There are many kinds of balloons you can buy

 Latex Balloons

 The principal types of latex balloons include “pastel”, “metal”, “mother of pearl” and “crystal”:

  • “pastel” balloons appear matte and offer the widest palette of colors;
  • “metal” and “mother-of-pearl” can be distinguished through an attractive, metalized, shiny surface;
  • Balloons “crystal” are transparent and feature the most brilliant balls that are saturated in color.

 Pastel balloons are regarded as the most durable. The reality is that metalized and crystal balloons last less time than “pastel” balloons and their life span is one-third shorter. On the other hand, their appearance is greatly affected by temperatures above a certain point during hot weather. translucent balloon’s “crystal” gradually turns cloudy “metal” and less shiny, whereas “pastel” keeps its original appearance.

 Latex balloons come in array of sizes. Manufacturers put them in inches 5′ (12 cm), 10” balloons, 12′ (30 cm), 14′ (35 cm), 16′ (40 cm), 18′ (45 cm) and 3′ (70-80 cm).

 The smaller balloons of 5″ or the smaller 9″ balloons are mostly used to create garlands and also for decoration (for example, they are used to fill boxes of surprises). Small balloons can’t be filled with helium because Helium has a limited time to live, and the balloon will quickly go down and deflate.

 The standard dimension balloons of 12″ and fourteen” balloons are the ones most often used. These are balls without a pattern or pattern and balls with confetti. The colors are the largest, and the balloons can be inflated with air and helium (for decorative purposes) and could also be used to make garlands.

 Larger diameter balloons of 16″ or 18″ have a great lifting capacity and allow you to incorporate garlands, tassels, and other decorations. An example of sixteen-foot (40 cm) balloons: is Golden Glitter confetti balloons and 18′ (45 cm) balloons are huge balloons without patterns.

 Three-foot (70-80 inches) meter balloons are the most massive (example). Despite the name, balloons for meters are usually filled to 70-80 centimeters because otherwise they may not fit inside the doorway and are also more vulnerable to external influences and mechanical damage (the larger the balloon, the thinner walls). Such balloons can be both opaque and transparent with different types of confetti. They could be embellished with inscriptions, and garlands, and also on their basis are made big figures out of balloons using helium, for example, a dog, a cat or unicorn, or even a Giraffe.

 Agate Balloons

 Agate balloons are balloons with an amazing pattern that resembles those of semiprecious stones. They are created from transparent, colorless 12-” latex balloons that are made by an advanced technique with acrylic paint. The pattern is never repeated, and it is always distinctive. You needn’t be concerned, even if a balloon is to burst, the paint will not stain everything around, since we provide balloons the chance to completely dry before delivery. Therefore, only our workshops are in danger as balloons dry =) That’s why these balloons need to be ordered at least a day in advance of delivery/self shipping.

 They’re great for photoshoots, unforgettable gifts, or decorating fancy parties. But, due to the advancements in manufacturing technology and the speed of flight, the flying time of Agate balloons is less than 1-3 days on average. And if you need to have the balloons can fly for a prolonged duration, you ought to be looking at different options.

 Confetti Balloons

 Confetti balloons are one of the types of transparent, latex balloons (“crystal”) that are decorated with the addition of confetti manually. The confetti can be either metallic or paper, with various sizes and shapes, in the same color, or different colors. Confetti of different sizes, colors, and shapes can be incorporated into one balloon. These balloons are stunning and make great props for photoshoots, unforgettable gifts, or decorating events, they are sure to bring many positive emotions!

 Balloons with confetti tend to travel a bit less than regular balloons as the confetti adds extra weight to the balloon and decreases its capacity to lift. In addition, as with any transparent crystal ball, the process of latex oxidation is most obvious in the confetti balls: over time, the balls get smaller in size, more transparent, and lose their shine (you can read more about this here). In normal conditions (at the normal temperature indoors) the process is slow, but in the summer months, with the effects of extreme temperatures and exposure to sunlight the process accelerates dramatically, so when it is hot and sunny, and if the balls are meant to be used outdoors, be aware that they will lose their transparency. Consequently, you may want to opt for opaque balls if aren’t willing to risk it.

 There are two methods to create these balloons: using HiFloat treatment (so the confetti is evenly distributed across inside the balloon as well as the balloon itself can fly longer than without treatment) and without any HiFloat treatments (then the confetti is located on the bottom of the balloon and are free to move within the balloon but the flight of such balloons lasts only one hour).

 Foil Balloons

 Foil balloons last for a longer time than latex balloons and do not require HiFloat treatment because their materials do not permit the molecules of helium to escape the balloon. Foil balloons will slowly deflate without losing their attractive look, and if used carefully, they can be reinflated by using air (yourself with tubes) or Helium! They are also excellent for personalizing your message by using stickers. This is because, on their smooth surface, the stickers are evenly applied and last longer.

 Foiled balloons without a pattern may be in form of a heart, star circular, crescent 3D sphere, crystal palm branch, cube, or any other shape. They look stunning in sets combined with latex balloons and confetti balloons!

 There are also a variety of shaped foil balloons with different designs in addition to “walking balloons” which are filled with helium, but do not rise high in the air because of small invisible weights – they begin “walking” as they live their life based on the smallest air movement.