Let’s Get Social: Workout for Friends

Happy Friday to YOU!!! Oh my gosh it has been a minute since I have blogged and I have to admit, I have missed it a little bit 🙂 I have been a little busy lately and focusing more than ever on really being present to what is right in front of me and thankfully, what has been right in front of me lately has not been my computer screen 😉 More on that later! Today I want to talk about workout out with friends and using our friendships to keep each other motivated.

My aunt sent me a pretty funny group chap with herself and her girlfriends, talking about working out. You could be running a marathon together or texting each other workout jokes, whatever works for you! Friendships are great ways to keep each other accountable.  I have come up with a few things you could try with a friend or two.

When you first start out on your fitness journey, it can be difficult to keep yourself motivated. You can have a week-long streak, then stop because you missed a day and it’s hard to start again. Or boredom, self-consciousness, and doubt can get the best of you. In this case, why not get some friends involved in your workouts. Not only can you all keep each other on track, but you can also all have some laughs along the way.

Dance off the calories

Whether you sign up for a high-intensity Zumba dance workout, a mellow salsa class for beginners, or just enjoy yourselves playing Just Dance on Wii, dancing is a fun but intense exercise. It’s even more fun with a partner. A 30-minute session will burn between 130 and 250 calories, will challenge your brain as you learn the moves, will target your whole body to make you stronger, and will improve balance and coordination. The best part about this exercise is that you can do it anywhere. I would say if you were to walk into my house on a weekend, there is about an 80% chance you would catch me dancing in our kitchen with JoMarie. We love dance parties and the calorie burn is just a bonus. 

Join the gym together

Going to the gym can sometimes feel like self-imposed torture, which doesn’t help your motivation in the slightest. Getting a gym buddy might not make it feel any better, but at least you’ll have someone to cheer you on while you lift weights and push you to stay in plank for a few more seconds. There are even a few partner exercises you could include in your workout to raise the intensity. Having to motivate someone else to stay on track will also encourage you to stick to your gym schedule. In short, you stand a better chance of meeting your gym goals and reaching your targets if you take your friend to the gym with you. Even if it’s not the gym, maybe start a new program with a friend. This way you can keep each other accountable as you will be doing the same workouts as each other. 

Run together

A running buddy may make this exercise a little more exciting. Having someone to run with is an excellent way to see if you’re pushing yourself too hard; if you find it difficult to maintain a conversation while running, you should probably slow your pace a little. However, if your running partner is slightly better than you, then you have a free running coach telling you when to pick up the pace. Why not sign up for a charity run to further motivate yourselves to stay on track? I am currently working on signing up a group of my co-workers to do some charity runs together this year and also using this as some team building 🙂 can’t wait!! 

Relax together

Once you’ve committed to working out together, you and your buddy should make sure to enjoy your rest days together. By keeping each other in line, you can get right back into your routine the next day. Get in the kitchen with a friend and experiment on some new healthy and fun recipes to try!!

Our best girlfriends are special gifts that we should never take for granted! Surround yourself with your friends who are cheering you on as loud as you are cheering for them, there is nothing better than that!!

“When women support each other, incredible things happen”

31 Day Fitness Challenge- Weeks 4 & 5


Hello hello H-E-L-L-O! How are you?! Sunday evening already? Ugh as much as I’m dreading starting the work week back up, I am beyond excited to jump back into my blogging community. You guys are so great and all the love and support I have been receiving, honestly… means the world to me! I have some fun recipes and workouts planned for My Goodness this week 🙂

I hope everyones weekend was great! Nick and I spend the weekend with family, hanging with our puppies, projects around the house, and partner workouts. Not to get too deep into details but YOU GUYS, nothing pushes you like working out next to someone, I swear! Grab a partner and get your sweat on!! Every time I lift with Nick I can somehow lift MUCH heavier than usual. BUT funny story about this weekend 😉 Nick and I got to workout together on Saturday and it was his turn to lead the lift.  I knew we were lifting shoulders and core. So I’m expecting our usual shoulders&core lift. WELL this guy forgets to mention that “no babe, we are not in fact lifting three different shoulder exercises, we will be doing FIVE different exercises. Which means 150 reps instead of our regular 90)

Well! Like I said, a workout out with Nick pushes me, so when we got to lift #3, I was going ALL out. As in, arms shaking so bad I can barely finish and sweating an embarrassing amount and probably making just ridiculously NOT attractive faces and he then tells me, “we have 60 more reps to go girl!” Ummmm What was that you just said?! FOR THE LOVE! I pushed through, but let me tell you, he heard it from me on our walk to the car after 😉

week 4

On to today’s post! Alright you awesome people…. we are finishing up my 31 day fitness challenge already. I’m combining weeks 4 & 5 into this post. You have the remainder of the month to fit in 8 HIIT workouts and continue on with the core challenge. This August group has rocked it and I couldn’t be more proud!! Keep in mind, you don’t have to take on the entire 31 day challenge to try these workouts, they are open to anyone 🙂


Above you will find weeks 4 and 5 workouts. As always, be sure to let me know if you have ANY questions, I am always here to help. Something to remember is EVERY single exercise within my challenge is made to easily be moderated by you. Do what fits YOU but also pushes you outside of your comfort zone a little. Not comfortable with jump squats, don’t jump… just squat! Don’t have a treadmill for the sprint workouts, use an elliptical or jump outside 🙂 Anything is better than nothing.

On week 4 you see “Jump Squat to Jump Lunge” being My Goodness was under some maintenance yesterday, I sent many of you week 4’s workouts via text and email.  I had many questions on this move, which I expected. This is a tough one to understand when reading it. Click the link below to see a mini version of it 🙂 You get to count, when you squat.

Jump Lunge to Jump Squat from Jordyn Elioff on Vimeo.

Start your week off strong! Make some personal goals that will either mentally or physically make you proud. Happy Sunday all!!

Join the conversation: What was the best part of your weekend??