Well hello! Below I will go through my current workout routine. You can also find the specific workouts that I have created, HERE!


Nick and I are currently doing a program of 4 days on and 1 day off. Each day we get our cardio in however we can. Speaking of cardio… for YEARS all I did was run run run! It wasn’t until I started actually picking up weights and using machines that my love for cardio quickly faded. It is important to still fit in (I do see a negative response in my body when I take time away from cardio and only lift) But I do think my visible and rewarding changes have come from the combination of a little cardio and a lot of strength training.

Any who….


I lift two different body parts each day. My routine varies a little from my Husbands since I have different “trouble” spots that I focus on. Even though day 3 we focus on core, I try to do abs between each set everyday and hit the core really hard on day 3.  I usually have some sort of challenge going along with this routine. For example, the 31 day core challenge . After I do my cardio and lift for the day, I finish with my current challenge.

Day 1: Chest and Triceps

Day 2: Back and Biceps

Day 3: Shoulders and Core

Day 4: Legs and Booty

Day 5: Rest

and repeat!

photo 4 (6)

To get a little more specific, I will walk through Day 1- Chest and Tri. This is the routine I do with each day… just different lifts.

If I have time I get my cardio in first I will, but lately I lift over my lunch break and do my cardio by running our puppies when I get home at night.

photo 14photo 15

Guinness and Daisy associates the words “want to go bye bye” with “RUN!” They are ready to go the second I say “bye bye” They love their runs!!  Guinness also LOVES running water after our run… even though his water bowl is full, he prefers water STRAIGHT from our sink. For the love!

I go through all of chest before I do any tri. I decide on three different chest lifts for the day and three different triceps. I do 10 reps of my first chest lift and then do a set of abs. I then do my second set of the same chest lift, followed by another set of abs, and go through this one more time. Now it is time for the second chest lift. I do three sets (reps of 10) for each exercise with a set of abs in-between each set. Once all three of my chest exercises are complete, I move to triceps. Three sets of each exercise, with abs between. Biceps and triceps are hard to always find three different exercises for each. I just keep in mind that I need to fit in 90 reps of triceps…however I can! As I’m sure you can guess…. I follow these steps each day with whatever body parts we are focusing on.

When my lift is complete, I will do whatever challenge I’m doing at that time. This only takes about 5 minutes and is a great way to fit your focus area in and end your workout with a BOOM!


I will admit I do not stick to this routine super strictly! I’m all about variety and changing it up for your body (this is why I added in the challenge portion). Sometimes I will take the puppies on a longer run and skip my lift or find a fun circuit on Pinterest to change things up.


Between my 4 days on 1 day off lifting, cardio, switching in some challenges, and eating someone clean…. I have noticed more positive changes in my body!


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