good for you for eating healthy foods! But there is such thing as too much fruit and an overindulgence in protein. Still be sure to practice portion control with healthy foods as well.
  5. Your partner isn’t on the bandwagon with you
    • This is a big one for many of us, including myself! It can be SO hard to stay motivated and get your butt through your workout when your partner is relaxing at home and doesn’t have the same interest in being healthy. Try to jumpstart your health together and do a fitness or eating challenge! One thing Nick and I have done is print a calendar at the beginning of the month and even though we can’t always work out together, he would put a blue X on each day he worked out and I would put a pink X. We had a fun competition to see who could workout more that month. He kicks my butt in every single challenge, but it keeps me going!!
  6. STILL a pop drinker??
    • Just stop it! 😉 isn’t is that simple? I’m kidding. I KNOW some of you and your pop are THE best of friends.  But I’m telling you, kick that habit and you would be amazed in the way you feel and the results you will begin to see. And yes, I’m talking diet pop as well!
  7. Leaving out food groups completely
    • Being we are not 4 years old anymore, no one is going to force us to eat anything.  It’s ALL up to you what you decide to fuel your body with.  I will say though, deciding you simply do not like veggies or that dairy isn’t your thing can make it really tough to slim down. You NEED the nutrients each food group provides you, so if you are deciding to skip a food group, be sure you are getting the nutrients a different way such as in a vitamin.
  8. Not eating enough
    • For many of us, when life gets busy or even when we are SUPER motivated to lose weight, we simply do not eat enough. I see this all of the time and let me be another person to tell you, THIS IS NOT how to shed those inches. I promise! You may eventually lose some weight from eating very little, sure. But overall you are hurting your body and will not have the energy you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  9. Indulging IS okay!
    • Just like we want variety in our workouts to keep our bodies guessing, you want that variety in your diet as well. To keep your metabolism working and quick, it is actually good to throw in some indulgences sometimes. In moderation of course, but if you eat healthy 90% of the time and you’re craving a candy bar… have the candy bar!
  10. Not getting enough zzzz’s
    • I know sometimes a good amount of sleep just isn’t realistic with children and busy schedules, but try your best to treat your mind and body to the sleep it so desperately needs. If you’re consistently working out, your body needs sleep in order to keep up with you and your big goals 🙂
  11. Sticking to your diet and exercise halfheartedly?
    • If you are making a lifestyle change or even just doing a fun workout challenge, go all in! You can’t expect to dedicate yourself halfheartedly and see results. Doing 10 squats does not mean you can have 10 extra chips 😉 dedicate yourself 100% and see the amazing things that will happen.
  12. Toppings & Condiments
    • Can I get some salad with all of this ranch?? How about a hot dog with all of that ketchup?? For the LOVE do we over indulge in condiments and toppings! Try to cut your toppings and condiments in half.
  13. Too obsessed with it!
    • This is a big one! I think it’s so easy to get obsessed with your weight loss journey and focus so much time on it, that it can become extremely stressful.  Try to find a balance where yes, your health is absolutely a priority, but do not allow it to become a stress in your life. Being stressed can cause us to either not have an appetite or over indulge! Neither good things when trying to live healthy.
    • Image result for finding balance

I know digging into some of these has helped me a lot! Enjoy the rest of your day!


Weekly Goodness: Take 3

FRIYAYYY! Who is ready to get this weekend started? Just a little work day to get out of the way and I’m FREE… for two days. On to the ever so long 😉 tradition of Weekly Goodness. Here is where I share some of the random goodness from the week and hope you enjoy it and add in some goodness from your week as well. Lets dive right in, shall we……


I had the pleasure of experimenting with some Isagenix products this week. A sweet friend of mine sent me a box full of goodies to test out. Nick and I both really enjoyed them! Our personal favorite was the e shots before our workouts, we both noticed a big difference in our energy level throughout our workout.


Next up is finding this little selfie on my phone. This is my little nephew and he is a master of the selfie game 🙂 Can’t get enough of this little dude


Home cooked goodness! Nick whipped out some really good home cooking this week and I could eat this seasoned grilled chicken and potato/veggie dish every night. The wine wasn’t too bad either!


The Fall weather this week brought us, gave me the itch to find some Fall hair inspiration.  Loving this Fall ombre look that I found on Pinterest!!


Lastly, is my blogger shout out! This blogging community continue to amaze me. I had such a great phone conversation with one of my blog girlfriends last night and it MADE my week. Likeminded people coming together to support each other… YAY! Nothing gets me more excited!

Today I’m featuring my friend Sarah. You can find her Instagram account at SARARAMM. This girl is SUCH an inspiration to me. Her Instagram follows her dedication to her fitness while being a mommy, wife, working woman, and pregnant with her second babes. I mean… she is doing deadlifts at 8 months pregnant WHAT?! Amazing!


There we go!!! Have a great Friday everyone. I would love to hear some of the goodness going on in your neck of the woods 🙂