How to Use Google My Business to Get More Customers

The Internet is a dynamic and evolving space. Its number of social media users is increasing and the percentage of mobile traffic growing and the ratio between Google and Yandex searches on Runet is shifting. If, at the start of 2018 , their popularity was similar to the amount, today there is a 11% increase in Google users.

In the year 2018, there were three major changes to Google’s primary ranking algorithm, which took place in March, April , and August. Each was comprised of a variety of components however they all had one thing they all had in common: the rising importance of consistently refreshed content on a website’s ranking. Read more about Google My Business here

 What exactly is Google My Business

 Google My Business is a service that allows you to build and maintain a webpage about your company for no cost. It will result in a business card that contains all the details you require from address to ratings, announcements and even 3D tour. The card is posted on the Google map and then made available through Google search results. People searching for your company or similar businesses will find it. 

Google My Business works

To be able for your company to be featured to be listed in Google My Business, it must have an address in physical form. It’s currently a requirement but this may change in the near-term: Google has begun testing an update that allows you to register your company and give an opening date for the future.


 Google My Business adds some fantastic features to the main advantages of being listed on the map, and having your company’s information up-to the minute.

  • Presenting your business’s card online Google to search for your business name.
  • Rapid updates on your products, services , or promotions via iOS as well as Android mobile applications.
  • Reviews. Through Google My Business, you can reply to reviews and engage with your customers. It is no doubt that having ratings and reviews for your business creates confidence with prospective customers. Additionally, they can move your company’s page higher in search results for your business on Google Maps.
  • Information is pulled to Google AdWords ads.
  • The ability to create a website using the service. This is an ideal option for people who aren’t yet able to create their own website.
  • Utilizing a separate number to be used within Google AdWords advertisements. This benefit will be appreciated by anyone who makes use of call-tracking to measure the performance of ads.
  • Statistics. It shows how people arrive at your website (using Google search or map search) as well as what they do with the buttons (“call”, “go to website”, “share”, etc. ). The other day, there was a statistic that shows the number of times the brand name, service or product name was mentioned.
  • Influence on the ranking ability to influence the ranking Google. The following factors are responsible for the development Local results

 Distinction from the user

  • Review, rating, or reviews are present;
  • Behavior-related variables (clicks and conversions to the website and so on. );
  • the balance of the the account. Pages that provide the most comprehensive details about the business are more highly ranked than rivals in results of local search engines.

 Do all companies require this tool?

 The answer is yes. For companies that have a strong dependance on local results Google My Business will be the primary site for traffic. For all other businesses it’s a second source of conversions as well as an aid in the field of contextual advertising as well as another tool for promotion through the search engine. 

 Simple setup takes just about a couple of minutes and the presence of the relevant information regarding your business displayed on the map will make it chances that users will visit your site. It’s a great way to make sure that people are able to instantly see your work schedule, and can plot out a plan of travel, or call the appropriate organization or visit its website.


 Google My Business is free user-friendly and extremely effective in attracting customers. Create it and then fill it up with data then develop it and it will not take time to see results – as we’ve all heard, Google indexes all new information that enters its field of view quickly. Good luck in using it!