First Trimester:: & 16 Week Update

Hello beauties! I finally have my first trimester post ready for you all 🙂 I have been journaling a lot of my pregnancy so that I can remember some of the details so I referred back to my journals when putting this post together. I’m coming up on 17 weeks currently so I will do a little flash back to First Trimester details and give you a little mini update for where I’m at today with this pregnancy. I have tried my best to answer questions some of you have had for me, throughout this post. Enjoy and thank you all so much for your sweet messages, means a lot!


First of all I just want to comment on how seriously amazing our bodies are! I have always been amazed by pregnant women and what their bodies are capable of doing and now that I get to experience that, I’m in constant awe of this entire process. What a miracle it truly is! I will jump into the details about my first trimester because oh my gosh I can’t tell you how many mommy blog posts I read when we were trying to get pregnant, they helped so much!

First Trimester Favorites

Favorite Things This Trimester

My great girlfriend recommended Nature Made’s prenatal after the First Response gummies were making me breakout pretty bad. I have had a great experience with the Nature Made brand. Leggings are my go to even more than usual as I get really bloated at night so they are comfy for me. Fruit snacks, donuts, and I can’t get enough water in me so I’m drinking all day long!

Weight Gained

I gained 7 pounds in my first 12 weeks.


Workouts have stayed the same but I no longer increase my weight with my lifts and I have cut back the intensity of my sprint workouts. Yes, I am still lifting and yes my doctor is perfectly comfortable with it 🙂 I feel pretty lucky to have felt well enough throughout my first 12 weeks to not need to cut back on my workouts.  I cannot workout on an empty stomach at all and I need to eat right after my workouts.


I got pretty brutal headaches a couple times a week towards the end of my days. My doctor recommended Tylenol and a mini can of coke and the combination of those two seem to really help. Starting at week 7 I would get nauseous every day but luckily all I had to do was grab food and it went away instantly. Hints the fruit snacks in my “first trimester favorites” they saved me! I have not experienced any extreme exhaustion, getting sick, or being uncomfortable yet (keep in mind this is written for trimester 1 only)

Food Aversions

Coffee and plain grilled chicken. This is still so funny to Nick and I because these are two things I loved so much! Coffee is a plus because I knew I would absolutely cut back on my coffee if not cut it out completely but when the thought if it makes me want to throw up, it made it pretty easy to cut it out completely! Grilled chicken is a bummer because we usually have this multiple times a week and I just can’t stomach it. I don’t mind it in salads or sometimes as a sandwich but it just isn’t sitting well with me.

Food Cravings

DONUTS! You guys!!! Of course my #1 craving my entire first trimester would be donuts, FOR.THE.LOVE! And you better believed I listed to my body, but I tried to limit myself to ONE big donut with white frosting and sprinkles a week.  Until you tell your friends and co-workers that is your biggest craving and you walk into work with donuts on your desk multiple times a week, oops 🙂 Orange juice is another craving of mine which is funny because I have never been a juice drinker, and also brats! Nick makes so much fun of me because I could eat them every single night throughout my first trimester. Every time he asked what I wanted for dinner, the answer was brats.


It wasn’t until week 10 where I started to feel a big difference in my body and during the rest of my first trimester sleep was a little different. I was always nervous I would roll over and accidently sleep on my back so that had me waking up constantly to make sure I was on my side (first time mommy here guys, I’m a worrier) But overall, my sleep hasn’t changed much other than waking up a couple times a night.

Looking Forward To…

Our 16 week appointment to hear the heartbeat again! We got to see baby at 8 weeks and hear baby at 12 weeks 🙂 I’m also looking forward to my belly starting a little more, I’m in the in-between stage and I’m ready to be done with that (keeping in mind again this was written around week 10… that belly is showing now!)

Boy/Girl Suspicions

Boy. Since the day we found out, I have thought boy. I also had a super real dream that it was a boy SO if we end up having a little girl this will be the first of many times I’m sure that she will surprise her mama!

Any Baby/Pregnancy-Related Purchases?

I did buy a few pregnancy shirts from Old Navy online for this summer but the belly hasn’t grown enough to fit into those yet. Nothing for the little one just yet.

 There you have it 🙂 If you have any questions for me or requests that you want to see through this pregnancy feel free to comment or email me at

As mentioned I’m almost 17 weeks now, and this post was all about Trimester 1 so here a quick update for my current stage. I’m feeling great and baby is growing! We had our 16 week appointment this week and baby was very active and heartbeat was 145.  At 19 weeks we get to find out if baby is a boy or girl and we are so excited!! Here are some pictures I snapped this week to show you this growing little human at 16 weeks. Have such a great weekend everyone!! xoxo

16 week 2

16-week side

16 week bump

6 Ways To LOVE Your Body More

Good Morning! One consistent observation I have made since taking my health and fitness passion to the next step and helping others in their journey is that we are all SO hard on ourselves! This can make living out a healthy life not enjoyable and always feel like work. But guess what, it doesn’t have to be like this…

Everybody is different, and we all have different ideas about what we like and don’t like about our own bodies. Lots of us are generally happy with our body shapes, appearance, and physical health. But most of us would agree there are a few party parts that we feel a little sensitive about from time to time and are way too hard on ourselves, I am guilty of that at times! Loving your body is a big part of confidence and acceptance of who you are. Here are 6 ways to love your body even more.  These seem so very simple but we slip away from these habits so quickly.  I have personally found that keeping these in mind and centered to my daily routine, results in a happier ME.



Put your body to the test from time to time. Be proud of what it can do, our bodies are amazing with what they can do, if we let it! You might enter a charity fun run, or even begin to train for a whole marathon. A close girlfriend and her husband just started training for a marathon together and what dedication this takes, resulting in fulfillment! Why not book a boot camp session to see where your physical strengths and weaknesses are? That way, you’ll know what you can improve on for next time, and what you can be proud of right now! I’ve had many requests to bring back my monthly workout challenges so as mentioned, they are BACK with the first challenge starting July 1st! This could be a good way to jump into improving your performance. 


Staying the distance is never easy when you’re tired all the time. If you’re struggling with stamina, you may just be out of practice. It’s easy to get it back, though. Start small, then push yourself on a little more each day. You can also find completely natural supplements like Garcinia XT that help with stamina (not recommended if pregnant). They are often associated with weight loss benefits too. After all, the lighter and leaner you are, the easier it is to keep going.

Trim and Toned

Most of us believe a good looking body is one that is trim and toned. That’s not necessarily true, though. A good body is one that works efficiently, is eating healthy, and staying active. Whatever that looks like on YOU, is a good looking body! However, staying trim and toned can help your body do more. You will feel stronger as well as faster when you work out. Working toward a more toned physique could be a great summer goal or something you aim for on an ongoing basis.



Most of us would love to have more energy. My energy throughout this pregnancy has been so great, until about 7:00 at night and I hit a wall… HARD! We’re all always so busy! It is difficult not to feel completely exhausted by Friday afternoon and then spend a big portion of  the weekend being lazy and not productive. However, if you do something energetically healthy on a Friday night, you may actually feel more energetic on Saturday as well. Pushing yourself on can boost your metabolism and increase your stamina. Why not dance the night away and out with your girlfriends or have a dance party with your kiddos Friday evening to start your weekend right!


Eating right can make you feel pretty good about yourself from the inside out. It can reduce bloating and digestive discomfort. It can also help reduce the impact of those oh so lovely hormones that bless many of us! Best of all, fueling our bodies with healthy foods that it craves can enhance the performance and appearance of your body by ensuring every cell is well nourished


Believe it or not, the mind has a big part to play in how you think your body looks. So give it plenty of rest with good quality sleep. Wake up refreshed, focused, and positive that your body is absolutely gorgeous, just as it is. focus on loving your body, loving yourself, and life will feel a little more enjoyable! 

Turkey Meatball Hoagies

Hello to YOU! I hope you are having a great week so far 🙂 We are on to our first “normal” week since moving into our new home and the week is just flying by. We still have some steps to complete in the new house before we are all settled so I’m not taking a ton of time to make dinners. When I get home I’m either doing something around the house, homework, or I’m exhausted and ready for bed by 8:00. I whipped up these super easy turkey meatball hoagies for dinner this week and thought they were worth sharing with you all!

I’m not inventing anything new here, but sometimes it just takes seeing something to think “oh that’s super simple and I should try that” so here we go 🙂 Literally you guys this is a perfect and quick meal to whip up that is not horrible for you, fills your hangry spot, and is delicious. I mean, not EVER single meal can be grilled chicken and veggies right?!?


Whole wheat hoagie buns that I found at Target, turkey meatballs, organic pasta sauce, and cheese (we rocked the dairy free but use any cheese you would like)

Cook your meatballs, make your sandwiches and warm them up in the oven until your cheese melts and your buns are a little toasty 😉 I’m super immature today and that made me laugh while typing it. so sorry… I will grow up someday!

And THERE you have it. A really easy meal that I forgot about and was happy to try this week. We had ours with some potato wedges and a salad.

Thanks for stopping by today! Be sure to keep checking in, I’m back to my MONTHLY workout challenges starting in July and I can’t wait!! They are all pregnant friendly so I can do them right along with you all. Be ready to some booty blast in July!! I also almost have my first trimester re-cap ready to go as well. Lots of exciting things happening around here 🙂

Healthy Eating– Without Giving Up The Fun Factor

Happy Saturday lovelies 🙂 The sun is shining, and this household is up and going! A little post for you today on how we can eat healthy, conquer the excuses we all have, and still have fun with our diets! Enjoy <3

The most common explanation for people coming off diets is that they simply do not have the willpower. They wanted the results from the diet but they didn’t have the mental strength to stay the course. It’s easy to be judgmental about this, but the truth is that consistent healthy eating is hard to follow.


It’s not just about the self-denial, either. Moving to a healthier diet is a process beset by potential pitfalls. The rewards for sticking to it are clear, but often seem vague and far-off at the time. Because losing weight is a slow cumulative process, it’s easy for the devil on your shoulder to tell you: “See, it’s not working, have a burger!”.

There are many excuses we can come up with and many good reasons we don’t have success when trying to stay consistent with our eating habits. Here are some to focus on to help you get the best results.

1. Don’t Think It’s “Denial Forever”

You’re not going to diet successfully if you look into the future and see no treats, no fun. It’s essential to retain balance in your diet and while reducing the “bad” is important, fun foods need to play a part even in healthy diets. Rewarding yourself for good behavior is something many people do.

This may not be the best way to do things – it can make “fun” foods feel like guilty pleasures and you don’t want guilt as a motivator. But remembering that you can have them in moderation is important and stops healthy eating from feeling like a chore.

  1. Don’t Have The Time To Eat Healthy?! Yes, You Do.


One healthy eating issue that everyone can sympathize with is the time factor. Get home from work, need to go out in the evening, so it’s going to have to be takeout or convenience food. We’ve ALL been there.

Now, however, there are increasing options for healthy, convenient food. A meal delivery service will give you all the ingredients and instructions for making nutritious, tasty meals. It’s a lot harder to convince yourself that a pizza is absolutely the right choice if all the ingredients are laid out for you. A naughty part of your mind is probably still going to try it, but give it a run for its money.

  1. Prep In The Morning, Easy In The Evening


It’s likely that you are pressed for time both on getting up and on getting home from work. However, while you’re grabbing your breakfast then you can also prep for an evening meal. There’s time enough to make a simple marinade, chop some chicken or measure out some rice. Then when you get home, it’s set out for you and there’s less to do.

The truth is that sometimes, your healthy eating plan may get shunted into the background by circumstances. It’s been hard to stay on track with my healthy eating through our recent move, sometimes it’s just SO much easier to go out and grab food, but I feel SO much better when I ignore that thought and stay on track with my eating. What you need to be asking yourself is when this is the case, and when you’re making excuses. By keeping up good behavior, you can feel confident on the occasions you’re eating something “naughty” that it’s a one-off.

Being honest with yourself – and sensible with your eating plans – allows you more wiggle room than you thought. And once you’re in good habits it becomes a lot easier to keep them going.

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you all have a great weekend!! Make yourself proud 🙂

Weekly Goodness: Take 40

Good Morning! How has everyone been? I can’t remember the last time I went a week without blogging BUT I promise it was completely necessary this week 🙂 We moved on Tuesday and between that, work, and class, this week has been full of excitement. ***I promise to answer all blog emails this weekend!***


I could just make this weekly goodness post really quick and tell you what I am loving most about this week is finally being moved 🙂 but I will give you a little more than that! Some of you have asked and no, we are not moving out of State, we actually stayed in the same town, just to a new neighborhood.  We have moved several times from college but never have we moved a house and let me tell you, I underestimated this not so small task! It’s just Nick and I and the puppies right now and just moving the four of us was intense so I give the families credit who take on moves with little ones!! You all rock! We picked up some packing tricks on Pinterest that helped a ton and our dogs were champs through this process!


The worst part was the packing. After that, everything went so well! We had family help load all of our belongings into the U-Haul Monday night and right into our new location on Tuesday. We were blessed with many helping hands and they made the process so smooth. We have spent this week settling into the house and will continue to do so for awhile I’m sure. My Mom is coming to visit next weekend and I can’t WAIT! We are absolutely loving our new Home and feel very grateful. We took the puppies on their first neighborhood walk last night and they met TONS of dog friends and we got to meet a lot of neighbors. I think this is our kind of neighborhood and I can’t wait to settle right in. How cute is this little card that our neighbors gave us with a gift basket?! Love it!


I’m having fun with the little details in the house and having fun watching my ever growing baby belly 🙂 We will be 16 weeks on Tuesday. It’s crazy to think before we know it, 20 weeks will be here and we will be half way through my first pregnancy?!? WOW! I have some first trimester posts coming your way 🙂 Happy Friday everything and enjoy this beautiful weekend!! p.s. any tips from you mama’s on allergies when pregnant? They are kicking my butt!!




Baby News!

Happy Friday beauties! I am so glad today is Friday and the weekend is almost here! We are 4 days away from moving day and our world has been crayyy-zay. I decided to replace the usually Friday’s “Weekly Goodness” post with a little detailed post about our pregnancy news, I hope you are all okay with that 🙂 I’ve posted a few baby related posts on my Instagram @ Jordynashleyfitness and on Snapchat @ JordynAshleyFintess. I’m going to share a little overview of our journey so far and explain how I “plan” to implement this new part of my life into My Goodness Blog.


It is surreal for me to be writing this blog post as it still has yet to hit me that I’m growing this amazing little human in me! Nick and I decided last September after much discussion and prayer that we were ready to start building our family. After a short 6 months of trying, we were blessed with a positive pregnancy test (or maybe more like 8 positive tests as I just couldn’t believe it!) Fast-forward to today and I’m now almost 15 weeks pregnant 🙂

The hardest part of this experience so far for me was keeping it a secret for so long! It was important for Nick and I to tell our closest family and friends in exciting and fun ways, but we wanted to be out of the first trimester before telling anyone other than our parents and closest friends, so that was tough! I went through a lot of my first trimester having to remind myself I was pregnant. I was lucky enough to not have any morning sickness (well I did get nauseous every day but just give this girl some food and I was all good), extreme exhaustion, and was able to keep up on my workouts, so not being able to share our exciting news with every single person I came in communication with 😉 left me forgetting I was pregnant many times a day.

It became more real to us around 10 weeks when changes in my body started to become more obvious. Watching and feeling these changes honestly leaves me in complete awe, it is crazy what our bodies can do and how they change in order to make a home for this little peanut to hangout in for 9 months, it’s such a beautiful thing! Don’t get me wrong, as simply amazing as I think this process is and regardless how much I am loving it,  I’m absolutely feeling some growing pains, adjusting to always being hungry, getting used to the bloated feeling, and jumping into some sleepless nights… 🙂


I knew I wanted to share this journey with my blogging family as this is a lifestyle blog! I have been journaling throughout my entire pregnancy and will post details and tips that helped me through the first trimester and will continue to do so throughout the pregnancy. I promise the blog will stay health and fitness focused but I DO share a ton of GOODNESS with you all and I mean… come on… our little bundle will probably take up a lot of the goodness posts for the blog 🙂

14 weeks

I feel really lucky I have felt well enough to keep up on my workouts and eat mostly (biggest craving first trimester was DONUTS so I absolutely listened to my body on that one and indulged a little) healthy throughout my pregnancy so far. I plan to share how I have stayed active and what I think is helping, with hopes to help anyone else. I LOVE reading other bloggers pregnancy posts and I have learned SO much from them.  Not sharing this life changing experience with you all just wouldn’t feel right. Don’t get me wrong, there are absolutely details that are meant to stay “in-house” as my husband likes to say, but there is also so much that I want documented for myself, anyone else interested, and most importantly for our child to read someday. I plan to share my “must have’s” from each trimester, give brief updates as the weeks go on about what is changing, what questions I have for you who are mama’s, and whatever else comes to mind, fun pregnancy stories along the way, and as always, any questions you have for me, feel free to email me at or just comment on a post.

I will still be putting workout plans together for other’s and it’s something I am currently doing and still love! So nothing is changing there 🙂 Thank you for the support and following along during this next stage in our life!

HEAVY HEART. Martin & Emily

I need to share this heart wrenching story today with hopes of helping this dear family in any way.  My heart is heavy for fellow blogger and such sweet woman, Emily over at The Freckled Fox.  Her husband, Martin was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma just over one year ago, at the age of 34.  They have fought one strong fight, but devastating news has come that and Martin has been told he has a couple more days here on earth.  To read more about their story and how you can support this family of seven click this link to head to Emily’s  blog.  This week he is saying goodbye to his start, genuine, absolutely stunning, sweet and kind hearted wife as well as his 5 beautiful children. 5 beautiful little children. 


If you feel compelled to make a difference or there is anything you can do to help this family out please consider sharing their story.  You can also make donations here to help cover the hospital costs as well as hopefully giving this family a grace period until they can get back on their feet again.


Top Drinks To Add To Your Healthy Lifestyle

Hi everyone! Dropping in today with a little post on the drinks we put into our body.  What we drink is just as important as what we eat when carrying out a healthy lifestyle. Here are some tips for us all 🙂

It is no secret that we all want to be as healthy as possible. Getting to this point, however, requires a lot of time and effort. The truth is, there is no such thing as doing too much for your physical health. You have probably spent a good deal of time focusing on the food that you eat. Perhaps you have taken to exercising more and more. All of these are helpful, of course, and you should continue doing them. But there is another side to it that is often overlooked: what you drink. Sometimes, people forget about the importance of what we drink and what not to drink.  The fact is, that too is part of our diet. As such, you should be careful about what you tend to drink on a regular basis as we shouldn’t necessarily be drinking all of our calories. If you are curious to know what the healthiest drinks are, then read on. Let’s have a look at some of the best. Take a WILD guess what drink #1 will be?!? 🙂



We will start with the most obvious one. Water is the life-giving drink that we really could not do without. Not getting enough water is tantamount to not getting enough air. If you want to be as healthy as possible, it is vital that you drink plenty of water. Becoming pregnant was finally my motivation to take my water in take seriously. How much water to drink is often the subject of debate. However, most medical professionals recommend at least four liters a day – but that is the very least you should be drinking. With enough water in your system, your body can successfully carry nutrients to all your cells, as well as flushing out the toxins. If you get frequent headaches or you are struggling to sleep, consider upping your water intake. I know a few people who just are NOT water people so I’ve suggested adding fresh fruit to their water for a more natural sweet flavor and that seems to help with their water in take.

Green Tea

When it comes to antioxidants, you can’t really do much better than green tea. If you do not already drink green tea, it is worth trying to incorporate it into your daily diet, unless you’re pregnant 😉 green tea is not recommended when carrying a little one.  The benefits of drinking green tea regularly are plenty and varied. Green tea reduces your risk of developing cancer, due to the high number of antioxidants. It also helps your mental health, allowing you to solve cognitive problems faster. Certain types of green tea are even more packed full of goodness, such as matcha green tea. This is one beverage you should try to get in your diet as much as possible. If you can, replace your daily coffee with this, I know…. that is straight crazy talk for many of you but just try it for a week, I bet you feel the difference! You will notice significant changes in your health.


Fresh Juice

It goes without saying that fresh fruit is essential for your physical health. However, not everyone is keen on eating that much of it. If you are trying to get it into your diet, but you don’t know how, consider fresh fruit juice. Juicing has many benefits when compared to eating fruit as it is. What’s more, you have all the goodness of the fruit you would normally get anyway. Juice acts as a concentrated source of all the nutrients and minerals you find in the fruit. As such, it is a useful and beneficial way of getting those same nutrients into your system easily. This is a fantastic solution for those who are always on the go.

Thanks for stopping by today 🙂


Good Morning! Bringing some major goodness your way this morning 🙂 Nick and I are expecting our first baby!!!! We could not be any more excited for this new adventure and have we really enjoyed these last three months. I am 14 weeks pregnant today and can’t wait to share some more details about this exciting time with you all and what this means for My Goodness Blog, but for now, I just wanted to share our blessing little with you all. God is so good!!

Baby E Announcement