Nick and I went to Riviera Maya for our honeymoon in August. We had so much fun! It’s crazy to think this was our first time flying together after being together for 6 years?! WHAT? Nick had never been to an all inclusive resort before and I hadn’t since high school, so you can imagine our excitement! Not to mention we became husband & wife not even 2 days before taking off!

10620705_10203442111271601_7681638378807617594_nWe spent most of our days by the pool. Unfortunately a couple days before we arrived they had a big storm that washed up lots of yuck onto the beach…. did not smell too pleasant. So the pool it was! We were okay with that 🙂 We went snorkeling one day which was a lot of fun. I’m a little claustrophobic so it took me awhile to get used to the whole snorkeling thing. Nick did great and loved it!

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It was so great to enjoy our first week as Mr. & Mrs. being completely disconnected from text, social media, work, and emails!! We plan to take another trip like this for our 1 year anniversary. Complete and well deserved relaxation baby!


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  1. My husband and I have Riviera Maya twice and love it! Where is that cute blue maxi dress from? Please do share! Love all of the pictures. You two are adorable

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