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Stay Mentally Alert With These Four Life Hacks

Good Morning and happy Monday to you all! I put together a little health post for today about our mental health, and how we can help our mind stay short with some simple activities that many of you probably already do 🙂 So it turns out, pregnancy brain IS a thing and so is “new mommy brain”. I could do an entire post dedicated to sharing just the funny, ridiculous, and entertaining things I have done, said, and forgotten since I have had my daughter. There are a few things that I try to keep consistent in my daily life, to help keep my mind going and stay on somewhat...

13 Things Mentally Strong People DON’T Do

Happy Happy Thursday My Goodness readers! Quick one today, but worth sharing. I stumbled across this article from another blogger and really enjoyed it. It made me think a little bit on how mentally strong I really am and have become, and things I can work on as well. I find myself saying “It’s all mental” probably way too often, but I really do think…. it’s all mental! Being mentally strong, or working towards being mentally strong helps in all aspects of our lives, including your health and fitness 🙂 Enjoy!